Why ‘Obamagate’ Could Become The Biggest Political Scandal In History, Part 2
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Why ‘Obamagate’ Could Become The Biggest Political Scandal In History, Part 2

Why ‘Obamagate’ Could Become The Biggest Political Scandal In History, Part 2

The facts in the Michael Flynn investigation, if we have the will and perseverance to investigate and fully process them, serve as an important case study into 'Obamagate' and potentially serious crimes committed by the Obama administration. Are we reaching a critical mass of people investigating the truth, such that the truth will have no choice but to be revealed, leading to the great awakening of all of humanity? This is the second part of an article published recently entitled ‘Why ‘Obamagate’ Could Become The Biggest Political Scandal In History.’ I would highly recommend reading that article first if you haven’t already since it provides essential context for the following discussion. In the previous article, I put out the notion that much of the unending criticism and disparagement towards Donald Trump in the mainstream media and relentless effort to have him removed from power by the Democratic party is best explained, in my mind, as being driven by a powerful centralized force known as the Deep State who are under threat of having their serious crimes of the past uncovered. --Watch now: Sign up for the free 5G Summit starting and hear from 40 of the world's leading experts on the subject, all FREE! Click here to register now! As we examine the evidence, it is important to understand Deep State compartmentalization and the nature of its influence in the various institutions it has sought to control, which include the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government, the military, the intelligence agencies and others, with particular emphasis on mainstream media and more recently social media.

The installation of individuals who have been born into this criminal ‘family,’ let’s call it, are totally devoted to the cause of world domination through their brand of globalism. But these installations are only the base of Deep State operations.

The majority of individuals whose actions support the Deep State agenda do not see the big picture or their role in it.

They are those whose influence has been bought, or is being controlled as a result of blackmailing, or have simply been convinced by their higher-ups that they are doing the right thing. A company like CNN, for example, might have ‘family’ members in key positions (i.e. Ted Turner, Jeff Zucker and some others in top management) who are currently pushing an anti-Trump agenda, and many of the rest of the company are chosen based on roughly being aligned with a liberal agenda (after all, birds of a feather do stick together).

The use of various overt and covert methods allows the entire organization to present somewhat of a unified front in step with the Deep State agenda. For some, the threat of losing their job is enough to keep them in line, even though privately they might not fully believe in what they are doing. Others who show some talent and a strong desire for power and influence may be brought deeper into the inner circle based on money or getting ‘honey-trapped’ into compromising positions through which they can be controlled. My article ‘CNN’s Political Bias Exposed By Whistleblower’s Hidden Camera Footage‘ and the hidden camera footage of former CNN employee Cary Poarch is an important lens into how the anti-Trump bias was carried out and maintained throughout the organization. We see that privately amongst employees, even though few were fans of Trump, that there is a lot of pushback and incredulity at Jeff Zucker’s insistence that the Trump impeachment was the only newsworthy event over the course of several months, and should be front and center daily for reporters and broadcasters. But by and large, because of the hierarchical structure that is so essential for control, people have little choice but to go along with the agenda, not realizing that they are actually the footsoldiers of a much larger and more comprehensive plan than they could ever imagine. To say that this power structure has been slowly and carefully built up over time within all influential institutions would be an understatement; and attention has been paid to ensure that those at lower levels have no access at all to higher and more incriminating information. Although the top brass of the Deep State pyramid do have an extremely high level of occult knowledge regarding how to control and rule, they do not have a ‘lock’ on everything and everybody in the world.

Their goal has always been total domination but they’ve never quite achieved it, and furthermore that goal is fading quickly, as elaborated upon in articles more esoteric in nature here and here. Because the Deep State agenda fundamentally based in deception they have to be constantly working to suppress the truth, which has an annoying habit of shining through illusory constructions. It is with this understanding that we need to look at the evidence being declassified in the Michael Flynn case, where we see the involvement of a host of players, including FBI director James Comey, Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, agents Peter Strzok, Bill Priestap, Lisa Page, and other top players from the Department of Justice, the other intelligence agencies, and Barack Obama himself.

These players don’t get together regularly in a ‘Deep State’ meeting to discuss a ‘Deep State’ agenda. Rather, these players go about their jobs, for the most part legally, until such time as they are needed to do something.

