Women in Cannabis Interview
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Women in Cannabis Interview

CBD is a big part of The Alchemist’s Kitchen – We have multiple options of ingestion to address stress, anxiety, pain, beauty, trouble sleeping, and more with our Plant Alchemy CBD line.
Women in Cannabis Interview

Last week, The Alchemist’s Kitchen hosted Women in Cannabis, a virtual panel celebrating female-owned Cannabis Businesses. We were joined by Brittany Carbone – Founder and CEO of TONIC, Vanessa Siverls – Owner of BUPeriod for Menstruation, and also Jamie Galvis – Founder of hustle + floTM️ who joined us a bit into the discussion. You can watch the full Women in Cannabis interview on our Youtube Channel. Check out their websites to support their brands, and read a few of their thoughtful answers below: Brittany: I started by making these blends for myself – I was dealing with anxiety and depression pretty much my whole life and when I was a teenager I discovered cannabis and it was something that always helped me feel normal, feel better. As someone who smoked weed all the time... I was pretty skeptical of CBD. But when I tried CBD and realized how well it actually did work to manage my anxiety, I had to learn everything about it — The life-changing moment for my mood, my anxiety, my energy levels were combining CBD with Ashwagandha specifically — creating this adaptogenic powerhouse blend. I started to share this blend with my clients and they were getting the same results I started expanding the products from there. Vanessa: Transparency and understanding where your products come from are some of the biggest reasons why I started to take the time to understand the landscape of cannabis. In my early prototypes of the pad in 2018, I was studying at Pratt University in Brooklyn New York, and they helped me focus and research on the product life cycle — from its inception use to how it’s discarded or whether it’s biodegradable or can be reused. So early on it was the hemp material that I was very interested in – that hemp is easier to grow with less water, less energy, and way more eco-friendly than cotton. When it comes to [standard consumer] menstrual pads, we have been given a raw deal— with not knowing the supply chain, with not understanding [the typical products are] plastics and non-eco-friendly and non-body friendly and hormone-producing chemicals...

The uterus has one of the highest quantities of CB1, cannabinoid receptors, in the body for a reason... I’m just so excited to be on the front end of bringing help and cannabis to menstrual health. Your Weekly Dose Of Wellness Receive the latest savings, events, herbal education and 10% Off your first purchase. Brittany: Versatility! You can do so much with it.

There are so many different ways CBD can be applied, consumed, and different problems it can address. Vanessa: I cannot wait to see all of the opportunities that all of the cannabis plants has in store for us!.. Outside of all the politics, there’s a real opportunity for human beings to learn their bodies first and then look to the complimentary benefits of the family of cannabis can do...

There are journals of Queen Victoria ingesting cannabis for menstrual pain, of course [Cannabis use for pain] dates back even further, but if it’s good enough for the QUEEN why are we taking in 800mg of ibuprofen when every menstruator deserves a medical marijuana card so that we can get the best-personalized pain management.

The plant understands that we’re not one size fits all. Brittany: If I could just add to that – I think one of the most exciting things about cannabis is what it can do for women’s health— even if it’s just making it more a part of the conversation.... It’s really crazy how many women don’t know so much about their own bodies because we haven’t had the information as it’s been so taboo — cannabis products breathe new life into the conversation Jaimie: Every story is a milestone for us. We only just launched [hustle+flo] and we’ve had a number of challenges every CBD company faces such as advertising. However, every story we receive from someone who tried our products and have an incredible experience. I consider that a milestone. The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies.

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