What Your Dreams About Having To Use The Toilet Say About Your Life

When people have crappy dreams, they are usually reluctant to talk about them because they can be quite embarrassing.

A really crappy dream might go something like this: you are at school and need to use the bathroom really badly so you head for the toilet. For some reason, you can’t find the restroom, and when you do find it, the toilets are all in use except the ones that have no stall and they are flooded with — what else — crap! The toilet bowl is overflowing with waste, toilet paper, and urine.

The floor is soiled and though you are about to burst you just can’t bring yourself to use the disgusting facilities. Here’s the thing: crap is a good thing! Urine is golden too. In dreams when you dream of shit and piss you are actually processing the crap out of your life. Think of it this way — you eat food to sustain your life and get energy. Your unconscious mind treats your thoughts and life experiences as food (for thought, pun!). Once events have happened, they are then digested by your unconscious mind and when they have been completely processed they are released as food itself is released — as crap and pee. Often when you are just beginning to understand your dreams, your conscious and unconscious mind are working together to process your entire life.

Then this processing manifests as crap in your dreams. It is usually a messy and disturbing dream fraught with anxiety about getting to the toilet in time, the unclean condition of the facilities, the lack of privacy, etc. This is normal, as you are in the process of getting relief from your past events, thoughts, beliefs, and life situations, and that process is often uncomfortable and sometimes a pain in the arse, yet quite necessary and common to all of us.

The good thing to think about a crappy dream is that you are ready to let go of what has been processed. You are getting relief from the pressure of holding on to your crap. You may not be able to find a bathroom and seek relief in other elements such as the woods (yes, where the bears go). You may find yourself in the proverbial middle school multi-stalled but overflowing toilets of yesteryear. You may find yourself in a Mr. Clean sparkling radiant white bathroom.

The main thing to remember is that it is all about letting go of the things in your life that you have learned from and are now ready to release. This is why we call most dreams progressive. It is the natural flow of our mind to take in thoughts, events, beliefs etc. We let them ruminate in our being and absorb what is nurturing, and then release what is hubris in the form of waste materials.

The condition of your place of release is the condition of your mind in the time frame of the dream. If you are dreaming about being back in middle school, then this is the time frame of the event or life situation that your unconscious mind is ready to process and let go. You could not pay me to go back to those hurtling hormonal nightmare years, but your unconscious mind is now ready to work with you in releasing some issue or event that happened back then that as a whole being, you are seeking relief from carrying around further. If your life was messy or difficult and you found yourself unprepared, this will be presented to you in the dream as a messy bathroom and you not being able to find toilet paper or a clean stall. Your dream is just a reflection of the state of your mind at that time.

The event, thought, or belief from your dream has been digested, and now it is ready to be eliminated from your life. This is really a great step forward for a healthy mind and body. So while on the surface it may be a very unpleasant dream experience — crap never brings us the same joy as ice cream when thought of — it is still a wonderful thing when you understand its purpose and end result, which is freedom of what the mind no longer wants to carry around. Look at your dream as a time capsule. Open it up and see what the unconscious mind has left you as clues to what it is processing right now. Remember that the unconscious mind is not linear, it is not progressive like a TV series whereby if you miss an episode you might not be able to understand the next show. We call dreams progressive not in the time frame sense of being sequential, but in that you are processing your life by absorbing lessons and letting go of the unnecessary, therefore making progress, and becoming a better, more improved you. In your dream are you in college/school, at home, at your grandmother’s or at work? Those are all indicators of the time frame of your life that you are reviewing. It could be something that happened the day of your dream or a time when you were four years old. Look for the clues: your age, your setting, and specifically how old you were when that setting was most prevalent in your life (e.g. your grandmother’s house or school). Sometimes, an indicator will be an old car you once had or the clothes you wore. Nothing in the dream is an accident. Everything in your dream has meaning because your unconscious mind can choose from ANYTHING that you know or don’t know you know, but observed on some unconscious level, to try to get you to understand what the dream is communicating to you. This doesn’t mean that you have to remember everything exactly, for dreams run on a loop of metaphors. Often just a short bit of a dream, what we in the dream world call snippets, can hold as much needed information as a long epic dream. I once had a lady at one of my Aloha Healing Women retreats who recorded each dream she had every night and when we parsed them out individually, the root message in all the dreams was the same. You just need to know what to look for and what they mean. This is why I wrote the book Dream Analysis Handbook so everyone can begin to understand the progress they are going through in their own unconscious minds. .

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