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‘You are Dust, You Are Dead, We’re Coming To Get You’- Julian Assange Is Hearing Voices

Julian Assange is hearing voices and has already written suicide notes to his loved ones — putting him at “very high” risk of killing himself if extradited to the US, a psychiatrist told a UK court.

‘You are Dust, You Are Dead, We’re Coming To Get You’- Julian Assange Is Hearing Voices

Why do people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden face such a harsh backlash from Governments? If governments and elite corporations aren't doing anything wrong, what do they have to hide? Why are the censoring so much information? What Happened: Multiple media outlets are reporting that Michael Kopelman, a professor of neuropsychiatry at King’s College London, said that Julian Assange has an “intense suicidal preoccupation” while awaiting the decision on whether or not he will be extradited to the US, where he faces up to 175 years in a maximum high security prison on espionage charges.

There is no mention of this on Wikileaks’ Instagram Page or Facebook Page. That’s where you’ll find the most important updates regarding Julian Assange. Get yours today before it runs out. Click here to learn more. According to the NY Post, “He’s made various plans and undergone various preparations, such as confessed to the Catholic priest, who granted him absolution, began to draft farewell letters to family members and close friends,” Kopelman told London’s Old Bailey criminal court Tuesday. “He’s drawn up a will,” Kopelman said, while also noting “an abundance of known risk factors” including a family history of depression and suicide. Kopelman said the 49-year-old hacker had experienced “auditory hallucinations” in which he heard “derogatory and persecutory” voices. “The voices are things like, ‘You are dust, you are dead, we are coming to get you,’” he told the hearing. Kopelman believes if Assange is extradited, that could be the final straw and might result in him taking his life. Tortured with psychotropic drugs? What has happened to Assange? We know he has been living in extreme isolation, and Retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski wrote in an article posted at Lew Rockwell’s website that Julian Assange is receiving the same treatment as suspected terrorists while in captivity at “Her Majesty’s Prison Service” at Belmarsh.

The FBI, Pentagon, and CIA are “interviewing” Assange. Kwiatkowski writes: Interviewing is the wrong word. I’d like to say doctoring him, because it would be more accurate, except that word implies some care for a positive outcome. Chemical Gina has her hands in this one, and we are being told that Assange is being “treated” with 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate, known as BZ. BZ is a powerful drug that produces hallucinations. “Soldiers on BZ could remember only fragments of the experience afterward. As the drug wore off, and the subjects had trouble discerning what was real, many experienced anxiety, aggression, even terror,” the New Yorker reported. “...The drug’s effect lasted for days. At its peak, volunteers were totally cut off in their own minds, jolting from one fragmented existence to the next.

They saw visions: Lilliputian baseball players competing on a tabletop diamond; animals or people or objects that materialized and vanished.” She goes on: It is difficult to know if the state is more sociopathic or more psychopathic. What US government employees and/or contractors are currently doing to Julian Assange, and those who may have used Wikileaks as a journalistic avenue, may indicate it is the latter. Torture, isolation, brutality, and the use of psychotropic drugs during interrogations and hiding this from the defendant’s own lawyers by denying them access — this is Lubyanka in the 1950s, not London and DC in 2019. Below is a tweet from Australian journalist and BAFTA award-winning documentary filmmaker John Pilger, who made comments last month that shed some light on how Assange is being treated last year. This has been a common theme since Assange was arrested. Why This Is Important: WikiLeaks’ threat to the powerful was recognised and every effort was, and is, being made to criminalize the organization. “National Security” has become an umbrella tool to protect a number of unethical and immoral actions by governments, big corporations as well as those that take place in the world of finance. This is exactly what Assange exposed. How far have we sunk if telling the truth becomes a crime? How far have we sunk if we prosecute people that expose war crimes for exposing war crimes? How far have we sunk when we no longer prosecute our own war criminals? Because we identify more with them, than we identify with the people that actually expose these crimes. What does that tell about us and about our governments? In a democracy, the power does not belong to the government, but to the people. But the people have to claim it. Secrecy disempowers the people because it prevents them from exercising democratic control, which is precisely why governments want secrecy. – Nils Melzer, Human Rights Chair of the Geneva Academy of Int Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Prof of Int Law at the University of Glasgow, UN Rapporteur on Torture and Other Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

The Takeaway: Do we really live on a planet right now where those who expose truth, expose corporate corruption, and those who want what’s best for the world and want to change the world, are locked away, murdered, silenced, censored, and thrown in jail? Furthermore, what time of ‘machine’ is required to justify his jailing in the minds of the masses? What kind of propaganda tools are used and how powerful are they if they have the ability to completely control human consciousness and perception in a way that best fits their interests? Get inside access to Stream content 24/7 and enjoy mind-expanding interviews, original shows, documentaries and guided programs. Click here to start a FREE 7-Day Trial and help conscious media thrive!.

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