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Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Social Reorientation

Venus is retrograde in Gemini from May 13th until June 25th.Its themes have been building up since April 9th, when Venus entered the part of the sky it will be retrograding back to.

Venus Retrograde In Gemini: Social Reorientation

. When a planet goes retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards in zodiacal position from our perspective here on Earth. This is due to the positioning of its orbit around the Sun relative to Earth’s orbit. Unlike Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrogrades occur less frequently, every 19 months, but they last about twice as long. Although both retrogrades have some similarities in regards to how they might affect your social life, Venus still presents a much different vibe. This is a time of adjustments, reflections, revisitation, and reconnection in areas represented by Venus. It rules over love, intimate relationships, friendships, values, money, worth, aesthetics, and overall attractability. It is associated with passions, creativity, pleasures, and tastes. For many couples, though not all, it can be a challenging time. Whether challenging or not, however, Venus retrograde can deepen or shift the way love is expressed between partners. Any new relationships — those shorter than 18 months — may be tested during this period, as it will be the first one experienced as a couple. Any new developments or perspectives around relationships that have occurred since April 9th may experience a shift or end up playing out quite differently than expected over the next few months. Consider this an important step in the evolution of your relationship(s). A retrograde process can either ultimately strengthen relationships, change the dynamics, or can break them apart. Friendships could be affected in this way as well, minus the intimacy. In some cases a friend can become a lover or vice versa. This could also be a time when people reconnect with friends (or lovers) of the past to further evolve the relationship. It could bring some sort of closure and/or new developments/dynamics. New or reacquainted relationships that form during Venus retrogrades can play an important role in evolving how we apply ourselves in relationships into the future. However, for anyone who does enter a new relationship at this time, it would be good to wait until after the retrograde is over before going ‘all in’. At that point, things will then become more clear on how to proceed with matters of love. In some cases a relationship can get more serious, or further developed, in the post retrograde period while in other cases it could come to an end or scaled back.. Depending on what area of your natal chart it is occurring in, and while considering other factors, Venus retrograde could create a shift in what we value and/or how we are valued and what we are attracted to. For some people, there could also be a shift in financial matters that may have begun developing or played out sometime since early April. If so, be mindful of the possibility that things could still change over the next few months. It would also be a good idea to be cautious when doing anything new that involves beauty, decorating, design, or buying items related to fashion.

There is a greater possibility that eventually you may not be happy with these kinds of choices that you make. However, going back and fixing/redoing/renovating things can make more sense, although sometimes complications might still arise. Also, purchasing clothing from thrift stores can also be more fruitful than getting new items. This Venus Retrograde will be occurring between 22 and 5 degrees of Gemini.

The last two times it occurred in this sign was in Spring/Summer of 2012 and 2004 and therefore this one may have some similar themes.. Some readers will remember that both of those retrogrades included the infamous ‘Transit of Venus’ when it was right in front of the Sun and created a really small dark spot eclipsing a small portion of the Sun’s light. Astronomically speaking, the reason why this occurred was because when Venus was conjunct the Sun, it was in the part of its orbit which intersects the pathway of the Sun (ecliptic) from our vantage point on Earth. This will not happen gain for almost one hundred years. However, although we will not have a ‘Venus Transit’, Venus’ orbit still crosses the ecliptic in Gemini and will be doing so days before its conjunction with the Sun during this retrograde. Generally speaking, this gives Venus retrogrades in this sign more significance. Venus themes will also be mixed in with areas of life associated with Gemini which is a social and intellectual sign. This sign is about information, news, curiosity, communication (and related technology), writing, and language. Gemini can also be associated with siblings, extended family, neighbors, or those from our earlier part of life. Our neighborhood, immediate environments, and commuting is also connected to this sign. Gemini energy can also be scattered, high strung, gossipy, two faced, cunning, superficial, and uncommitted.

The North Node entered Gemini just over a week before Venus begins its retrograde in the same sign. Over the next few years there will be a push to work with the energies of Gemini in a more constructive way. However, Venus here over the next few months will facilitate shifts around our values pertaining to Gemini areas. *Below are some of the dates and information about Venus’ aspects and other major astrological configurations during this retrograde. Earlier dates are for those in Western part of the world and later dates for those in the East. May 13th – Venus goes Retrograde while in a Square with Neptune. The days surrounding this period could be a time in which some of the themes mentioned above could become more apparent.

