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What effect will a worldwide 5G network with its thousands of satellites have on all life and on Earth itself?

5G rollout began in the UK in 2019.  Most of the UK was expected to have 5G coverage by 2022.

What effect will a worldwide 5G network with its thousands of satellites have on all life and on Earth itself?

However, the rollout has been affected by factors such as limited investment and disruption from the ban on Huawei kit.

EE has extended its 5G mobile broadband coverage to 14 new UK areas, with its network already covering over 50% of the UK population.  EE’s 5G is live in over 50% of the UK population, and the plan is to cover the whole country by 2028.

All four other major UK mobile networks have launched 5G services, with technology firms also rolling out 5G-ready devices.

UK health authorities have consistently declared that 5G is safe for use.  But is it?

Citizen scientist Shawn Loomis has written an essay explaining how 5G works; the ill effects it and its accompanying network of satellites will have on the electromagnetic shield of the Earth and how, by explaining the theory behind quantum biology and the fourth phase of water, a blanket of man-made electromagnetic frequencies will affect our bodies, minds and the world we live in.

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How Are Guidelines Set?

UK health authorities have consistently declared 5G safe for use.  The UK Health Security Agency (“UKHSA”), formerly Public Health England (“PHE”), has stated that the overall exposure to 5G is expected to remain low relative to guidelines and that there should be no consequences for public health.

UKHSA follows the guidelines set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (“ICNIRP”) as recommended by two United Nations agencies: the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and the International Telecommunication Union (“ITU”). WHO, ITU and ICNIRP monitor all research on the potential health effects of EMF exposure.

The USA does not directly follow ICNIRP guidelines but it does take them into account when developing its own guidelines. The USA’s guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation are developed by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). And the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (“NIOSH”) provides guidance for preventing overexposure to radiofrequency and microwave radiation in the workplace.

ICNIRP guidelines are based on a risk assessment approach, which considers the potential health effects of radiofrequency radiation exposure. In contrast, the USA’s guidelines are based on a more conservative approach, which sets exposure limits based on a margin of safety.

Further resources: The Current EMF Regulations Across the Globe : the US, Europe, Australia, + Asia, The Wave, 7 June 2022

5G – Internet of Things

By Shawn Loomis

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) announced new rules allowing for the next generation of wireless broadband operations. The United States was the first country to start the rapid expansion of 5G networks and technologies by opening the millimetre wave spectrum.   The FCC allocated the millimetre wave spectrum for the 5G standard (0.6 GHz; 24.25 to 25.25 GHz; 27.5 to 28.35 GHz; 37 to 40 GHz; and 64 to 71GHz) without conducting any preliminary research on the safety of these frequencies. If the FCC’s health standards were inadequate before 2016, they will be useless for the 5G millimetre wavelengths, and this has been proven over and over again.

The 5G towers must be built close together because, at the millimetre wave frequency of 60GHz, 98 per cent of the transmitted energy is absorbed by atmospheric oxygen. While oxygen absorption at 60GHz severely limits range, it also eliminates interference between same-frequency towers.

5G is expected to require the installation of 70.2 million small cell towers by 2025. Many operators expect to deploy between 100 and 350 small cells per square kilometre. Because millimetre waves can travel only a short distance, small cell towers, about the size of a medium-sized suitcase, need to be placed about 500 feet (153m) apart, on rooftops.

Conceptual scenario of base stations equipped with multibeam antenna system serving multiple mobile device users.

Unlike tall 4G cell towers that transmit longer frequency waves long distances, the small 5G towers, that transmit data to and from devices, need a direct line of sight to the devices with which they communicate. [3]

At present, smartphones emit a maximum of about two watts and usually operate at a power of less than a watt (“W”). That will still be true of 5G phones. They will still emit a maximum of 2W and operate at less than 1W. 

