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White House: Joe Biden Has Prepared Americans to 'Deal with a Recession'

White House: Joe Biden Has Prepared Americans to 'Deal with a Recession'

The White House indicated Tuesday they are preparing for an economic recession, despite President Joe Biden’s assertion that it is “not inevitable.” When asked about a possible recession in the United States economy, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre praised the president for his economic agenda. “We see that our economic strength that we have seen from this past year from the action that the president has taken with the American Rescue Plan with what we have seen with the historic gains, that is going to help us deal with the recession,” she said before correcting herself during the daily press briefing on Tuesday. “Right now, we don’t see a recession right now,” Jean-Pierre added. “We are not in a recession right now. Right now, we are in a transition.” Biden does not like questions about predictions of an economic recession on his watch, as he snapped at a reporter on Monday for asking about dire predictions from economists. “Don’t make things up, ok?” the president snapped at a reporter who asked him about the predictions from economists. “I was talking to Larry Summers this morning,” he added. “There’s nothing inevitable about a recession.” The Federal Reserve’s decision to sharply raise interest rates on top of record-high food and fuel prices has led to some economists predicting a recession as soon as the end of 2022..

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