What Trump’s ‘Muslim Travel Ban’ Truly Means For The Collective Consciousness

Trump’s recent decision to ban people for 90 days from travelling to the U.S.

from seven countries — Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia — has caused an absolute uproar, with people protesting at airports and out on the streets. The decision has divided people within and among all groups, factions, and walks of life. We could speculate all day about why Trump chose this path; perhaps he feels it’s part of a deeper plan to better the United States that we simply can’t see yet, for example, but it certainly all seems part and parcel of a world many of us do not wish to see become reality — a world where we don’t see each other as one people sharing a planet, but rather as citizens of individual countries all competing with one another and all different from one another. This viewpoint causes us to lose sight of the humanity we all share. But in the same token let’s remember a couple facts everyone seems to be overlooking due to the media’s manipulative approach. So the first thing I want everyone to reflect on is, why weren’t we in the streets at those points? Why does it take the media manipulating us with fear, anger and aggression to start to have feelings towards something? What else might be going on while the media is distracting everyone so aggressively with this that could be important? Don’t let yourself immediately jump to this being a for or against Trump, but instead simply reflect from a politically neutral place, that’s all we’re focusing on here. This media based approach has caused an even greater divide between left and right and has so many people arguing and fighting, and yet it’s all over tiny details. No one is thinking big picture, and this is exactly what the cabal loves. This article is going to offer a different take on the whole situation — one that pulls our awareness back and deeper versus simply succumbing to emotion and judgement. It is here where I feel change can begin. Allow me a moment as I bring this topic full circle so we can explore some deeper aspects of ourselves and we can also fully understand that at this time, we are going through a massive shift in consciousness that humanity has never seen before. People protesting against President Trump’s executive immigration ban on Monday in Brussels, Belgium.Thierry Roge/AFP/Getty Images What does this truly mean for collective consciousness? Simply put, it helps us to think outside of the way we are currently living. We can ask ourselves the following questions: Why are our leaders doing this? Does this represent our own feelings and desires? Why are we so divided into countries and regions? Why have we lost sight of the humanity we all share? What will we do to change our situation? Without actions like the one Trump has taken, we don’t feel the urgent need to reflect on our everyday lives.

These questions lie dormant in most of our thoughts processes because, for the most part, we are awake yet asleep. We go through life on a day-to-day basis not curious about nor truly following up on what our true purpose is or what we even want our lives to look like. As much as this sounds cliche, it’s at the very desire of our hearts and souls to live through these places; to be in alignment with our selves and purpose. And when we don’t live this way we end up playing out a life that feels unfulfilling, that feels dreary, that feels dead in some way. You often see that lack of life and excitement in people’s eyes and on their faces as they walk down the street to work, or sit on the subway, or wait in traffic. It was here that I found myself motivated to help create a shift within people and encourage them to look within. Reflecting dares us to think about what it is that we truly want and what it would mean if we lived through our hearts, through our passions, and through our desires as opposed to living through what we’re just accepting as normal. Look what happened when news struck that Trump had signed the order banning people from these countries: People stopped, they thought, and they began to discuss. Actions like this pull us out of everyday life and potentially get us angry or upset about what we are seeing. While I believe anger is not something we should remain in nor does it have to be the fuel to create change, it does happen to have that effect in our current level of consciousness. It is still something that helps us begin seeing the world in a different light. Related Documentary: Find Out Why We Are In The Most Important Time In Human history “Wow that really bothers me! It’s really hitting me on a point that I cannot accept.” This is what often goes through people’s minds in situations like this.

These are the types of thoughts and feelings that lead to conversations that lead to shifts in consciousness. And it is through these shifts that we begin to see the world differently, creating new action. Since our collective consciousness co-creates our reality, we move toward change by having these insights, by asking these questions, and by having these conversations. As we find and process the anger, fear, and worry that come from the onset of big global decisions like this, we begin to see the role these actions play much more clearly, and instead of despising them, we begin to see the evolutionary potential they truly hold. We no longer judge the action as something despicable but instead see it as an act of unconsciousness in a world that is moving toward being more conscious. We see it for what it is: a tool. Imagine: What would the world look like if we didn’t have borders? If we weren’t so obsessed with the idea of terror due to the media’s constant pressures about it? What if our world leaders had a greater focus on well-being and overall vitality versus simply the military industrial complex, foreign affairs, and creating jobs? The very idea of asking ourselves these questions often brings up a debate about how unrealistic it is to think we could live in a world free from these troubles. Why is that? Why is the very idea of living in a world where we can thrive a distant belief in our overall awareness? Why is it ridiculed? It’s simple: That’s how we’ve been programmed. We’re capable of it, and we’re not trapped by some sort of ‘human nature’; we’re simply stuck in conditioning. “What’s the solution, then?” It’s not that we will create a full-scale solution from just this one article, and it’s unlikely that one exists in full form right now. But that isn’t what’s needed. We must begin with the process of opening up. We must begin to see these world events in a way that is more conscious and less emotional or else we will continue fighting the same fight we’ve always fought and that has always led us to more and more suffering. This begins with consciousness: conversations, ideas, working past emotions, difference, judgment, hatred, and even politics. Things have changed for the better in many ways on this planet, to be true, but I believe we are being tasked with a change that is different from what we’ve seen in the past. One that is greater, and grander, and more influential to our overall way of being. One that is tasked to create a world that we all know in our hearts is possible but are too afraid to accept as real in our minds. We’re too often told that it would be ‘idealistic’ to think that way. Well I say no to that. I say it’s ridiculous to think that we can’t live in a world of peace and of abundance, that we can’t live in a world centred around love and acceptance, where we can all thrive. And yes, I have been working in media for eight years; I know what the world looks like and how people think. I know that this very idea seems far out, but it is possible, and by you choosing to believe it’s impossible, you’re only creating a bigger problem. My TEDx talk below outlines this concept very clearly. There is no evidence to suggest that we cannot live in a world like this, and yet the belief stands, and our collective consciousness accepts it as fact. But it is a lie that has been passed down from pessimistic individuals and a controlling elite who make us feel like we always need governance, war, greed, competition, money, and, ultimately, suffering. We don’t. It’s time to stand up as individuals and begin changing ourselves within and watching as our external world begins to change as a result.

The actions that come out of a shift in consciousness within an individual are far more powerful than those that simply arise from anger. So I challenge you to shift your consciousness on these matters and to begin seeing the world in a new light and watch as it shifts around you. Marvel at the change that you can create, just by changing yourself. Updated Jan 31, 2017: To add further facts and new information as it happened .

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