However, inside a 5G phone there may be as many as 8 tiny arrays of 16 tiny antennas each, working together to track the nearest cell tower and aim a narrowly focused beam at it allowing the government to track you. The FCC has recently adopted rules allowing the effective power of those transmitted beams to be as high as 20W. [4]

So that wherever you are, a beam from your smartphone is going to be aimed directly at a cell tower, and a beam from the tower is going to be aimed directly at you. If you walk between somebody’s phone, both beams will go right through you. The beam from the tower will hit you even if you are in the general vicinity of someone who is on a smartphone. If you are in a crowd, multiple beams will overlap and be unavoidable.

Now if a handheld smartphone sent a 20W beam through your body, it would far exceed the exposure limit set by the FCC. What the FCC is counting on is that there will be a metal shield between the display side of a 5G phone and the side with all the circuitry and antennas. That shield is there to protect the circuitry from electronic interference caused by the display and render the phone useless. But it also keeps most of the radiation from travelling directly through the head or body. So, the FCC is allowing 5G phones to be sold that have a radiated power that is ten times as high as the amount allowed for 4G phones. What will this do to the user’s hands and the people behind them?

“The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called ‘phased array’. It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams always whizzing by us.” [5]

All the antennas in each array work together as a unit to focus all their energy into a narrow, steerable beam that can be aimed electronically in different directions without moving the antennas. [6]

There could soon be 100,000 satellites orbiting in the ionosphere. The plans call for the satellites to fly in orbits as low as 210 miles (338km) in altitude, and to aim highly focused beams of 100W or less in a laser-like beam at the Earth with an effective radiated power per beam of up to 20 million watts. The effective radiated power is the amount of power the satellite would have to emit to have the same strength in all directions as it has in the focused beam.

These 5G satellites will provide high-speed Internet to every square inch of the planet. Since data travels faster in space than in fibre, all cell towers will transmit their signals to satellites, to be routed through space to their destinations.

The deployment of 5G technology threatens the foundation of existence, and we can understand why this is so only if we recapture the ancient way of thinking about life.

Every human being is born at a unique time and place, under the influence of a unique cosmic field. According to Abraham, the spiritual DNA in our souls is transferred to each of us through a very precise and complex mechanism: the planets of our solar system. [Note from RW: “According to Abraham” is conjecture and not Biblical.]

The planets are the devices that imprint an individual’s spiritual DNA into the soul. The nature of the imprint is determined by the exact time of birth and the corresponding arrangement of planets and stars. These ancient teachings are the root and precursor of the science of astrology (Berg, Rav. ‘Kabbalistic Astrology: And The Meaning of Our Lives’).  

These electromagnetic fields (“EMFs”) radiate toward the earth from all parts of the cosmos and are collected in the ionosphere or the electromagnetic shield of the Earth to emerge as the life-giving EMFs that nourish the earth and all life, including human life. That is how it has always worked and how it should work – and it would except for the introduction of the technology we call 5G.

The Earth’s electromagnetic envelope, the magnetosphere is being massively polluted. Millions of pulsed, modulated digital signals covering 80 GHz of spectrum will be emitted day and night into the magnetosphere by tens of thousands of satellites. Each will be emitting multiple laser-like beams directed at the surface of the Earth. This will have several kinds of effects: the direct radiation arriving at the ground; pollution of the global electrical circuit; and alteration of the magnetosphere itself.

1.    The direct radiation arriving at the ground will have negative consequences. It’s been known since 2001 that millimetre waves from low-orbit communication satellites using phased array antennas cause changes in living cells because the higher resonant frequencies of living cells coincide with frequencies of radiation emitted by the communications satellites. The power densities and duration of irradiation created by these satellites will significantly exceed by ten or more orders of magnitude safe levels. Such irradiation could be possible over the course of a whole lifetime. [10]

2.    Effects on the global electrical circuit. A current of electricity always flows through the ionosphere, down to the Earth in fair weather, through the Earth, and back up to the ionosphere in thunderstorms. This global circuit, studied today by atmospheric physicists, was first described in the fourth century BC in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine confirms that energy called Qi flows from the sky to Earth and circulates through our meridians, giving us life and health, is electricity.

