Why We Could All Benefit From Taking A Break From Facebook
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Why We Could All Benefit From Taking A Break From Facebook

While you were on Facebook, the world went by.Recently a friend came over and mentioned how she was feeling so great because she had deactivated her Facebook account.
Why We Could All Benefit From Taking A Break From Facebook

. This got me thinking and inspired me to give it a try and deactivate my own account. It has been 5 days and my plan is to go for a week and I am feeling extremely satisfied with this decision that I made. I’ve really began to notice just how much life that I am missing out on while on Facebook. Facebook was taking up a lot of my time. Aside from work that I do on Facebook promoting Collective Evolution I would catch myself mindlessly scrolling through the news feed, clicking on someone’s random photo, and find myself 40 minutes later still scrolling through pictures of people that I hardly know or don’t even know at all. (Come on you’ve done it too :P) And for what? What purpose does this serve? Well, absolutely none. It is completely mindless activity and basically only serves as a great way to waste time, and that’s what I had been doing. Wasting a lot of time and procrastinating. I would open up my computer in the morning with the intention of starting research for a new article, but then Facebook would be open on my browser and I would end up scrolling away through the news feed and of course, checking each notification that I had received. Sure you may say, ‘Well can’t you just control it and just not go on Facebook?’ Well yeah I could, but I wouldn’t. It was so easy to just get sucked right into the screen. It was almost habitual, and a part of my daily routine. I guess the lives of others were seeming to be more interesting than my own.

The silliest part about all of this is from time-to-time I wonder ‘does anyone even know I left?’ There is something however to be said about Facebook and the ‘Truther/Spiritual/Whatever you wanna call it, revolution.’ After all, without this device I probably would not be here in Toronto working with Collective Evolution. Facebook can be used as a great tool for sharing information and networking with like minded people and getting groups together. But at the same time, I think Facebook is creating something where people are more so all talk and no action. We may feel comforted by the fact that our Facebook friends understand us and we have somewhere to turn to when no one else understands you, or the people in your daily life don’t have the same beliefs or truths as you we can always count on our like minded buddies online. In this way, it is actually hindering us from facing our issues head on and facing challenges as they arise, some of us use Facebook to escape our daily lives. Truth is, you and everyone else with a Facebook account can be anyone they want to be behind a screen. Until you actually meet these people in person you don’t really know them. Many people create an alter-ego via their Facebook profile most likely because of low self esteem, maybe they don’t feel that their true self has enough to offer. Another thing to think about, what if Facebook were to be shut down? Then what would we do? I feel that it is very important that we actually make real connections and real plans with people in our lives. If we want to change the world we have to MAKE IT HAPPEN, not just talk about how nice it would be on Facebook. I challenge everyone who reads this to try and go a week without Facebook. I am not saying go deactivate your account, like I did, but stay off of it for 1 week and see how you feel. Trust me, it’s worth it. It will free up time in your day that you may have forgot you even had. I am hoping for myself, that this week off will break some of the habits and patterns so that now when I re-activate my account I can use Facebook in a new way, and a lot less. Before you take a break, I recommend that you make sure that you have the emails of the people who you communicate with on a regular basis, because I realized, I don’t even have my closest friends emails! All communicating is done on Facebook now! So, good luck! I hope this brings some peace, time, motivation and clarity to your life! Much L.

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