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4 Reasons Blunt People Are the Greatest Folks You Will Ever Meet

Every blunt person knows that there is a fine line between brutal honesty and being direct.

4 Reasons Blunt People Are the Greatest Folks You Will Ever Meet

Sometimes it can be difficult being the candid friend in your social circle, as you might find it hard to reign in your communications for fear of causing upset. However, your direct nature might just be your secret superpower! Let’s look at the qualities of blunt people and the value they bring to their relationships. A blunt friend won’t sugar coat their advice, and you know they mean it when they pay you a compliment. You will find this type of friend to be loyal, trustworthy, and never to hold back, whether sharing their opinion, defending you, or discussing their views. Many relationships revolve around unspoken truths or challenging areas that are left ignored. This can build up over time and cause underlying tensions or resentments. If you have a relationship with a blunt person, you won’t experience anything like this. A direct friend will air their feelings, get it all out into the open, and clear up any misunderstandings.

They are not afraid of conflict, but more importantly, do not shy away from being straightforward. Have you ever had a friend or a partner with whom you weren’t sure where you stood? Or have you known somebody who keeps their feelings so close to their chest it is hard to move the relationship forward? People with blunt personalities never hesitate to let you know where you stand. This might be in telling you just how much you mean to them, or sharing their life plans and where they see the future heading. A blunt friend or partner is open, direct, and honest, so you will never be left wondering. Another positive power of blunt people is their efficiency.

They don’t beat around the bush, don’t hesitate to say what is on their mind, and don’t waste time on relationships or projects where they see no future. So, now we have established what it means to be direct and the personality traits you might recognize in yourself or blunt people in your life. How can we develop those characteristics to shape their positivity further? If you are very direct, you will know that this sometimes takes people aback. In polite society, a lot of people don’t engage openly with their feelings and temper their criticisms to be gentler. A blunt person often finds himself or herself causing upset without intending to, or losing friends who react badly to their direct style of communication. Here are some ways to use your blunt personality for good: They sure can – and once you have become used to their characteristics, you are likely to see how positive these can be! Blunt people make incredible partners and friends, and here are some of the reasons why: While there is a fine line between being direct and being too personal, blunt people make excellent friends and partners, with an honest and open approach to every aspect of their relationships. If you like to be able to speak what is on your mind and would like your partner or friend to do the same, a blunt person is who you need to have on your team. References: Sign up to our list of over 50,000 subscribers and get thought-provoking updates to your inbox! *We respect your privacy and promise we will never spam you with unwanted emails. .

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