The ionosphere is always charged to an average of 300,000 volts and provides the power for the global electrical circuit that flows through every one of us. Think about this, tens of thousands of 5G satellites positioned in the ionosphere contaminating the global electrical circuit with millions of full-power, pulsed, modulated electronic signals. [11]

3. Effects on the magnetosphere. The Earth’s magnetosphere is already imprinted by 50 and 60 Hz plus the harmonics from power lines. This phenomenon, known as power-line harmonic radiation, has already been extensively studied. When power line radiation reaches the magnetosphere, it is amplified thousands of times and interacts with the Van Allen belts, draining them of electrons, which rain down over the Earth, modifying the electrical properties of the atmosphere. This may increase the frequency of thunderstorms and shift the values of the Schumann resonances to which all living things are attuned. “Continued expansion of the electrical power system threatens the viability of all life on earth,” wrote Dr. Robert O. Becker in 1985. Tens of thousands of satellites, located in the lower magnetosphere, will be an even greater threat to all life. [11]

The intention is to blanket the earth with these man-made EMFs. We know that these millimetre waves interfere with the availability of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Fifth-generation (“5G”) radio frequency (“RF”) radiation has arrived, and new equipment has been installed in densely populated cities across the globe without investigating the risks to human health and the environment. This has created a debate among concerned citizens and countries. Conflicts of interest and ties to the industry seem to have contributed to the biased reports. The lack of proper unbiased risk evaluation of the 5G technology places populations at risk. Furthermore, there seems to be a cartel of individuals monopolising evaluation committees, thus reinforcing the no-risk paradigm. I believe that this activity should qualify as scientific misconduct. [12]

Now, let’s look at exactly how these electromagnetic frequencies affect our minds, bodies, and the world we live in. We are electric beings living on an electric planet in a universe that is 99.99% empty space held together by electromagnetic frequencies. If medical doctors were taught this stuff, maybe they would be able to cure any disease, including cancer.

Welcome to Quantum Biology

If atoms are 99.99% empty space, then all life including humans is 99.99% empty space. We live in a gleaming universe of energy that is 99.99% empty space. The atoms that all life in the biosphere including humans is made of are 99.99% empty space. The membranes of our cells are thin double layers of electric current, much like the double walls of electricity that divide space into immense compartments. [5]

Every cell and every organ in our bodies resonates at its own frequency including our skin and brains giving the illusion of being solid. Truth be known, we are electrical beings made of EMFs and quantum fields of electrons. Now to make matters worse, quantum physicists tell us that everything exists either as a space-filling particle or a wave. So, both humans and all the stuff that makes up reality can exist either as a particle or as a wave which has no physical presence at all. It is hard to believe that a wave could write this article or that you, a wave of energy, could read it.

Before I could begin to understand the effects of electromagnetic radiation (“EMR”) on our bodies, I had to have the answer to two questions.

1. If our body is mostly empty space, why does it feel solid? The answer lies in understanding quantum mechanics. Quantum physics or mechanics is a science of small-scale objects such as atoms and subatomic particles.  There are two aspects of quantum mechanics that make it different from previous models of matter. The first is the concept of wave-particle duality; that is, the notion that we need to think of very small objects (such as electrons) as having characteristics of both particles and waves. Second, the Pauli exclusionary principle is an assertion that no two electrons in an atom can be at the same time in the same energy state or configuration.

First, electrons do not move around the nucleus in nice, neat elliptical orbits. They move like a swarm of birds. In fact, electrons dance, moving in set patterns, following movements laid down by a mathematical equation developed by Erwin Schrödinger. These patterns can vary, some are slow and gentle, while others are fast and energetic. Each electron keeps to the same pattern, but occasionally it may change to another if no other electron is doing that pattern already. No two electrons in an atom can do the same movement. This rule is called the exclusionary principle.

