What Was The Massive Fiery Light Over Russia?
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What Was The Massive Fiery Light Over Russia?

Onlookers in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia witnessed an extraordinary huge orange flash appear in the sky on November 14th, 2014 around 6:39 pm local time..
What Was The Massive Fiery Light Over Russia?

The huge light is raising many questions amongst both witnesses and across the various social media platforms, particularly after the authorities refused to give an explanation. Was it something related to meteors? Or perhaps an asteroid? Reports claimed that both scientists and emergency services are struggling to explain the unusual fiery phenomenon. Various amateur videos and photos were posted on social media as locals captured the massive ‘blast’ on their phones. Check out the video: The huge flash was not accompanied by any sound, according to eyewitnesses. Regional emergency services said no accidents in connection with the event have been recorded. One witness told the Siberian Times: “For a few moments night turned into dazzling day, then everything went dark again.” Local news sources claimed that the potential reasoning behind this event is military based -with them performing a routine disposal of explosives. More theories talked about a missile or an object from space. But no theory has been confirmed to this point. To this point the theory relating to the military seems to be amongst the most probable. However, there are no military bases stationed near where this event occurred, and a military representative claimed that they were not involved. Russian military press service told E1.ru (in Russian): “No exercise and training were underway on that day, and no military units are based in the region.” A previous similar explosion took place in Chelyabinsk in February of 2013; it was a meteorite which exploded over the Urals. But according to witnesses, it did not have the same shape as the new one.

The astronomer from the meteorites committee of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viktor Grokhovsky told 66.ru (in Russian): “Looks like a falling bolide, which invaded us. Because of the low cloud cover it ceased to exist above the clouds and lit up the whole sky.” Astronomer Vadim Krushinsky remarked that the color of the blast discards the meteor theory. He explained to Ekburg.tv that the shade of light depends on the body’s temperature, and flashes caused by bolides are usually whiter. According to RT, he suggested that his own theory surrounding the launch of a space rocket might have been the cause. Another video of the mysterious flash was posted online, providing a new vantage point. This video shows a bright light on the ground. The Russian Federal Space Agency’s website claimed that the latest launch from the Plesetsk cosmodrome took place on October 29th; with the next one scheduled for November 24th. IFL Science reported: “It’s definitely possible that the light wasn’t originating in the sky; it came from the ground and was being reflected off of the clouds. Some have speculated that this looks a lot like a rocket launch, but the nearby Plesetsk cosmodrome did not have any launches scheduled. Perhaps with the release of more dash-cam videos, the ground blast that caused this blazing light in the sky will be identified.” (1) The Siberian Times (2) IFL Science (3) Photos Credits: Vyacheslav Bulatov .

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