Why “Fighting Cancer” Is Bad For Your Health

The medical establishment has it backwards.Not just the medical establishment, but anyone who believes “fighting cancer” is the surest path back to good health.

. [OP-ED] As a mother of a child diagnosed with a brain tumor almost five years ago, I was moved by Joan Lunden’s recent comments about going into “warrior mode” re: her breast cancer diagnosis. For my daughter’s cancer diagnosis, there was no strategy relative to her needs that was not discussed at length and repeatedly. However, rather than taking the difficult path of doing battle, instead we chose to relax into my daughter’s diagnosis and surrender. Please allow me to explain...

The medical establishment has it backwards. Not just the medical establishment, but anyone who believes “fighting cancer” is the surest path back to good health. Certainly a positive attitude is part of the journey back to wellness—there is no need to discuss that point. What we are discussing is the fundamental human error of demonizing cancer or to call it “bad.” Lunden also stated, “In the beginning you almost feel like, ‘What did I do wrong?’” It is a natural tendency to feel that cancer is a form of some kind of punishment. We don’t feel this way when we get the flu or come down with a common cold. We may resist flu or cold at first, but after experience teaches us that resistance actually slows down the healing process, we hunker down for a bit and are gentle and kind to ourselves, knowing good health is around the corner—that positive attitude. We surrender. This is the approach we opted for as part of Victoria’s treatment plan, with the thought of treating it as just another temporary illness—no guilt and no enemy. (I realize we are still talking about cancer.) Additionally: If the thought of loving rather than fighting your cancer terrifies you, it may help you to understand that fighting cancer is a fear-based thought process rooted in separation consciousness—believing that we are separate from each and separate from Creation itself. In separation consciousness, we believe that to surrender is to give up one’s power. It is becoming more evident, even scientifically, all of life is interconnected.

Therefore, in unity consciousness, to surrender one’s limited individual power is to allow the totality of the forces of Creation to do its job. You are literally tapping into a power that is much greater than you, but is still you. This is the miraculous that exists in you! When we “fight” cancer, we actually get in the way, essentially blocking even further energy that was already blocked to begin with. All of life is energy. Your cancer, or any illness, is there to be looked at—and loved—just like everything else that appears in your life. Will this cure all cancer or save millions of lives? No one can say or even guess at this point. It will create a less arduous journey for those on it. Relaxing rather tensing up is a sure sign one is on the right path. Please follow the courses of treatment that feel right for you. If you do try love instead of fear as part of your wellness plan, I would love to know about your experience. ..................................................................................................... Meet my beautiful daughter, Victoria, now 16 years old. I couldn’t be more honored to have shared this crazy-wonderful-difficult journey with her. Victoria Horner, Cancer Free .

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