So, this is why objects feel solid. If you touch an object, then the electrons from atoms in your fingers become close to the electrons in the object’s atoms. As the electrons in one atom get close enough to the nucleus of the other, the patterns of their dances change. This is because an electron in a low energy level around one nucleus can’t do the same around the other – that slot’s already taken by one of its own electrons. The newcomer must step into an unoccupied, more energetic role. That energy must be supplied, not by light this time but by the force from your probing finger.

2. If the body isn’t a solid biochemical object, then what is it? The human body is really nothing more than a magnificent quantum physics machine. Humans are made of cells, which are made of atoms, which are made of particles, and those so-called particles are vibrating energy. Every atom is just a probability wave, and most of the stuff we call physical matter is really made up of empty space. We are more empty space than physical substances, more vibration than mass.  Thus, we can be strongly impacted, either positively or negatively by electromagnetic radiation.

In the human body, every second, each of our 100 trillion cells generates fifty thousand biochemical events in a near-perfectly coordinated dance of atoms and molecules that make possible everything from voluntary movement to the continuous complex processes of circulation, digestion, assimilation, elimination, respiration, growth and healing. How does our body know what to do and when to do it?

The DNA Model

In the conventional model, the DNA in the nucleus of the cell is that cell’s brain, and collectively, the brains of 100 trillion cells work together astonishingly seamlessly to keep us alive and healthy. According to this belief, from the beginning of life in the womb to death, every small biochemical interaction is preset and pre-programmed in our DNA. Unfortunately for the conventional DNA model, this preset programming has yet to be found.

Quantum Coherence

Two beams of light are coherent if they have the same frequency and zero or constant phase difference between their waves is constant. Incoherent waves have random frequencies and phase differences.

Quantum biologists discovered that thousands of chlorophyll molecules, when transferring the sun’s energy, vibrate in perfect synchronisation with one another. They do so by forming a liquid crystal. They align in the same way, in the same phase, like rowers stroking in perfect rhythm, and in the same frequency. This perfectly coordinated and sustained liquid crystal structure turns all the chlorophyll molecules into a biological superconductor, that efficiently transfers sunlight quanta from one chlorophyll molecule to the next. The phenomenon is called resonant energy transfer and can only happen when all those molecules are in a state of quantum coherence.

So, how are thousands of chlorophyll molecules held in a coherent state?  The coordinating information that maintains the coherent state must originate non-locally. Non-local is an awkward term physicists use to describe a realm in which distance does not exist. An object or an event is local if it is subject to the effects of distance. So counterintuitively, objects or events in a non-local realm are unaffected by distance because in that non-local realm, there is no time, space or matter. Weird, Huh?

This quantum weirdness is compounded when the concept of non-locality is combined with string theory. One of the weird results of this combination is the holographic principle. The holographic principle states that the information that determines the behaviour of the entire universe, works from the Big Bang to the present, is the result of information existing outside the universe itself. Put yet another way, light energy interacting with holographic information in a non-local two-dimensional realm results in the continuous holographic projection of the colossal three-dimensional world that we call the universe.

Quantum Coherence and Liquid Crystal Behaviour

Chlorophyll’s perfect alignment in a liquid crystal state isn’t the only evidence that quantum coherence occurs in living systems. Multiple researchers have found evidence that suggests that the tissues of all living organisms are frequently found in coherent states, possibly even most of the time. In a 1998 study, geneticist and quantum biologist Mae­ Wan Ho and her team were amazed to find liquid crystalline domains exist virtually everywhere in living tissues. [14]

Another confirmation of sustained states of quantum coherence in the physical body is based on the 1920s discovery that our bodies emit photons. In the 1970s, Fritz-Albert Popp measured biophoton emission from human bodies. Popp’s team expected to find, based on the biochemical view of the body in vogue at that time, that every biophoton emission would be at random times and at random frequencies. Instead, they found that almost all biophoton emissions were emitted in phase-same timing, at the same frequency. Their findings suggest that, just as chlorophyll molecules are aligned and synchronised during photosynthesis, most tissues in the human body exist indefinitely in quantum coherent states. [15]

