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War of the Worlds

The Queen is dead, long live the King.

War of the Worlds

In another world I used to know, and can still access at will, I would be interested in such an event. I would be a bit sad and reverent; thinking of an amazing life lived, thinking of all of the people who loved her so much.

In that other world I would binge watch The Crown, and be anxious to watch the plethora of documentaries showing up on Netflix for the occasion. I would be anxious to watch the pomp and spectacle of her funeral and the coronation of the man who now would be king.

Sure, even in that world there is bitter-sweetness, there are things about Elizabeth and Charles that are not perfect. The biggest crime against the Queen was probably, in this older (in my experience) world, is the way she treated Diana.

Charles would be accused of the same, as well as other stupid things that made him a rather unsavoury character. But that’s about it.

In that world.

Now, in the other world, the newer world in my experience, Queen Elizabeth II is at times called Queen A-Lizard-Beast. The Now-King Charles is suspected by some of being a pedophile and was involved with his brother’s association with the Isle of Epstein Evil.

Although both of these accusations are found to originate in the QAnon movement and not shared by everyone occupying World B, it is still a part of it. Both Queen Elizabeth and King Charles are/were members of the WEF group-of-goons-club positioned to take over the world.

In this other world they both, including the whole of the Royal Family, are guilty of so many other atrocities and horrors it would take volumes to present. The Queen’s death is certainly something that should not be mourned, on the contrary, it is an event that should be celebrated, and Charles taking on the throne of one of the most powerful nations on earth (at least historically) should send a shiver up everyone’s spine.

World A and World B—to keep it simple—will be what I use to differentiate between these two “realities” in this article.

World A is the world I used to know, and what would now be considered all a lie.

World B is, to me, the “new” world, although it is anything but new. This is the world where truth resides, the world that exists behind the wizard’s curtain. And it is really, really, dark. Now, World B does contain truth, and it really is the only place to find most of it.

But not everything in World B is true. It contains obvious things (if you pull aside the curtain) such as blatant Government corruption, censorship, medical terrorism, the unelected elite running the world, tyranny, totalitarianism. Simple stuff like that. But it also contains stuff that is way out there, like some of the things mentioned above.

Is it all true? I doubt it, or I should say, I hope not. If so we are in bigger trouble than we know.

Worlds A and B apparently have always existed. I have not given that claim a whole lot of serious consideration, but I would be fine to believe these two worlds co-existed for quite some time. At the very least they have been around for 200 years or so.

I do believe that World B was, at one time, not as prominent, and maybe there was a bit more reality to World A. But at the moment, it is rather clear, even to a guy that spent most of his life happily in World A, that World B is here, clearly and obviously.

I think the last three years has been the primary curtain pull, certainly for me. A reveal that quite a few people “got,” but then quite a few people didn’t. There have been numerous curtain pulls before that, but I have to admit that yours truly was just as blind as a blissful sheep back then.

I questioned a bunch of things along the way, but never saw the whole picture, nor realized the extent of the implication. I scratched my head with various historical events, Viet Nam, Watergate, The Gulf War, Saddam Hussein and WMDs, Kennedy’s assassination, and particularly 9/11.

But nothing revealed the whole extent of the Wizard behind the controls, behind the curtain, than Covid. Finally, I saw it all, or most of it, or maybe not most of—it is a deep rabbit hole, and as my toes curl, I resist seeing it all.

To restate, not everything in World B is true, of course.

World A folks don’t think any of it is. However, much of World B is true—a whole lot of it. Anyway…World B definitely exists for me now, but World A is still very seducing. I was happy back when World A was my world—then in my ignorance. Now, I no longer am happy.

Right at this moment I am sitting on my deck in my backyard. The weather is sublime. I am watching the birds at our feeders, and feeling the amazingly comforting breeze as it wafts over the deck. My wife, who manages to live exclusively in World A, suggests we go out to a local festival tonight and have a nice “date night.”

World A is so seductive. Why not?

Why not ignore World B entirely, follow all the protocols and demands of World A, and just “be happy”?

We’ve heard that one before, right, “you’ll own nothing and be happy”?

