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Why Virologist Are Deceived Idiots

In essence a virologist works with viruses, but they don't know how to isolate or purify a virus. They work based on the assumption that a virus is a computerized portion of a genome sequence supposedly belonging to a virus that was never isolated for first time.

Why Virologist Are Deceived Idiots

The collection of proofs exposed by the following documentary greatly explains and debunks everything that bases the Medical branch of Virology.

These days virus are mentioned all over the media, the medical journals, the medical institutions while even Virologists do not even know what are they talking about. It should be a harsh experience to know that everything you've been told, and most of the professional efforts of you've carried on as a Virologist are a complete scam. Yes virologist have been deceived, and still most of them show off their proud when they are asked: could you share the details of the HIV isolation process?

There is an incipient current within modern Medical Biologists that already realized the huge scam behind the existence of viral agents. From the other side, it is easy to understand the efforts from Pharmacological Companies and Research Institutions to hide their claims from the reach of public opinion.

The economic benefits of keeping alive the fraud behind virus (germ) theory, are huge, and so the interests of the Virologists community which would disappear immediately from the face of the earth. Not to talk about the professional shame of the fact of being deceived at the time they believe themselves at the top of Biomedical Research Academia.

A supposed infection caused  by a tiny invisible agent to be the cause of the illness of an individual is being finally debunked these days. Still, viral infections are treated with antiviral drugs, like vaccines (Bill Gates openly says they are a great 20 to 1 investment) or other expensive antiviral drugs created by Pharma companies since the last 100 years, therefore it will be a matter of time, that these facts are finally known by most Medical Doctors so the prime time of selfish-egoistic Virologists will come to an end.

Judge by yourself.

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