Otto Lehmann, in 1908, discovered the resemblance between the shapes of crystals and many biological structures, He proposed that the very basis of life was the liquid crystalline state. Liquid crystals (“LCs”), like organisms, can grow from seeds, heal wounds, consume other substances, or crystals, be poisoned, and form membranes, spheres, rods and filaments. LCs could divide and mate with other forms, resulting in offspring that had characteristics of both parents. Plus, they could transform chemical energy into mechanical motion. [16]

Water in living systems has been traditionally viewed as a solvent in which biochemical reactions occur and is seen as ordinary water. Water molecules don’t just play a chemical role but also a physical one.  In fact, in biological systems chemical reactions cannot occur at random but should follow specific well-defined sequences, where each reaction occurs at a definite site and definite time; in other words, chemical reactions should follow strict space-time codes.

This point was stressed a long time ago by such prominent biologists as Albert Szent-Gyorgyi and Gerald Edelman, who pointed out the inconsistency of the observed biological order with biochemistry governed by a disorganised system. As emphasised by Schrodinger: “It needs no poetical imagination but only clear and sober scientific reflection to recognise that we are here obviously faced with events whose regular and lawful unfolding is guided by a ‘mechanism’ entirely different from the ‘probability mechanism’ of physics.” [17]

A physical agent is needed to organise the traffic and collective interaction of molecules; this is not a speculation but a logical, necessary consequence of the existence of order in biological systems. [18]

Water in biological systems differs from bulk water. The properties of interfacial water are a result of the formation of exclusion zone (“EZ”) water along the hydrophilic (attracts water) cell wall. The EZ is an unexpectedly large zone of water that forms next to cell walls. It got its name because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains a lot of negative charges.  Sometimes it is referred to as water’s fourth phase.

[Further reading: Fourth Phase Water and Sunshine Is Good for Your Heart]

Neither liquid nor solid, the EZ is perhaps best described as an LC with physical properties like those of Jell-O (or jelly, a gelatine dessert) or a raw egg.

Water’s fourth phase stores energy in two modes, order, and charge separation. Order, also known as, configurational potential energy, is released as order gives way to disorder. For the working cell, this order-to-disorder transition is a central energy delivery mechanism.  The second mode, charge separation, entails electrons carrying the EZ’s negative charge being separated from hydronium ions which bear the corresponding positive charge. Those separated charges resemble a battery – a local storehouse of potential energy.

The Sun’s electromagnetic energy builds potential energy in water. Photons recharge the EZ by building order and separating charge. They do this by splitting water molecules, ordering the EZ, and thereby setting up one charge polarity in the ordered zone and the opposite polarity in the bulk water zone beyond. [19]

All the water in our cells is in the fourth, or structured, phase. As with Jell-O, you can poke holes in it or squish it and you will never see water squirt out because the water is held together in a gel matrix which is formed through the interaction of a hydrophilic surface (proteins), water and a heat source. The role of heat in Jell-O is to unfold the proteins so that they can attach to the water molecules. Without the heat, the proteins remain tightly folded and can’t bond to water and no gel forms. On cooling, the characteristic gel forms. The water inside of our cells is similar. You start with water and the protein inside the cells, which then together form the characteristic fourth-state gel. What about the heat?

Dr. Gilbert Ling discovered that adenosine triphosphate (“ATP”) does not produce energy at all but instead produces heat in biological systems. Specifically, ATP binds to the end of the intracellular proteins, unfolding them, therefore allowing them to bind with the water in the cells to form gels. Without ATP, no gel forms, and the function of the cell collapses. This is the vital but misunderstood role of ATP in cellular biology.

The three most abundant components in living cells are water, protein, and the potassium ion (K+). The individual units of each of these components are all directly or indirectly in contact or associated with one another. Through electronic polarisation or induction, each entire nano-protoplasm unit or its bigger aggregate can function coherently. The cell exterior consists of water and sodium (“Na+”).  Cell physiology is made of assemblies of water-protein-K+ in an environment of water and Na+. So, then, what keeps the cell from dispersing?

