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12 things Liz Truss should do to fix the UK

Here is a quick shot at my ideas.

12 things Liz Truss should do to fix the UK

None of which I imagine will ever be implemented. Can you do better? I wish the PM every success in fixing what is broken for the benefit of all the people of the UK.

By a concerned reader

1. Abolish SAGE, JCVI, SPI-M-O, SPI-B, NICE, MHRA and all other medical QUANGOs. Sack the entire NHS administration of every hospital and abolish PHE. They have all have failed the people of this country. Hand control of all medical protocols and hospital finances back to the doctors and nurses and medical researchers from whom it was taken by Margaret Thatcher on the advice of a director of Sainsbury’s (Roy Griffiths) in 1983. I am sure he was a very effective grocer but…

2. Take the administration of all road and rail transport away from every local authority and make ONE exclusive national authority for all road and rail transport and parking matters. Transport should be the same in every borough. It is NOT a local phenomenon by definition. Get some of the formula one teams to develop a really efficient 10 kW petrol generator and a small 10 kW 98% efficient electric motor/regenerative brake and use 2 motors one petrol generator and one 10kWhr battery pack to make a highly efficient, very compact, but not particularly powerful hybrid drive train and fit this into all road cars which do not truly achieve 60 mpg in city driving and 80 mpg in motorway driving 

3. Treat the Woke cult in precisely the same way that Christian churches are treated. The two are just mirror images of each other. There should be no secular bias in either direction. Permit them both. Favour neither one of them. 

4. Criminalise the teaching or promoting of anything to do with sex to minors. Withdraw all funding and accreditation from any school college or university which attempts to force any political, religious, woke, racial, philosophical, or sexual preference on its pupils except in optional courses expressly for that purpose. Force all commercial and public sector outfits to compensate people who are cancelled or sacked because they admit or express a certain opinion with a severance payment equal to the total salary they have earned from that outfit during the last 3 years. 

5. Decriminalise hate. It is an emotion to be felt not a crime to be policed. Decriminalise those who cause offence. It is a necessary part of life and of free speech. Instruct the police to go back to targeting real crime not political crime or emotional feelings or sins according to the woke cult..

6. Rebuild the manufacturing base that Margaret Thatcher destroyed. If/when we get into a war with the Chinese, we will not by able to buy anything from them anymore. We therefore must manufacture all essential items here in the UK from UK resources or we are a sitting duck in that war. Transfer people out of the public sector into essential manufacturing to achieve this. 

7. Provide 100% employment opportunity to everyone by offering every small company one employee on benefits each (or perhaps one per 10 employees) paid for entirely by the government for the 1st year. Then 75% for the next year, then 50% for the next year. Take the unemployed off their sofas and give them to small companies at no cost to the company. The government never does anything for small companies and yet they drive the economy. Do not have them work for the state. Do not have them sit at home. Have them work for start ups and smaller companies, paid for by the state.

8.  Force Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc,  to stop censoring and to provide plain search results which have no medical, scientific, political or religious bias, by requiring them by law to put up a landing page for UK IPs saying something like:

HM Government has evidence that this company is administrated by politically active people with an undisclosed agenda. They label true information as false. They censor, remove and bury true information for political purposes. They persecute subscribers who do not share their particular political view. All of their assessments as to what is true or false are nothing more than valueless politics. Do you understand the dangers you are facing by continuing to interact with this corporation?

YES continue NO go back.

Here are some alternatives (which the government should fund if necessary) which offer a better approximation to uncensored plain searches etc.: LYCOS, Duckduckgo, Bitchute, Truth Social etc.

9. .Abolish all UK nuclear weapons. They are the precise opposite of smart bombs. They are suicide bombs. Lead by example, But continue to support Ukraine not to invade Russia but to defend its own sovereign territory honouring our commitment in the Budapest memorandum of December 5. 1994 when Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons in return for security guarantees from the UK, the US and Russia. Rebuild the Armed forces with some of the savings from abolishing the nuclear weapons. We should have purchased the YF23 from Northrop Grumman McDonnell Douglas when the US military went for the F22 and then the F35. Develop a cheap but effective 6th generation fighter or join the Japanese initiative to update the YF23. Stop buying sitting duck aircraft carriers. Loads of supersonic/hypersonic missiles in nuclear powered subs are a better solution. 

10. Ban the entire public sector from charging for any service they provide. And ban them from undertaking or partnering with any form of private sector activity such as property development. Let them concentrate on providing the services they are paid to provide with the taxes they receive, rather than saying: Thanks so much for the tax guys. But now that we have it, we are going to spend all day long not providing the services you just have paid for, but instead leveraging public sector power to compete unfairly with the private sector to earn even more money for ourselves. No more Council-Burger type businesses.

11. Terminate all Intelligence service influence over the mainstream media, over the internet, over healthcare policy and over financial transactions. They are servants not masters. Nobody elected them. They are spies not journalists. Abolish 2-factor ID. It will be used by the globalists to control all financial transactions. Limit Intelligence operations to military and UK terrorist attack threats only.

Specifically exclude political, environmental, religious and other activists unless they are a violent physical threat. Open up 25% of BBC programming in prime and non-prime time slots to give a platform to alternative media such as the Expose – covering the entire spectrum of political, scientific, philosophical, cultural and religious views. It is supposed to represent the entire country not merely its board of left-wing historically paedophile-friendly governors.

12. Remove the power of parliament to give away any aspect of UK sovereignty to any foreign or domestic group. Trade treaties yes. Political or sovereignty devolution of any type no. Globalism no. European Union no. International tax no.

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