Why Do We Care So Much About What Others Think?

At some point or another we’ve all worried about what someone else is going to think of something we do or say, to the point that it almost seems like a natural part of our psyche..

The truth is though, we think this way because we get caught up in our heads worrying and wondering what possible scenarios may play out if we do or say something that others won’t accept. Our mind chatter is plentiful in these cases due to years of social and cultural conditioning regarding our lifestyles, appearance, cultural norms, and so on. We are basically told what is going to be accepted and what isn’t as we progress through our younger years, ultimately creating a filter in our own minds that all of our thoughts and actions pass through prior to action. This can also be called self-consciousness and it happens to each of us in many forms and to many degrees of intensity.

The good news is, our mind/ego is the entity within us that plays with self-consciousness, and the more our true selves or the true “I” can become aware of these tricky thoughts, the less power they have over us. In our latest episode of ‘These Guys’ we talk about this topic in-depth and provide some thoughts on how to overcome the challenges associated with it. Check it out! Be sure to check out our previous episodes from season 1 of ‘These Guys’ Why Are We So Mean To Each Other On The Internet? Why We Fail So Often At Making Lifestyle Changes Is Life Meant To Be Serious? .

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