What Your Farts Are Telling You About Your Health

Bodily functions can be less than appealing most of the time, causing the discussion of them to be taboo, or at least embarrassing for many.

But discussing them can lead to a lot of deeper knowledge about your own body, so that you can better understand your health, which is something that’s most certainly not a taboo subject. Though flatulence is often left for comedy, and considered impolite, gross and unsexy to say the least, it happens. And it happens for a reason. In fact, farts can say so much about your health and wellness, almost making it pertinent that we pick through the topic much more openly than we currently do. “When cells become stressed by disease, they draw in enzymes to generate minute quantities of hydrogen sulfide. This keeps the mitochondria ticking over and allows cells to live. If this doesn’t happen, the cells die and lose the ability to regulate survival and control inflammation.” Researcher Dr. Mark Wood explained: “Although hydrogen sulfide is well known as a pungent, foul-smelling gas in rotten eggs and flatulence, it is naturally produced in the body and could in fact be a healthcare hero with significant implications for future therapies for a variety of diseases.” Change your diet! This is one of the best ways to end gas problems and smelly farts. Eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables and cut out processed foods as much as you can. Eating rancid fats (cooked meat) also doesn’t help with your digestive system so limiting that as much as possible is important. Pay attention to what you eat that might make you fart more than other times. Trying cutting down on those foods as they are causing your digestive system to not work properly. Try eliminating foods one at a time to really dial in which food is causing the issue.

There are also some great products on the market that can assist you in digestion and moving out old stools that are stuck in your system. Wholey Shit is a great example as it contains only a few natural, high quality ingredients -and it works great. You can get a free sample of Wholey Shit here.

These types of remedies are a great way to get started and relief naturally and quickly while you further discover how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to reflect better digestion, eating habits and so forth. .

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