Wellness Classes In A Stranger’s Home Near You? Check This Out!
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Wellness Classes In A Stranger’s Home Near You? Check This Out!

Wellness Classes In A Stranger’s Home Near You? Check This Out!

Would you go to a stranger’s home for a yoga class? Would you offer your living or work space for the well-being of others? If you were offered a wellness class for free, would you contribute fairly for the benefit of future students? A small group from Montreal is about to find out, and could significantly revolutionize wellness as we know it.

The daana project is a non-profit initiative driven by the intention to democratize wellness activities worldwide.

The tagline says it all: “Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, For All.” This is potentially a huge game-changer in the conventional approach to good health.

The concept is simple: wellness, open-source, donation-based, world-wide. Most of us are aware that practices like yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, dance, art, dialogue circles and so on, have tremendous health benefits. Yet so few of us participate in a regular group practice.

The primary reasons are either location or lack of time or money. Daana is creating a revolution in the wellness industry by effectively removing all these obstacles. Here is how it works: Click Here To Help Make This Project A Success Yet, this revolution is as old as time. This is in fact how wellness practices have been offered for centuries. Even now, many practices, like the Vipassana mediation centers, run this way. What makes daana’s approach revolutionary is that, because of pioneering companies like Uber and AirBnB, the technology is now ready for this to become a global phenomenon.

The word “daana” comes from the ancient language of sanskrit, and it means “cultivating the virtue of generosity by giving.” Generosity is the engine that drives the daana project. According to Bhaskar, generosity is the antidote to stress: Try feeling generous and stressed at the same time; it is impossible.

The two cannot co-exist because they are diametrically opposite. We have been programmed with a scarcity mind-set for a while now; fear of not having enough or losing what we have. It may take a while to come out of it. This is why we ask the teachers to be patient. This process of remembering our generosity is in-and-of itself very healthy. This happens regardless of the wellness practice. Daana is a platform to express generosity, which brings so much wealth in return for all to share. Bhaskar, on the meaning of daana: The Story Of Daana: Video The Essence Of Daana: Video Another game-changing aspect of this project is community. When students get together in a neighbour’s home, they often enjoy some tea together after the class.

They get to express what is going on in their lives and have meaningful conversations. With this foundation of good health and generosity, there is a wonderful feeling of belonging and friendship. When a new student comes, there is a genuine expression of support and encouragement from the regular students. What’s really great about this project is that the original idea came from the community itself! A collective evolution is best supported by a regular practice that uplifts the body, mind, and spirit. Daana makes this possible for all. This project is now reaching out to the global community to help democratize wellness. #playitbackwards #daana info@globaldaana.org .

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