10 Powerful Traits of People with Integrity: Are You One?
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10 Powerful Traits of People with Integrity: Are You One?

People with integrity are hard to find.To possess this rare trait, it takes more than just being a good-natured person and having friends.It’s deeper than that.
10 Powerful Traits of People with Integrity: Are You One?

t. I’ve struggled my whole life to remain one person, inside and out. It’s never been an easy task. In fact, I’ve failed, lied, and pretended many times in my former decades. I guess you can say it was a part of “growing up”. You see, not everyone grows up by their early thirties, on the contrary, some people never grow up, and to me, that’s a tragedy. And I don’t mean being young at heart.

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the immaturity that keeps people from utilizing wisdom. And why do I refer to growing up in a post about people with integrity? Well, you see, having true integrity comes with a new mindset. Let’s look at a definition for the word before we go further: Integrity: The state of being whole with principles and morals, yet, retaining an honest kindness. Understanding integrity takes more than reading its basic meaning. To know all about this rare characteristic of human beings, you must remember that integrity is not so much a personality but a consistency. You see, having true integrity takes practice, but it also takes the mindset of one who wants to be this way. You can never force someone into being a better person selflessly. But how would you know if someone has integrity? Better yet, are you one of these people who carry around an honest, whole, and mature mindset? Well, in order to gain this knowledge, there are certain traits that help you recognize people with integrity. We can examine a few of them. If you’re able to be one whole person everywhere you go, then you could be carrying integrity. This means being the same person as the public as the one you display for your family. This must also be the same person you show your friends too. This level of authenticity, while difficult to hold, is the real you offered to all. All masks are thrown away and fake personalities destroyed when you practice being an undivided person. You who practice consistent integrity often turn to conflict-avoidance when faced with a confrontation, don’t you? Where others may engage in fighting, arguing, or angry outbursts, if you utilize the best of yourself, you will go about resolution peacefully. This shows the trait of integrity, and the ability to stay cool, calm, and yes, collected. This is one of the more obvious signs of integrity. To be truly honest isn’t an easy feat. I would like to think that I am an honest person, for the most part, but just the other day, I told a lie about something small. During the act of telling the lie, I convinced myself that it was to save problems in the family. But like other times that I lie, my conscious did not let me rest until I confessed. You see, people with integrity find honesty an easy thing. And yes, omittance is lying too, and if you are a strong individual, you shy away from leaving out important details that you know will cause problems. I do strive toward total honesty in all areas, but I also believe I still have a long way to go. How about you? If you are one of the people with integrity, you usually value the time of others. While some people are more selfish and want things done quickly, you are patient. You also make sure beforehand that the people you ask for help are not busy with their own priorities. This is an important trait considering time is so fleeting and valuable. And you are thankful for this time you borrowed, and you generally try to help sometime in the future, in return for the time you used before. In short, a person with integrity is truly a thankful and considerate person. You know, I have known individuals who’d rather have their toe cut off than to apologize for the wrong they’ve done. I am serious. And yes, I used to have a hard time saying I’m sorry myself, but I think I’ve gotten a bit better. Followers of consistent integrity have no problem what so ever with apologizing for something they’ve done. In fact, even if you never quite understand the situation, you may still apologize. Going a little farther, did you know that you will even say sorry when you know it wasn’t your fault, simply because you value friendship more than being right. I bet you understand exactly what I am saying. Sometimes I hate intuition because it reveals negative things about the ones I love, and unfortunately, I can be harsh on them for their struggles. People with integrity are a little different than that.

They also have a strong intuition. If you are a really powerful one, you are easy to forgive and be understanding about the weaknesses of others. Hey, I’m still working on it. I promise you will know that you have a lot of integrity if you are like this and still able to let things go easily. However, take care not to let others take advantage of you and your integrity. People with integrity view kindness as a valuable trait. To you, nothing makes more sense than to just be good to someone for no reason at all. Even if another is sour towards you or has a bad mindset on life, you will find a way to see the positive aspects of their life and still show kindness. This doesn’t mean you are weak, no indeed, it just means that you are strong enough to bypass getting angry and disliking people, and you can easily turn the other cheek. If you are a person who tries to live a life of integrity, then most anyone can trust you. You can be told secrets in confidence, you can be dependable to fulfill a need, and you can be trusted to never abandon those who love you. Trust is a strong point when it comes to building your new mindset of goodness and honesty. Trust shows others your golden personality, a personality that never changes no matter where you go. It just fits right into the equation. Do you know any of those people who steal ideas and suggestions? I am close to one of those and it irritates me to no end. I have even taught people things and given them advice, just to have them tell others and claim these ideas were their own. Well, people with integrity don’t do that.

They simply give credit to who it’s due. If you have a friend who did something good, then your integrity coaxes you to praise them without jealous feelings. You can showcase others instead of yourself without getting angry or bitter. It’s just another powerful side of your character. If you do make a mistake and hurt a person with integrity, they are quick to forgive, as I stated before. What’s more, they tend to give second chances to those who’ve wronged them. If you are full of this wonderful trait, then you already know how often you’ve given chances to others. Although this world may be full of individuals who seem to have used up all their chances, you still manage to offer them up as if giving a part of your good heart. I love this trait, and I believe this is one that will ultimately change many people for the better. Having integrity is not something you keep in equal balance all the time. It takes work to stay this way.

There will be days where you feel like you cannot give as much as other times.

Then there may be days when you feel like you can give double portions. Integrity is something you have to work on every single day in order to retain a powerful trait. And people with integrity know this. So, don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t where you want to be in life. Don’t let the harsh criticism of others make you feel less than good enough either. If you’re trying to be better and do better in life, then you are one step ahead of those who aren’t trying at all. After all, there are some who are satisfied with running a race to possess as much as possible, and to be the best materialistically, and this is not at all what life is all about. Being in the spotlight is overrated, trust me. If you aren’t full of integrity, don’t worry. All it takes is practice and love. Over time, you will grow stronger about who you are, and have the maturity to understand this. Sign up to our list of over 50,000 subscribers and get thought-provoking updates to your inbox! *We respect your privacy and promise we will never spam you with unwanted emails. .

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