The instructions from their superior, for the most part, have at least an appearance of being legitimate. Orders given to subordinates are couched in an established narrative that suggests the legality or at least the ‘necessity for the greater good’ of following the orders. Since the Deep State knows that their actions should generally have a believable supporting narrative and an arguably ‘legal’ predicate, you can understand how uncovering the criminality is somewhat of a painstaking, detailed process. One piece of evidence may be ambivalent, which is why it is important to piece together all the small signs of impropriety in order to establish a pattern of intentional deception. In my opinion, the indiscretions that were committed in the Michael Flynn case indicate to me that there was quite a bit of desperation to derail Michael Flynn’s role in the Trump administration, and a lot of people had a hand in trying to make this happen. Fact: A clear predicate to investigate Flynn was never established The FBI opened a counterintelligence probe of Flynn in August 2016, supposedly on the grounds that he might be a clandestine Russian agent. That is what they have said, but they have never cited any evidence that would materially substantiate their alleged suspicions. Flynn is a retired three-star Army general and decorated combat commander, who had by then written a book that identified Russia as a committed global adversary of the United States. Pure suspicion, the product of one’s mind, is not a sufficient predicate to open an investigation on any U.S. citizen, let alone an Army general that has served the country for over 30 years. Now remember that Flynn was unceremoniously dumped by Barack Obama two years earlier as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It seems more reasonable to me that they were investigating Flynn on this pretext in order to keep a close eye on him, trying to find something on him that they could use on him later in case they needed to. So little incriminating evidence was found that could be used against Flynn that the FBI’s then-director, James Comey, authorized closing the investigation dubbed “Crossfire Razor” in December 2016, and the paperwork to do so was completed on Jan. 4, 2017. Fact: FBI Agent Peter Strzok overruled and kept the Flynn Investigation open Court documents released on April 30th, 2020 revealed that FBI agent Peter Strzok sent the following text message to the investigating agent on that same day, Jan. 4, 2017: “Hey if you haven’t closed RAZOR, don’t do so yet. Pls keep it open for now.” The internal FBI documents detailed a pattern showing multiple efforts to uncover criminal activity by Flynn, as outlined in this Washington Times article: FBI officials reached out to another agency, likely the CIA, to conduct a similar search of its records for possible ties between Flynn and Russia. Just like the FBI, that agency found “no derogatory information” on Flynn.

The FBI also used at least one confidential human source to monitor Flynn during the investigation. But leads offered by the informant also failed to turn up criminal activity, the memo said. Based on the lack of evidence, the FBI closed the investigation but noted it would consider reopening it if new information was uncovered. Yet, Mr. Strzok, the case supervisor, pushed to keep it open, according to the memo. In another text to an unknown person, he noted that the FBI’s leadership was involved and they still “need to decide what to do with him [with respect to] the [Redacted].” In my opinion, this alone should demonstrate that there was a rather urgent ulterior motive to find something incriminating on Flynn, even if they had to invent it. When Strzok kept Crossfire Razor open on January 4th, 2017, Flynn was an official in the Trump transition who was designated to become the president’s national security adviser. Strzok also knew that Flynn had had communications in December with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak, which has been cited as a reason to be suspicious of Flynn. However the government was already monitoring Kislyak, so they knew what had been said in those conversations and recordings showed that Flynn did nothing inappropriate.

There was no grounds to reopen or continue the counterintelligence investigation or to begin a criminal investigation. This other notion that the DOJ was looking to charge Flynn criminally with violating the Logan Act, a moribund, unconstitutional prohibition against freelance diplomacy, seems rather absurd. In the DOJ’s 150-year history, the Logan Act has never been charged. No one has ever been convicted for violating it; there has been no case since 1852. Fact: James Comey Knowingly Broke Protocols To Interview Flynn So we know that by early January of 2016 Comey had already considered the Flynn matter closed. What could have transpired between January 4th, the day Strzok lobbied to keep the Flynn case open, and January 24th, when James Comey deciding to bypass all proper protocols and send FBI agents into the White House to interview Michael Flynn? And not just any FBI agents, by the way.

The lead interviewer was none other than Peter Strzok. If you’re like me, you look at this and think that it was Peter Strzok who asked James Comey to send him in to interview General Flynn. Or, to take it a step further, some higher authority told James Comey that Strzok was going in to interview General Flynn, and furthermore got Comey to agree to bypass the normal channels, avoid telling Flynn that he was the subject of an investigation, and make Flynn feel that he didn’t need his lawyer present. If we watch the following clip of James Comey from a December 2018 interview talking about the way he sent the agents to the White House, a few things about it make more sense under the circumstances suggested here. Now let’s first acknowledge that Comey is pretty good at calmly and coolly creating a narrative that holds together pretty well. Yet, no amount of coolness or swagger can help answer the question: why indeed would he risk his reputation and knowingly breach protocol which would undoubtedly bring the righteous scorn of the incoming administration? Under the circumstances, there was no apparent urgency to be interviewing Flynn, especially since Comey himself had previously considered the matter closed, and no new and compelling evidence had arisen since then.