Cells exist largely because of the cohesive interaction among three major components: protein, ions and water. Proteins provide the “scaffold” on which other proteins, ions and water are anchored in a gel-like structure.

Dr. Ling pointed out that the fixed charge system, the β- and γ-carboxyl groups – carbon atoms bonded to an oxygen atom and a hydroxide group, COOH – that selectively adsorb K+ over Na+ in the bulk-phase cytoplasm, could also act as the seat for the cellular resting potential when transplanted to the cell surface. Since the hydrated K+ is smaller than the hydrated Na +, it is energetically more favourable for K+ to be absorbed. So, K+ is selectively accumulated in the cell over Na+.

As a result, the cell becomes charged, can “do work,” and, because it then carries a charged halo at its exterior, is able to assume proper spatial orientation with other cells.  Without the healthy sodium-potassium gradient, a cell loses its charge and, like a battery, becomes a dead cell. A dead cell loses its halo, clumps together with other cells, and forms the characteristic tumour that is one of the hallmarks of cancer. [21]

The structures in your tissues serve to create microscopic enclosures where water structures itself against billions of hydrophilic surfaces. The areas of structured water have a negative charge. Inside the cell, structured water fills the spaces, creating what amounts to a web of fine wires to carry electric current through the cell and onto other cells. Good health depends on keeping this gelled structure intact, protected from poisons, EMFs and even negative emotions. The goal is to keep our own internal currents as safeguarded as possible against interference from 5G.

The intracellular gel binds to hormones, chemicals, emotions, thoughts, and on and on.  Each creates subtle changes in its configuration, which is then translated into a specific action by the cell. Humans interact with and are impacted by an infinite number of stimuli. Our ability to react to these stimuli is a function of our intracellular gels. This is the case whether we’re talking about chemicals or thoughts. Nothing turns into action without impacting our intracellular gels.

All living organisms are liquid crystalline. All their molecules are aligned and polarised along the major body axis, and moving coherently together, especially the 70 per cent of water that forms dynamically coherent units with the macromolecules, and without which the macromolecules cannot function at all.

Furthermore, organisms and cells, as well as molecules rely on electric and EMFs for intercommunication which is how living systems from bacteria to whales can function as perfectly coordinated and coherent wholes.

Preliminary findings indicate that when structured water is exposed to a wi-fi signal from a nearby router, the size of the EZ diminishes by about 15 per cent. This finding has profound implications for the interaction of EMFs and the structure of water in our cellular gels. If a nearby router causes this much damage, we can only imagine what the millimetre waves of 5G antennas, cell phones and satellites do to the structured water in our tissues.


Our lives are being changed forever by this slow-kill system known as 5G. Every plant, animal and human is dying cell by cell. It seems that only electrosensitive people are aware of this. EHS [environment, health and safety in the workplace?] or not, your life is being affected by electromagnetic radiation. The science is out there but it’s being suppressed.

While we were locked down for the covid scamdemic, the 5G network was being installed in our schools, nursing homes and communities. It’s almost like they knew they were endangering our children, elderly and communities with the 60 GHz radiation. Our public schools are so full of computers and the wi-fi to connect them that I get brain fog and a headache within a few minutes of entering the school. Our children’s cells are being damaged to set them up for an untimely death, sterility or a lifetime of chronic illness.

We must protect our own. The government isn’t going to do it. They didn’t even do any preliminary research before approving the satellites, towers, or the millimetre wavelengths.

I’ve included some research below. Check it out. All of it contributed to this article. You can email me at or with any questions or comments.


About the Author

Shawn Loomis is an American who describes himself as a citizen scientist, naturopath, herbalist and published researcher.  While researching for his bookThe New Biology’, he came across such alarming information that he felt he needed to get the information out “now” before his book is published.

Read the full article at the original website


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