Vaccine-Injured Teen Heals From Severe Symptoms After Detox Diet & Herbal Formula
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Vaccine-Injured Teen Heals From Severe Symptoms After Detox Diet & Herbal Formula

Vaccine-Injured Teen Heals From Severe Symptoms After Detox Diet & Herbal Formula

A teen who lost all her energy and was plagued with serious physical and mental illness after taking vaccines seems to have recovered after a four-year battle, as a consequence of a strict organic diet and a herbal formula that removes heavy metals. Why are such stories of remarkable healing not being thoroughly investigated and incorporated into the research of our medical establishment? If our Western medical authority was told that a teenager was physically and mentally injured after taking vaccines, and then was able to heal from her symptoms after going on a strict organic diet and taking a herbal formula that allegedly removed aluminum from her body, what would they be more likely to do? a) immediately go and speak to the teenager and the doctor who oversaw this process, put together and analyze all the information from this case study, and hope to establish clinical trials based on her remarkable recovery from symptoms including severe fatigue, swollen lymph nodes and significantly diminished attention and communication abilities. b) ridicule and marginalize the claims out of hand as “unscientific”, or ignore them completely and instruct mainstream media to do the same, and continue to maintain that vaccines are proven to be safe and effective, and that her symptoms were not what they were made out to be or were caused by some other factor. If you answered (a), well... I have a bridge I’m selling that you may be interested in.

The video below discloses the story of Chloe Reynoso, who was an aspiring ballerina that was home-schooled until the end of grade seven. Wishing to change over to public school for grade 8, Chloe was told that she had to get her vaccinations up to date in order to do so. After her first round of vaccines Chloe was showing signs of severe fatigue and sleepiness. After the second round of vaccines two months later, her mother described what was happening when she would take her daughter out to her high-end ballerina school at the University of Irvine: Couldn’t, couldn’t get her to... we’d drive to, a 45 minute drive one way and she’d go to dance at the ballet academy that was expensive and not dance, and just lay there... and, she would’ve wanted to dance, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t function, she was, her brain, she would just look at you in space. She started losing all of her, turning grey, she lost all of the muscle tone in her face, her lips were turning blue...her blood pressure was dropping, we couldn’t get her to wake up... Chloe describes that she couldn’t swallow because her lymph nodes were so swollen that at one point she couldn’t open her mouth for a week and could only take in liquids. At one point when her tonsils were also swollen the pediatrician recommended having her tonsils removed, oblivious to the idea that it might be dangerous for Chloe to have surgery in her weakened state. She had many other complications that led to a couple of diagnoses, including mononucleosis, Epstein-Barr syndrome and Lymphoma, but her pediatrician and other specialists said that there was nothing they could do, save temporary measures like antibiotics and steroids which gave her a temporary high followed by a terrible crash. Despite Chloe’s obvious problems, every time Chloe’s mother Michele visited Western doctors they urged her to get a 3rd round of vaccines. By this time, Michele firmly objected, especially as she was linking her daughter’s symptoms with the vaccines, particularly the HPV vaccine, and started going heavily into researching vaccine injury and alternative therapies. Since Chloe was having severe reactions to unhealthy foods and preservatives, which is some cases led to 3-day bouts where she would sleep 15-16 hours on average, Chloe started being careful with what she ate and worked on eliminating sugar, eating only organic food, and other such measures. This helped mitigate severe and debilitating reactions, but her fatigue and lack of mental clarity were generally still present. Michele’s exhaustive search eventually led her to Dr. Suzie Shuder, a psychiatrist who had segued into the practice of Advanced Integrative Medicine. Here’s how Dr. Schuder describes her methodology in the video: What I do is I find solutions for people, and I look at everything, and I’ll research things out. I just do that. I don’t do standard, recipe-type doctor’s stuff. My background is psychiatry, but I don’t believe in psychiatric diagnoses any more. I believe that people have ‘stuff,’ they have all kinds of things. I’ve found people who have copper toxicity, people with all kinds of things that cause them to have stuff that’s ‘psychiatric,’ or makes them depressed, or makes them anxious, or makes them not act right, or makes them tired, or makes them wiped out. And so I look for reasons. And so, it doesn’t really fall under any particular heading. And I look at all the hormones, also. Because everything in the body, if you have, you know–I look at nutrients, if a person has a problem with not having enough nutrients, that’s going to have an effect on the brain and the body, and then toxins, heavy metals especially. Looking at all of that, and then, I have something to work with. In the case of Chloe, Dr. Schuder first observed that her something had triggered her adrenal system to function improperly. She prescribed cortisol, and there was a temporary improvement, which told her the diagnosis was correct but the cause of the dysfunction of the adrenal system was still to be found. Dr. Schuder then considered the vaccines, and in researching the ingredients in vaccines discovered that aluminum was present. Knowing that aluminum in the brain has been linked with Alzheimer’s disease, she hypothesized that the removal of aluminum from Chloe’s body might impact some of her psychiatric issues as well as her extreme fatigue. Dr. Schuder knew a man named Babry Oren, who imports a chelating formula called Folium pX into the United States from Georgia, near Russia. She administered this herbal formula to Chloe because it has been proven to cause heavy metals, including aluminum, to be excreted from the body. Mr. Oren actually appears in the video and makes a few comments.

The results of a long process of carefully administering Folium pX, in conjunction with her healthy organic diet and other supplements, appear to have led to Chloe returning to her normal self–the smart, active, energetic girl she was before taking the vaccines.

The chelation process was tiring, and had to be taken in stages, so that her body got the opportunity to replenish the beneficial minerals she had lost. But at each stage, there were signs of more color and life in her face, a gradual return of her energy, and a boost in her mental acuity, her communication, and consequently, her outlook.

The video below explains it all. This video of the Reynoso family is informal, unscripted, and does not purport to be proof of the efficacy of Folium pX in curing vaccine damage caused by aluminum in the body and the brain. That said, it is an inspiring story of a mother who was relentless in seeking to help her ailing daughter, and a doctor of psychiatry whose departure from Western medical orthodoxy proved to be what led to Chloe’s healing. More specifically, this story is well worth being aware of as we seek to know the truth about vaccines and their potential damage to those receiving them. As I suggested earlier, one would expect that such claims would give rise to serious investigation and study, if our medical research bodies were not just tools of the pharmaceutical industry and really cared about human health. But since our Western medical authority will not even consider such testimony–as it would constitute an unpalatable admission that vaccines cause injury–it is up to us as everyday citizens to pass this type of important information amongst ourselves, and perhaps even begin to fund our own studies and clinical trials, until we gain a collective understanding and body of knowledge vast enough to become the real authorities of what we will allow and not allow to be put into our bodies. Due to the pressure of mass censorship, we now have our own censorship-free, and ad-free on demand streaming network! It is the world's first and only conscious media network streaming mind-expanding interviews, news broadcasts, and conscious shows. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and watch 100's of hours of conscious media videos, that you won't see anyw.

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