The only thing that makes sense is that Comey was told to do this post-haste from a higher authority, and Comey’s role would be to put out whatever fires needed to be put out as a consequence. Under these conditions, the interesting freudian slip that Comey makes in the interview about sending the agents into the White House the way he did becomes very telling: “Something we, I probably wouldn’t have done or gotten away with in a more organized investigation, (pause) a more organized administration.” In fact, the way things are done here indeed suggest that the investigation was disorganized and, frankly, desperate. It almost seems as though Peter Strzok took things into his own hands and forced this interview before he felt it was too late. But how could Strzok, Comey’s subordinate, have the power to do this? This is where it gets interesting.

There is compelling evidence here that Peter Strzok has secretly been working for the CIA, and may continue to be in their employ to this day: Peter Strzok worked 24 years for the CIA. His job title was Chief of their Counterespionage Group.

The FBI never had such a unit. A joint CIA/FBI position was created by Congress in 1996. Strzok was “a senior FBI official” by being the CIA’s Chief of Counterespionage. Those who have researched into the Deep State generally agree that, unlike the other institutions it has sought to influence, the Deep State is essentially run through the CIA. That gives the sequence of events here has a logical through-line. You can read more about the CIA’s role in the Deep State here. Now if Peter Strzok is getting his marching orders from the CIA, it would be likely that then-CIA Director John Brennan ordered Strzok to get something on Flynn, as a matter of great urgency. Brennan would know full well what Michael Flynn would find out and the information that he would have access to if he became the National Security advisor. We will go more deeply into this later. Fact: The FBI then sought to trap Flynn in a lie The recent release on April 29th, 2020 of a handwritten note likely written by former FBI head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap goes a long way to revealing why Strzok kept the case open. It has Priestap asking whether the goal of interviewing Flynn was “truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” Preventing him, with prejudice, from becoming the National Security advisor, and keeping him tied up endlessly in defending himself in court, if not getting jail time, appears to have been the focused goal. By and large, they succeeded in their mission. Flynn admitted to lying to the FBI. He resigned from his position at the White House on February 17th.

Then he was forced to cooperate with the Mueller investigation, where he had to meet with the DOJ lawyers of the Mueller team a total of 19 times. 19 times! For what? That seems a little excessive, doesn’t it? Especially if we examine the actual content of the ‘lies,’ according to the charging documents: What have these ‘lies’ got to do with Flynn being suspected of being an agent of Russia? What do they have to do with Russian collusion in the 2016 election? Absolutely nothing. Why would the Mueller investigation have to interview Flynn 19 times? Think logically. Furthermore, an examination of the interview with Peter Strzok shows that Flynn’s statements were equivocal. That creates significant questions about whether inaccuracies in his description of the Kislyak discussions were honest failures of recollection, not lies.

The interview happened about a month after the Kislyak communications. In the interim, Flynn had hundreds of conversations with foreign counterparts. It would have been a challenge for anyone to remember the words of a conversation under those circumstances; and, in their legerdemain, the FBI strategically refused to refresh Flynn’s recollection by playing recordings or showing a transcript. Strzok went out of his way to deceive Flynn about the purpose of the interview, at which he hoped to trip him up. It is rote for FBI “302” reports — used to summarize witness interviews — to start by recounting that interviewing agents advised the subject of the nature of the interview. But they did not do that with Flynn. He was discouraged from consulting counsel and from reporting the FBI’s request to speak with him to his White House chain-of-command. He was not given the customary advice of rights — the FBI, after officials acknowledged among themselves that they owed it to Flynn to advise him that a false statement could be grounds for prosecution, willfully withheld this admonition from him. Speaking of the “302” report, written by the agent accompanying Peter Strzok: the “302” used in the prosecution of Michael Flynn was not the original, but rather was edited–by Peter Strzok himself. Text messages between Strzok and his lover/accomplice FBI lawyer Lisa Page from February 2017 reveal this. “Lisa, you didn’t see it before my edits that went into what I sent to you. I was trying to completely re-write the thing so as to save [redacted] voice and 2) get it out to you for general review and comment in anticipation of needing it soon... [I’m] trying not to completely re-write [it].” Only after Michael Flynn fired his legal team on June 6, 2019 and hired attorney Sidney Powell a week later did it eventually come to light that the original “302” was never made available to the defense. Through Powell’s work, there are a lot of signs that shows that Flynn’s previous lawyers did not do their job properly. Powell has consistently requested the original 302, only to finally hear from the DOJ that the FBI ‘lost and destroyed’ the original 302! Would the original “302” makes it abundantly clear that Michael Flynn actually did nothing wrong, and the edits done by Peter Strzok were clear attempts to fuel the incrimination of an innocent man? All roads point to that, Let’s be clear. An organization like the FBI cannot and would never ‘accidentally’ lose and destroy valuable information. Every time we hear that an organization like the FBI has ‘lost,’ ‘misplaced,’ or ‘accidentally destroyed’ important self-incriminating evidence, it doesn’t take a genius to see ‘coverup’ written all over it.

