What To Do When You’re Not Motivated By Money

Hi, I’m Natalie, and I’m not motivated by money.What does that even mean, ‘not motivated by money’? It’s taken me a long time to realize this about myself.

. I used to think I was motivated by money; from the outside looking in, I functioned like ‘everyone else.’ I talked about money, set monetary goals, was happy when I made money, and I charged above-average rates for my services. But on the inside, I never really felt the connection. I was making myself function like everyone else, but I didn’t feel it. (I should have known when every single financial goal I ever set never came to fruition!) It’s a strange thing to be in this world — to not be motivated by money. To not get excited by dollar signs, counting pennies, and acquiring material things, like we see most people do. I have had my share of money issues — not feeling worthy, avoiding my numbers, over-spending, and more — and as I started to face these behaviours and beliefs, I began to see that to some degree, they were bound up in a ‘cover act’ to convince myself that I was ‘into money.’ That was my first breakthrough. I was able to heal my relationship with money firstly by being honest in saying, ‘money, you just don’t turn me on.’ For a time, this was a painful place to be, to realize I wasn’t into money and feeling like I had nowhere to go, no path to follow, especially in business. Facing this pain, which I believe was really the pain of me denying my truth for so long, was part of the healing process. Of course, none of this changes the fact that money is a reality we all have to face, and I had to find my way to work with it, so my ‘un-money’ mentality didn’t undermine me. I had to find a way to embrace money. I’ve had to find another source of motivation that generated money ‘as a by-product.’ In my mind, I’ve had to turn the act of making money into something else entirely, and to me, what does make sense is the energy of money and how it serves people.

The energy of money indicates flow; how money flows in and out of our lives reflects how we are in or out of flow with life and love. It shows us when we are trying to control what happens to us; for example, hoarding what money or possessions we have or taking a job just ‘for the money.’ Money flow also shows us when we are trusting that life supports us as we are, when we are generous in sharing what we have, and we allow ourselves to fully receive what is available to us. Being in flow with life is what DOES motivate me. I want to live in harmony with all of life, and that includes money. It also means that I have to be very innovative about how I make money. I have to do business differently, what I call sacred money. It’s what makes sense to me about money, and maybe it will make sense to you too. I believe money becomes sacred when we change our consciousness of it. When we open our hearts to our own truth, we can also see the truth about money. Here are a few suggestions that helped me do this: It’s an easy mistake to make when we are constantly bombarded with marketing messages that read ‘make more money or there’s something wrong with you,’ but I found it’s so powerful to simply accept that money motivators don’t work for you. In fact, in my case, focusing on making more money made me miserable. You don’t need to have the answer, just observe the truth in your heart about how you really feel. It’s okay to feel this way, and you’re not alone. When you’re ready for the truth, you’ll start to see all the ways you have adopted a money-motivated mentality.

There are so many insidious messages that indoctrinate us into a money-driven culture — I’ve listed some of my favourites here — that it’s like we have to shake them off and wash our brains to see whether we actually want these things or if we’re just doing things they way they’ve always been done. Earlier this year, I was marketing specifically to find new clients in my business (as I had been taught) when I realized that it doesn’t feel good so I changed my focus. I stopped trying to find new clients and focused on other things in my business, like serving the clients I already have to a higher level, getting my backend systems in order, promoting other businesses I believe in, and building relationships with my colleagues. I realized I was simply marketing this way because that’s what every other business seemed to do, but in honesty, it wasn’t what I wanted to do. When you scrutinize every action you’re taking, especially the ‘because that’s how it’s done’ ones, you’ll no doubt see the cracks emerge. Numbers, like anything in this world, have a vibrational frequency that we can tune into to understand their essence. Much like numerology, numbers have an inherent meaning, and when we consciously use numbers when we work with money, it can activate us in a different way. I use what I call ‘sacred numbers’ whenever I am figuring out my pricing, doing my bookkeeping, and even setting my money intentions. It helps me to have a less biased view of the numbers on the page and be true to their essence. It’s a definitively different path to walk than even some of the spiritual/abundance/conscious money businesses, groups, and organisations you see more frequently these days — all the more reason to find others who understand your approach to money, and want to do business differently. Personally, I had trouble finding exactly what I was looking for, which is how Sacred Business evolved and started to attract others of the same ilk. I usually go by my intuition about which groups feel like a match to my attitude towards money and abundance. Money flow is a very different concept to how we are traditionally taught to manage and accumulate money. It defines abundance as measured by what flows in AND out. When we look at the state of our money situation (eg. how much debt we have, our income versus expenses, the amount of unused or underused material possessions), as well as the state of our physical bodies (eg. how muscle/fatty tissue is distributed, our ailments, our energy levels), we start to see how we allow energy to flow to and through us, particularly where any stagnation lies. Money flow is simply a reflection of the flow of life force; the more energy we allow to flow through and sustain us, the more harmonious our money situation becomes. Funnily enough, when I let go of the idea that I needed to be money-driven in order to make money, I started to have more respect for money itself, to love it for its true innocence. When I stopped trying to be something I’m not, I could see that I was also trying to make money something it’s not. And quite unexpectedly, I was rewarded with more money, while I was busy ‘not being motivated by money.’ .

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