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"We are not prepared for the next epidemic" Bill Gates, during a 2015 Ted talk

Bill Gates predicted the current Epidemic originated by corona-family highly infectious kind of viruses.

"We are not prepared for the next epidemic" Bill Gates, during a 2015 Ted talk

These days this message sounds just like another try to explain why should a society, a country or a continent be ready prepared for epidemic events, to prevent catastrophe like the 2015 Evola or the current "economic and social" more than humanitarian crisis caused by the new coronavirus.

Have a look a the Ted talk, that Bill Gates offered back in 2015. His speech as a consequence thinking from the those days recent Ebola events in Africa.

Bill Gates' premonition about the current situation specifically makes mention to key issues we are facing nowadays, properly underlined in his speech.

It comes to reflect about what is happening, why is happening and from what kind of (in)actions this epidemic has been generated.
Going precise, there are ideas around like a possible designed non-letal biological weapon to strike world economy, or, among others, another "crafted reason" to deploy (or make use of already available) population control technology using the excuse of epidemics prevention, to closely monitor inviduals health...

There are open incogita for every mind to reflect about, no doubt this event is likely to be a precisely engineered operation, than a dumb event which starting point is placed, in a lost illegal animal-traffic market, there in the forests of China.

Another good source of thinking, aligned with the consecuences of the current situation we are all living, is this article by Yuval Noah published in the Sunday Reads section of the Financial Times newspaper, presenting the delicated, social-control, and high scale health survelliance programs that could soon arise, as now they could be "justified" in terms of epidemic prevention.

Its extense and brings out an interesting bunch of reflections on social side effects of this kind of epidemic events.


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