The main problem is, most people don’t have the time or patience to look deeply enough into the evidence to draw the obvious conclusions they provide. And coverups will continued to work up until there is a sufficient desire on the part of the general public to investigate the facts in detail and piece together the evidence in a way to build their own narrative about what is going on behind the scenes. For those who maintain the validity of the mainstream narrative that the Obama Administration did not commit any crimes before, during or after the transition of the Trump administration into the White House, I would ask you this simple question: does the mainstream media ever say ‘you don’t have to trust us, look at the evidence yourself and draw your own conclusions’? The answer is no.

They do not. By and large they try to assure you that THEY can be trusted, and you shouldn’t bother to do all that investigative work yourself. After all, their information comes from trusted ‘sources’ and well-connected ‘officials.’ You may have noticed that more and more you are not told who these people actually are. Up until the rise of the internet and social media, this has been an easy game for them to play.

The mainstream media has long had domain over ‘normal’ perception, and have made the general public comfortable with that perception, because it is the same perception they have had since their childhood. This always gave them some kind of tacit authority to ridicule as ‘conspiracy theory’ (a CIA term designed to dissuade people from looking deeper) all attempts to investigate what is going on behind the scenes.

The mainstream media is the greatest tool the Deep State has used in the coverup of high-level crimes. Note that CIA involvement in mainstream media is now well documented and incontestable, as discussed here and here. With the rise of the internet, it is a lot easier to proliferate facts and important details. This is helping us realize that, by and large, the mainstream media do not provide all the important details in making their case. With respect to Michael Flynn, they keep pounding away at the fact that he admitted to lying. And then they ridiculed the idea that he was withdrawing his guilty plea as though it was some sort of legal ploy. But note–they never provide the real reasons that Flynn has withdrawn his guilty plea.

They don’t talk about the serious failings of his original legal defense team, the withholding of exculpatory information by the original DOJ prosecutors and the FBI, the serious overreach of Judge Emmet Sullivan that continues to this day. Each one of these aspects of the Michael Flynn case is rife with evidence of malfeasance worthy of its own deep investigative article. And that’s just the Michael Flynn case.

The same can be said about the cases of Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, and Paul Manafort. All three of them were surveilled as a consequence of FISA warrants that are being shown to have been obtained illegally and without a reasonable predicate. And then illegal FISA warrants are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the use of Russia as the tried-and-true ‘Boogey Man’ to get a majority of the public against Donald Trump and his administration, as a means to find a way to get him out of office. This is not at all to say that Russia is truly a harmless ally. Not at all. But that is the subject of a far different discussion. What is being said here is that the proposition that “Donald Trump was colluding with Russia” was a completely fabricated premise that the Deep State have been trying to substantiate since before the 2016 election. And again, logic would dictate that the only reason they would ever devote so much time, money and human resources to this deception is because they saw it as the only way they would be able to continue to hide their serious criminal activities. As a for-instance, there was an extraordinary meeting in the Oval Office on January 5th, just one day after Peter Strzok made the move to keep the Flynn investigation open, possibly on orders from CIA Director John Brennan as we discussed above.

The ‘official’ story Comey told the House Intelligence Committee was that he alerted CIA Director John Brennan as soon as he learned about the Flynn calls. Regardless, what is said to have happened in this meeting is that President Obama was briefed by Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about Michael Flynn.