Honestly, I know my wife would. She says when hearing that Herr Klaus statement, “What’s the big deal?”—the title of a recent article. Yeah, really, what’s the big deal?

Another interesting point about this idea, is that anyone who lives most of his or her life in World A, and has some sort of inkling of a World B, believe that everything in World B is a lie.

The other way around is true as well. If you live in one world, the other world is not reality.

This is easier to do if you live in World A most of the time because it has most of the persuasive power and support behind it. The media is there supporting its illusion, and nearly everyone in power supports its reality.

World B is dark and dank, it is filled with shadows and uncertainties, and it is, by design, very evil. No one wants World B (just like no one except truth seekers wanted to live outside of the illusion of the Matrix). So the illusion of World A is easier to maintain for people who really don’t think about it.

Most of the time, though, people in World A don’t even know about World B.

People in World B know everything about World A though, obviously.

There is something about following the truth, though, that is too compelling to just dismiss, along with all its accompanying pain, and say, “Forget that, I don’t need it, I’m going to live the happy life, even though it is entirely made up of lies.” I have brought this up before in previous articles.

During this current insanity I have thought often about a Star Trek episode (from the ‘60s series) where Capt. Pike (the first Enterprise Captain from the pilot) is stuck on a planet where the inhabitants have him imprisoned. These strange beings can read their prisoners’ minds and create incredible realistic environments based on their prisoners’ memories.

Pike ends up in a place with horses, beautiful natural surroundings, and a super fox partner who could not have been more alluring (especially for my pubescent sensibilities). All this was pulled from his memory banks, and as I watched this when it first aired in the ‘60s I said to myself, “Dude, this is a no brainer! Take the girl and the horse and be happy!” (Needless to say, I more than likely did not say “dude” since that was not yet popular…creative license, forgive me.)

Of course, Pike would have nothing of it. “No way,” he said, “these beings are not going to take away my freedom!” The girl, and I, shouted, “Stupid! You are crazy!!

There is a similar situation in the first instalment of The Matrix series. “Wouldn’t you rather have this (World A) than that?” The choice in that example was the wrong one.

You should always choose truth (real) over lies (unreal). Every time.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not considering choosing the “fake good” side. But I am confused by it. As I said, it is seductive. And although it does not “lure” me into untruth, it confuses me. Living this double life is indeed a serious example of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance can cause all sorts of problems: depression, anxiety, and disorientation being just a few of them.

I think one odd thing that comes from all this, at least for me, is a desire for World B to fill my reality. I am tired of living in this “eye of the storm”…this world of ambiguity. As awful as I know that would be, it seems that this would break the cognitive dissonance and the appearance of the world around me would not be a mixture of the two worlds, but only one world, the real one.

World A is difficult to give up. It is filled with familiar things and familiar rituals. It is a bitter-sweet world, but for the most part filled with happy stuff. Vacations, sporting events, happy people in happy television and internet advertisements. Happy people on talk shows, newscasts, etc. All dressed up, all pretty for the camera.

Celebrities we love, and swoon over, movies we love, TV series we love; a The Truman Show reality that is filled mostly with good things.

When someone famous dies we mourn, cry, think about their wonderful life, or about their miserable life and thank God our life is not as miserable. We don’t see much that is happening in the world where it isn’t so pretty. Most of that is at arm’s length.

In World A we trust our leaders. We trust our medical professionals, our Universities and hospitals. We trust institutions like the UN, the WHO, and NATO. We trust famous people like the Pope, Bill Gates, and Tom Hanks. Maybe some of these people are good, maybe not. In World A we don’t care, we trust.

But I do often wonder if the reality, THE reality, is not categorically World B, but a mixture of A and B. Maybe reality is not as bad as it seems to be, but until everyone is on board, and the lies of World A takes a back seat to truth, we will find that things are not so unconscionably evil.

This is a hope and a dream, but I have an uncomfortable feeling that it is just a pipe dream, and more than likely things we discover will be worse.

But even so, there will be no temptress of World A tugging at my heart. I will finally be living only the truth where my wife, and most other loved ones, and the rest of the world are not telling me I am a dolt and a conspiracy theorist.

Then I will not be tempted to slip into a dream world of untruths, no matter how nice it once looked.

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