Zuckerberg’s Plans for Facebook? Artificial Intelligence
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Zuckerberg’s Plans for Facebook? Artificial Intelligence

According to engadget.com[i], Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame posted some interesting news on his profile this week, revealing his plans for Facebook’s future in the process.
Zuckerberg’s Plans for Facebook? Artificial Intelligence

Included in his mystifying comments was a statement regarding his idea of the ultimate communication technology. He envisions a platform which would allow our friends to feel exactly what we’re experiencing simply by transmitting our thoughts to them. He said that until such a feat was possible, his company would continue working on a few other developments at Facebook, one of which is artificial intelligence (AI). He listed AI as the first of his priorities, “because Facebook ‘think[s] more intelligent services will be much more useful’ to consumers.’” Among Zuckerberg’s AI development plans for FB are claims that their systems will be “better than humans at our primary senses,” and that they will be able to detect just about anything and everything from a video, text, or image from backgrounds and locations to specific people, objects, and more. Before you get too excited about the wonders of technology though, let’s look at Facebook’s track record for using technology morally and responsibly. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have observed their Facebook posts being deleted, especially when they concern issues like freedom of speech, false flag events, Monsanto, violations of public trust, the insolvent and criminal fractional banking system – you get the idea. One comment was recently posted on Reddit that reflects this phenomenon perfectly: “Am I crazy or did Facebook just remove my post about the NSA Snowden leak?” This writer has personally witnessed Facebook altering posts and ‘likes,’ especially when it concerned breaking news that the mainstream media would not want to go viral. I have talked to other website owners who have experienced the same exact phenomenon – one in particular is Gregg Prescott from In5d.com. We’ve both seen our likes go from the thousands to the hundreds overnight or in a few hours after posting an article, when we know for sure that the article had already been reposted in numerous places, making it highly unlikely that our Facebook likes would go down instead of up. Similarly, posts ‘disappear’ when they have to do with important lawsuits that would damage the public image of certain companies which are known to be part of the cabal. In talking to T. Matthew Phillips, the lawyer who is suing Monsanto in a class action suit in California for false advertising, I learned he has also reported watching his posts go missing.

The reason this is concerning is that if Facebook is going to develop artificial intelligence to ‘vet’ more of its posts and delete the ones that this ‘intelligence’ has deemed unworthy, the freedoms of speech we have come to enjoy on the Internet are even more at risk. This says nothing of an entity like FB with known ties to the NSA having access to your entire personal life, including your whereabouts and who you are with, even if you don’t post those details, because the AI is simply able to glean them from a photo you stand in, or from an object that lies in the foreground or background. It sounds like Zuckerberg’s plans for FB are for more social control, now ‘poke’ that. Sources: [i] http://www.engadget.com/2015/07/01/zuckerberg-facebook-qna/ .

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