The story is that they were concerned about Flynn’s phone calls, though that seems to be a smoke screen now as we know the intel agencies had recordings of those phone calls all along and there was nothing incriminating within them. What makes more sense is that Brennan and Clapper were trying to impress upon Obama the urgency of preventing Michael Flynn from becoming Trump’s National Security Advisor. At the end of the meeting, the president asked FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates to stay behind. Joining them were Vice President Joe Biden and National Security Adviser Susan Rice. Yates recounted during a 2017 interview with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team that Obama began by saying “he had learned of the information about Flynn” and his conversations with Kislyak regarding the sanctions on Russia. This was very surprising to Yates, who as the Justice Department’s No. 2 official oversaw the FBI but had not been told about it. She was obviously on a ‘need-to-know’ basis about this matter from some higher authority. One can only speculate what exactly was said during this meeting, but here is where James Comey may have been told that the Flynn investigation needed to remain open and Comey had to redouble his agency’s efforts to find something on Flynn. Surely if these sorts of maneuvers were being discussed they would have to all agree on a ‘cover’ story to explain what this meeting was all about, convened as it was only 15 days before president-elect Donald Trump was to take office. Just the fact that the outgoing administration is focused on this matter rather than tending to the transition in a way that would most benefit the American people would raise eyebrows. It seems almost the result of paranoia that Susan Rice would send an email to herself only a few hours after Donald trump’s inauguration iterating the story that was made for public consumption, if in fact news about this meeting ever came out. Rice insists in an email to herself that things are being done ‘by the book.’ She repeats that phrase 3 times in this short email. As they say in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.” If we refer back to the gold mine of hidden information that keeps on giving, the text messages between Peter Strzok and his accomplice/lover Lisa Page, we find out that the official story that Barack Obama ‘is not asking about, initiating, or instructing anything from a law enforcement perspective’ as a matter of course is severely put into question. In a Sept. 2, 2016 text exchange, Page writes that she was preparing talking points because “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” For those who don’t know, ‘POTUS’ is an acronym for ‘President of the United States’. Again, I would love to dive more deeply into the nature of the crimes that will hopefully get revealed as “Obamagate” unfolds through the current Senate Judiciary Committee hearings and the investigative work being done by prosecutor John Durham and others, but I’m unfortunately past my time limit and length limit for one article. As I’ve said before, this is the nature of searching for the truth behind a well-constructed wall of deception. It is a slow and difficult process, and there is little money available to pay journalists whose sole objective is to find the truth, while there is a virtually unlimited supply of money for those willing to participate in the skillful suppression and obfuscation of the truth. Let me just say for now that the ultimate goal of the Deep State is the creation of a global authority, in which those at the top of the Deep State pyramid simply continue to appoint themselves as the rulers of the planet, very much aligned with the doctrine of the “divine right of kings.” What is different in this day and age is that information, and not brute force, is the true measure of power. In order to accomplish total control over the world, it has been necessary to slowly build a comprehensive and weaponized surveillance grid throughout the world.

The surveillance grid in China, built on the back of American technology that has been strategically leaked to China by Deep State American actors (think the supposed Chinese ‘hack’ of Hillary Clinton’s private server which contained classified information as one example) seems to be the model that the Deep State was looking to proliferate worldwide, both technologically and politically. Now getting this done in the United States would probably be the biggest challenge, but through the Obama administration a lot of progress was made in building the domestic surveillance infrastructure and actually putting it into practice. In an article I wrote entitled ‘The Hidden Reason The ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation Ever Got Started,‘ I provide evidence that a surveillance system secretly referred to as The ‘Hammer,’ designed by software design genius Dennis Montgomery for foreign surveillance, was weaponized and turned against the American people.

The following is from the article, which I would call a must-read if you want to get to the heart of ‘Obamagate’: Montgomery eventually discovered that his surveillance system was being used against the American people. And so on August 19th, 2015, Montgomery turned whistleblower and alerted FBI Director James Comey’s office in 2015 that President Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had turned the super-surveillance system that Montgomery designed for foreign surveillance into a domestic surveillance system. Montgomery asserts that Obama, Brennan, and Clapper used ‘The Hammer’ in a diabolically intrusive manner in order to spy on the American people and collect massive amounts of surveillance data for “leverage” and “blackmail.” It should not come as any surprise that James Comey sat on the voluminous whistleblower testimony he received from Montgomery and to this day this information has not been officially acknowledged. As indicated in the article, the information has only come out through the work of brave investigative journalists that my article gets much of its information from whose sole motivation is to reveal the truth. I would like to reiterate what those journalists have said, and what all those whose sole objective is to uncover the truth have said: You don’t have to trust me. In fact you shouldn’t. Please do your own research. Follow the facts where they lead you to. Be a relentless seeker of the truth. Once a critical mass of people do that, all this deception will no longer have a place to hide. else.

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