Why Conscious Media Is So Important

The current state of the planet in its evolutionary process is one of remembrance.

That means remembering who we are, awakening to the fact that the truth has been withheld in incomprehensible ways, and then moving into the frequency of Truth, with a capital T. It’s not about being angry or feeling like a victim over what humanity has suffered; it’s about remembrance, so that humanity can make its next evolutionary jump. I believe we as a species will go through a process of shock when the light of the truth comes out and then we will have to digest that and evolve into the Truth of our Being, the Truth as a defined zone of wholeness and coherence. That is why conscious media is one of the most important movements today. Conscious Media is a platform for information that is not consumable by the normative media. It contains seeds for awakening and optimizing the human being. It also sheds light on information that has been hidden from humanity. This is disclosure and a current conscious media trend. We are all noticing these new alternative grassroots news organizations and individuals who are stepping out and stepping up in the field of conscious media. Groups like Conscious Media Coalition, the Collective Evolution, Ivolve Tv, SynergyTV, and more continue to grow.

The doors have opened and people are tired of what we’ve had before — so tired, in fact, that new news is being created, out of sheer necessity.

The role of media as a conduit for complete change is huge. Our devices measure the world for us, showing us how others believe the world is doing and where it’s going. So there is no better place to affect humanity than through this constant feed, coming from our screens — the one you and I are both looking at right now. Conscious Media Festival was created as a hyper-accelerating event to gather all these content creators; to support each other, help each other, share strategies, and make the conscious media movement a grand sweep. We are all here on our own missions to contribute to the greater good of humanity and I hope that this message is received by your heart so that we can move forward in love, peace, compassion, and transparency. As Conscious Broadcasters, it is our job to do our part in resetting the planet. From the network level to the grassroots level, the truth will ring true and help greet the world. Join us at Conscious Media Festival in Austin, Texas, March 3-5, 2017, to learn more about the part you play in this Grand Reset of Earth. 3 days, 12 speakers, 1 party. Presenters include: Regina Meredith, Aubrey Marcus, Sevan Bomar, Joe Martino, Ron James, Kate Neligan of SynergyTV, myself, and others. We really appreciate everyone out there doing his or her part in this grand return of Truth. Let’s evolve the power of media together. Get your tickets now and use the promo code ‘truth’ to receive an 11% discount. www.consciousmediafestival.com Written by Giselle Koy, Director of the Conscious Media Festival .

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