What If Kids Could Choose Their Parents? (Video)
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What If Kids Could Choose Their Parents? (Video)

We are all born into a “situation.” For some of us, this situation fulfills the stereotypical expectation of loving parents, for others this situation could deviate in a hundred different ways.
What If Kids Could Choose Their Parents? (Video)

No matter what situation you were born into, it has undoubtedly helped to shape who you are today.

The group at Fragile Childhood -a group that encourages people to participate in discussion about responsible parental alcohol use -recently released a very powerful video that turns the script on the situation in which we are born into. Within their video ‘The Orphanage’ children are seemingly given the opportunity to select which family they are born into, giving them the power to choose their situation. Check it out: Whether you already are a parent, or plan to be one at some point in the future, this video acts a great trigger to reflect on who you are as a person. If given the opportunity to choose amongst prospective parents, would a child choose to be raised by you? Even if your honest answer is ‘yes,’ there are always certain things that we can all individually look at to even further increase our genuine confidence in that answer. By things, I’m not referring to your socioeconomic status, but rather the state that you are in as an individual. Do you truly love yourself for who you are? And are you living a life that engages something that you are passionate about? Are just 2 of the many questions we can ask ourselves, because as unrelated as they may seem they can actually play as big of a role in the situation that a child is born into as an unhealthy habit can -such as alcoholism. One alternative theory that I’ve on occasion come across in several parts of the spiritual community is the view that we do actually, at the soul level, choose the family that we are born into prior to birth. Many would immediately refute this, and understandably so with the statement “well if that were the case then why would anyone ever choose to be born into an abusive or difficult situation?” One potential answer to that rebuttal would be that the child makes its choice based on the situation it – and the family it selects -needs rather than what is socially the most optimal. It goes right along the lines of the statements “everything happens for a reason” and “there is something to learn in everything.” Rather than publicly take a stance myself, I’m interested to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the concept of choosing what we are born into prior to birth? Be sure to share your views via the comment section below as well as anything else you may want to share in regards to the video. .

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