There could potentially be developments that will play a role in how this retrograde plays out for you. Venus also begins its retrograde in a square with Neptune which will peak at May 20th/21st (see below for more information on that). Also, Saturn went retrograde on May 10th/11th and Jupiter goes retrograde on May 14th which emphasizes a shift in energy this week. May 20th-23rd – Venus square Neptune with Mercury joining during New Moon in Gemini Venus has been in a square with Neptune since the beginning of May. At best this can be creatively stimulating or bring a spiritual/mystical dimension to our social lives. However, this can also reflect confusion, misunderstandings, disappointments, delusion, deception, and issues around boundaries in our relationships, financially, or perhaps around other Venus areas mentioned above. We can have misconceptions or other issues as a result of around being overly idealistic. Escapism is also another way this can play out for many people. With Gemini’s ruler Mercury joining this configuration on the 22nd (23rd for those in the East), this can increase the social and gossipy potentials of Venus in Gemini and the square to Neptune can also bring mental confusion and lack of focus.

The New Moon (also in Gemini) is occurring at this time and therefore these themes are seeded into the entire lunar cycle. May 23rd/24th – Venus goes under the beams of the Sun until June 15th Up until this point, Venus was visible shortly after sunset as an ‘evening star’. Following this date it will no longer be visible in the sky until June 15th-ish when it will appear as a ‘morning star’. We can experience some shifts or developments that may require us to do some shedding or some sort of deeper reorientation over the next three weeks, peaking at the ‘inferior conjunction’ during the first week of June.. June 2nd – 6th – Venus inferior Conjunction while square Mars, configured to Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius During this time Venus returns to the Sun in its ‘inferior conjunction’ while they are both in a square aspect with Mars. This is the halfway point of the retrograde and is when there can be more of a shift in dynamics and/or insights pertaining Venus areas of love, relationships, social life, pleasures, money, and/or values. This is a time in which we may need to renew or let go of some aspect of how we express or engage in Venus aspects of life.

The square with Mars can reflect conflicts, arguments, competitiveness, or some sort of passionate engagement with others. For some, this energy can also be creatively or romantically stimulating.

There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on June 5th/6th that is also in a configuration with these Sun-Mercury-Mars aspects. This will extend some of these themes until at least September or November, and can seed themes that will play out over the coming months. I will be writing a separate article on this eclipse. Join my mailing list here to ensure that you receive it. June 10th/11th – Venus sextile Chiron Chiron is a major player in this retrograde and this specific cycle that Venus is in with the Sun. Due to Chiron’s invovment, this retrograde can help bring healing, wholeness, bridging, integration, or solutions around Venus ruled areas and perhaps Gemini things like information, communication, etc. After the retrograde is finished, it will sextile Chiron again from July 8th-12th in which these themes may come back, perhaps in a more constructive way. June 15th/16th – Venus re-appears visibly in the sky as a ‘morning star’ before Sunrise At this time we can begin to have a better perception around some of the things that have been playing out over the previous month.

There can be different developments, a change in circumstances, or a shift in how we feel about these issues. June 17th/18th – Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer Mercury is going retrograde in Cancer until mid-July. Due to it being the ruler of Gemini and it occurring in the next sign after it, we can expect some overlapping themes between both retrogrades. Some of the issues and developments that came up during the Venus retrograde (especially since beginning of June) may go through a hashing out process during Mercury’s retrograde. June 25th – Venus goes stationary direct Venus comes to a stop and begins to slowly move forward again. Over the coming weeks, certain Venus related issues will progress in a revamped way.

There will be more clarity around what has come up, especially after Mercury ends its retrograde from mid to late July. In March 2021, Venus will reach its next major point in its cycle with the Sun. It’s possible that some of the things that occur during this retrograde will lead to developments and scenarios that happen then. , FACEBOOK, and YOUTUBE for more astrology-related content. — I’m doing a BIG DISCOUNT during the shutdown period with 40-50% off personal readings. Gain more astrological insight into what is going on in your life and have a better understanding of your individual potentials. Get a personalized astrology reading with Carmen (author of this article) specific to you based on your exact birth date, time, and location. Click here for the discounted rate. else.

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