What Happened When We Went To Feed The Homeless
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What Happened When We Went To Feed The Homeless

For the past while we’ve felt inspired to plan and put together events that are very community oriented and that also inspire others to take action in helping to make our world a brighter place.
What Happened When We Went To Feed The Homeless

At CE we’ve done many things to Be Change but felt we needed to continue to take things to the next level. I remember making some changes in my life that surrounded my health and physical body and when I shared what I was doing with others I was inspired by the idea of #YouCanToo. It’s the idea that if I can do something or if someone else can, so can everyone else. So we thought what better way to call others to action and empower them to do the same than to begin sharing the idea that #YouCanToo when it comes to great things that inspire change. We came up with the idea to put together some healthy lunches and bring them to downtown Toronto to feed the homeless. We got together one morning and made 40 sandwiches so we could put together 40 complete lunches consisting of fruits and a baked good as well. We packed up and went downtown to hand them out. Going out there we initially thought it would be a helpful deed to reach out and offer food to people who can’t easily afford it or who don’t have access to it regularly. We were fully aware of homeless shelters and food banks etc, but weren’t sure how easy it was for everyone to get to them. But when we got downtown and started handing out our lunches, we realized something quite interesting. Check out the video below to see the full story. After our experience going down there, we realized a few things we feel are important to do as action steps if this type of project inspires you. 1. Interact and converse with homeless people.

They crave love and connection from other humans just as much as we all do. 2. Support stopping homeless at the source. Helping to keep young people off the streets and on a track they are passionate about. (We’d love to collaborate on this if we can. Feel free to contact us.) 3. Offer food, clothing and support to the homeless, especially in non-city center areas where access to this stuff is even harder. Many times dealing with the cold of winter is the hardest part for many homeless people. 4. Get creative with your ideas and get others involved.

There are so many great ideas out there that can be done. You can even share some ideas in the comments below! These projects require items and resources to make them happen. One way you can help us do more projects like this is by supporting our projects on Patreon. Check out our Patreon page to find out how. http://www.patreon.com/CE .

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