Want To Quiet Your Mind? Meditative Exercises To Have A Peaceful Day

Let your soul take the time to wonder deeply about being human.You are a conscious lifeform, moving your own set of molecules and your own array of energies within a vast space we call the cosmos.

. Like all things in this wondrous universe, your soul exists in harmony with nature – a balance between light and dark, between movement and mass, between life and dream. You are a seed of self; an immortal child blossomed by the tree of life. Some people in some places on Earth will tell you that your soul is a commodity. You are just a human form born to be a tireless peg in the machine of economic progress.

They will convince you that your purpose here is limited to the currency exchange supporting the oligarchy at large. Buy this thing, do this thing, say this thing, and eat this stuff. This system has risen to become the most magnificent and devastating scam of our lifetime. So, how do we take back our lives? How do we save the rainforests and oceans suffering from our ignorance? How do we salvage the lost connection to our inner dreams? Humanity is created from the stuff of the stars. All you have to do is allow the glory of consciousness to open like a flower in the garden of divine free will. Taoists believe it is imperative to eat only when you are hungry and to drink only when you are thirsty. Try it out! Listen to your belly. When it is time to eat, you can be sure your stomach will let you know. If you do not hear your tummy talking, and yet you have the urge to devour, you might reflect on who is the one creating the hunger? Is it the heart? Or is it the head? Is it the sight of food or the smell of it? Becoming acutely aware of your consumption of food and other amenities will harmonize your life. Ever hear that little voice deep within you? The one with opinions and with ideas.

The one with a plan and the one who falls in love. That constant presence within is the voice of reason shining the pure light of truth upon your human experience. Listen to it. Follow it. Become it. Daily Meditation is a superb way to ensure that you not only hear your deep self, but sitting in silence to hear your inner truth is also the only way to establish a bond between who you think you are and your divine self.

The goal is to fuse your inner voice with your outer voice. Like a loving relationship, the only way to get in sync is to devote time and attention to one another. Here are just a few ways to spend time together: Basically, search for ways to spark your inner sunlight. When it happens, and you light that fire deep in your bones, you will feel the sensation of warm energy pumping through your life channels. Doing what you love to do is common advice because it actually works.

The best way to live a meaningful life is to give life meaning. Fall in love with your chi and grow that little voice inside. There are times, in this fast paced world, where we lose touch – literally – with the Earth. We are constantly riding in cars, walking on man-made platforms, living and sleeping high above immediate contact with the planet. Not to mention, human beings have been in a bubble of egotistical existence for a long amount of time.

The tides are changing and we beings are awakening. Luckily, you do not have to be physically touching Earth (although a forest bath is always a good call) to be connected to Mother Gaia. Consciously remind your self of your dependence on our planet. It will not only humble you down from the ego, but it will also heighten your mood and energy levels – syncing, via thinking, into the vibrations of the planet. Most of the energy all around us and up inside us comes from the glory of the sun.

The vibes soar down from the near star, cycle through our bodies, spew from our mouths, and shoot into our eyes. Cosmic rays wind around our hearts and spiral through our bones and into our blood, giving life to the atoms in motion and creating complex creatures before recycling back out into space... What a flow. Visualizing this immense chemistry gives one a sense of gratitude. Being consciously aware of this constant movement of energy brings to light the notion that we are not individuals – we are one. This planet Earth is one among many. And by many, I mean hundreds and thousands and billions of billions of BILLIONS of other planets. Just in our galaxy alone, we supposedly live among roughly fifty billion other planets like ours that have the possibility of life. When you drive home from work tonight, look up through your sunroof or out through your window at the twinkling, distant suns. Each light, another source of life. Each star, a God to civilizations of beings we label alien. If you’re interested, watch and read information about off-planet beings online, or simply use your human brain to dream of them. We are not alone – and thank goodness! What a cold, dry place this universe would be if we were. Just by reading these articles on Collective Evolution, you are ahead of the mass. You are listening to that voice at your core, the one yearning and knowing that there is more to life than a dollar bill. That is the sound of your spirit. Raise that voice like a child in your heart. Listen to your intuition from crown to gut. Walk with the strength of the universe in every step. As you grow your consciousness, consider communicating your journey with friends and family. Express your concerns about the mistreatment of the planet, of the people, of the animals and the wildlife. Generate new ideas and spark complicated/creative conversation.

There is one Earth, but there are 7.3 billion worlds. If you change just one person’s perspective, you have changed the world. Blooming into understanding, your person matures like a lotus grown in rich mud, seeking light and truth, finally choosing to blossom in your own aura of Zen. You connect to the infinite space while rooted in present time. Your stem, the core of you, is always strong and sturdy in the face of weathering. Your heart is loud, your mind is quiet, and your soul is in harmony with nature. Embodying a flower, in this incredibly diverse and astoundingly complex universe of matter and motion, is a calming exercise.

There is nothing so stressful about taking things a day at a time.

There is nothing too weighing about the warmth of the sun and nothing suffocating about appreciating a glass of water.

The vibratory frequency of consciousness on Earth is budding. As we continue to orbit this great star, remind your being to radiate life, to value the little things, and to enjoy life like a flower. Passionately, Sunflower .

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