Whole Foods Boycott? They Knowingly Sell Dietary Products Significantly Contaminated With Toxic Heavy Metals
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Whole Foods Boycott? They Knowingly Sell Dietary Products Significantly Contaminated With Toxic Heavy Metals

After reading recently that Natural News/Mike Adams is seeking a class action lawsuit against Whole Foods for continuing to carry products that assault our health, I decided to write this piece.
Whole Foods Boycott? They Knowingly Sell Dietary Products Significantly Contaminated With Toxic Heavy Metals

As myself and many have been shouting about, corporations, governments and individuals who seek to ignore the will of the people have already lost. It just hasn’t been reported yet. As if waiting for an electrical newswire transmission to make its journey and signal that a war has ended.

The tense population is seconds away from understanding victory has occurred. As far as the corporations are concerned, up until now, their business model has been built on false assumptions.

They have bought into their own hype, marketing and misleading labeling. However, humanity got a glimpse behind the curtain and now the game is over. Like a bully that has picked on his victim one time too many, he now finds himself in a fight simply to stay relevant, to leave with some dignity without getting the beating of a lifetime. I knew change was in the air when I overheard a child ask his mother if the sunscreen was organic and non-GMO before applying it to his body. This child was four years old. Checkmate!! For those not aware, it has been reported for months that Whole Foods is knowingly selling dietary products which are significantly contaminated with toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and tungsten. Some of these contaminated levels exceed California Proposition 65 limits by nearly 2000%. This issue has not only commanded the attention of concerned people, the mainstream is also taking note. In May of 2014, Mike Adams appeared on the Dr. Oz show to warn the people. Since then it seems as if some invisible dam has ruptured taking with it the now outdated idea that we can trust a label or a corporation to have our best interests in mind when it comes to health and food. For those doubting, please refer to the era of misleading marketing and the under oath, unempathetic statements of big tobacco company CEO’s. For a ‘boots on the ground’ report of the current atmosphere surrounding the battleground, we have seen many small brush fires.

The failed twitter campaigns that were over before they even launched. This likely forcing the embarrassed companies to seek out the social media intern they hired, and blame him or her for what was probably told to the aging CEO’s was a miscalculation of the market demographics.

The Food Babe Army blasting out petition after petition, relentlessly pummeling call centers and email accounts of Subway, McDonald’s and major American beer companies. Next came the ‘Whole Foods Checkmate’ as it will be spoken about in the history books.

The low tide mark that was allowed by our inaction.

The moment where we finally realized that the power was ours all along when we decided to take the field. In the background, creative minds have been quietly assembling the building blocks of the next paradigm.

The ‘Food Is Free Project‘ grows community and food, while helping gain independence from a broken agricultural system. By using drought-tolerant, wicking bed gardens, these low maintenance gardens only need to be watered every 2-4 weeks.

The Food is Free project not only transforms neighborhood blocks, but has installed gardens at Elementary schools, community arts spaces, Farmers Markets, churches and small businesses. Farmers markets have once again become a staple in most communities. Some even becoming the creative cultural center and pride of many cities. Personally knowing the people who grow your food is once again in fashion with no sight of stalling. Yet another modern twist is super charging this growing trend.

The interest and proliferation of hydroponics and aquaponics has increased yields, variety and availability year round even in cities such as Detroit. Moving further outside the box is 3DPonics who are offering free downloadable, 3D printed hydroponic growers for the world.

The best example of this is a TED talk presented by Ron Finley who plants vegetable gardens in South Central LA. He takes advantage of abandoned lots, traffic medians and along the curbs. Why? For fun, for defiance, for beauty and to offer some alternative to fast food in a community where “the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.” The infectious need to buy local or grow your own is spreading rapidly with the power of a Mount Everest Avalanche. Yet this time, it’s victims are the companies who wish to show apathy and drag their feet at the requests of the people to protect our health. Indeed it may turn out that some companies will join us in order to simply fend off being cast aside into the dustbin of history.

The situations we face (to our health) are bigger than any one company, supply chain, or labeling change. It’s for all the chips this time around. .

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