Why Growing Your Own Organic Food Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do In A Corrupt Political System

What is the best way that you yourself can help to implement real change in your community and the world? Do you ever ask yourself that question? I truly believe that opting out of the structures that do not serve humanity is one of the best ways to go about this. If something does not resonate with you, or does not serve the planet or the beings dwelling on it, then simply don’t buy into it. For example, if you oppose genetically modified foods and the companies that produce them, like Monsanto, then don’t support them with your dollars. Stick to organic whenever possible and do your research to ensure you are not buying products that use ingredients produced by this company. Many of the changemakers in our society are planting seeds, and I don’t just mean that metaphorically — they are literally planting seeds and starting to grow their own food. This is a revolutionary act; it challenges our current structures in many different ways. Not only does it mean you are taking complete control of what you are putting into your body, but you are also cutting down on the massive amount of energy used to produce and ship the food sold in grocery stores. Why not take matters into your own hands and grow your own food? Take Ron Finley, for example, who popularized the term Guerilla Gardening. He inspires the world with his blunt assertion that the corporate food system enslaves us, and he argues that our best weapon to fight against this enslavement and take back our food freedom is fertile soil. And he’s absolutely right: Without soil, we have nothing. “I live in a food prison... It’s all by design just like prisons are by designs. I just got tired of being an inmate. So I figured, let me change this paradigm, let me grow my own food. This is one thing I can do to escape this predestined life that I have unwittingly subscribed to.” – Ron Finley He makes an important point here. We don’t choose this life that we are born into, but we still always have a choice about what we want to do and create once we are here, especially once we become aware of the systems that are in place. By simply growing your own food you: This movement is about taking your power back. As Henry Kissinger once said: “He who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.” Growing your own food tackles these issues head on. Unfortunately, not everyone lives in a house with a huge yard or enough space for a garden, which means space is a big issue for many people, particularly city dwellers.

There are many things you can do to get around this, however. You could reach out to a friend that has land they aren’t using and offer them free food in exchange for some of their yard space, for example. I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a pretty good deal. If this doesn’t work, or you don’t know anyone with space for a garden, consider looking into community gardens in your city.

These are patches of land divided into lots that you can essentially rent out for a season. If your city does not currently have something like this, it is something that is definitely worth taking to your city council and getting it started. Chances are your city will jump right on board with funding for a project such as this.

There are also a number of DIY projects you can check out for an awesome balcony or patio garden, like these pallet gardens, or at the very least you can even just grow your own herbs in your kitchen! If none of these options are available to you, don’t sweat it — there is still a lot you can do. If you still want to be a guerilla gardener, but absolutely can’t grow any of your own food, then support your local farmers and markets by buying local. Let your dollar be your political voice and spend it wisely. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something! It’s time to take the power back! Much Love .

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