A Change in One is a Change in All

It isn’t about conditional peace, external satisfaction or any form of mental blinder, but of healing ourselves within, of consciously choosing to evolve and embody this new consciousness by stepping into the magnificent essence of who we truly are, instead of being held back by any beliefs and archaic concepts that are holding these controlling and destructive structures in place. I believe it would be very beneficial to understand that our own consciousness vibrationally affects the collective consciousness, and that evolving and creating change is not achieved by getting caught up in fear or anger due to the circumstances we are in -after all it is consciousness that mirrors reality, not to mention that we have chosen as souls to incarnate and experience these challenges and are still evolving from them. Being in a state of true inner-peace shouldn’t be misunderstood as an avoidance of what’s at hand both in our personal lives and on a collective scale, but begins simply with the shifting of our own dualistic consciousness, towards the Heart’s consciousness. Living from the Heart automatically makes us live more intelligently, makes our actions and words more conscious, and makes our presence uplifting and liberating to others rather than suppressive, creating openings of awareness and encouraging change rather than enforcing judgmental mindsets. What is needed is merely a shift from the ego’s limitative awareness towards uncovering the Heart’s intuitive awareness, which is of limitless potential. Such an evolution of consciousness begins with the individual, for each and everyone of us are directly connected with and impact the collective consciousness. When we understand that our reality is frequency-based, all begins to make more sense. I believe that to truly be Change is not about embodying the mind’s red alert, but begins with embodying the liberating frequency of the balanced world we wish to create. And to truly heal ourselves and move beyond the limitations of our ego is up to us to decide in the end, no matter how personally challenging it may seem. When in a state of Peace that’s in tune with the higher awareness of our Soul, rather than reliant on external stability and in perpetual judgment, we are very much less likely to be stopped in our conscious creations and evolution. It is simply time to be ourselves and to let go of all beliefs that stem from an exaggerated and illusionary sense of neediness and victimhood, which is what our current system and structures are feeding into in order to remain in control. We have much more control over our experienced reality simply with our inner-state than what we’ve been led to believe. When we see the world going backwards, it is merely an indication to look at ourselves.

The more we begin to live in accord with this natural principle, the more we create and experience peace. .

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