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A Comprehensive Guide To Agenda 2030

The real story behind the widespread Environmental Concern, Communitarianism, Sustainable Development and other buzz words like Circular Economy, Ecology and social Equity.

A Comprehensive Guide To Agenda 2030

In the following talk from Rosa Koire, she presents what her book "Behind The Green Mask" is about - Koire explains without complexity - the sensitive dangers to human rights that the policies behind the 2030 Agenda (previously known as Agenda 2021) and unveils the nature of authoritarian, close to tyrannic nature of those policies covered up by attractive and fancy names like the following:

Smart Cities & Relocating Populations

Public Private Partnerships

Non-Governmental Organizations and other unelected, unaccountable Councils to have a determinant drive into the creation and enforcement of Policies and Recommendations that elected Governments have to implement and legislate in other to be enforced. It is sort of a system for consistent Governance enforcement.


The Standardisation of All Systems & The Process of Developing World Wide

Manufactured Consensus, Indoctrination, Life-long-learning (as life long indoctrination), educate/indoctrinate the populous to accept policies approved by consensus. Smart Growth, the stacking of apartments, the access to cars, electric mobility, etc.

Uniformity Surveillance, Monitoring & Control of All Living Beings, Nature & Land

The Restriction of Movement, The Loss of Personal Property Rights & Freedom

The agenda behind the push of Electric Vehicles we all know they suddenly set of fire, we all know are not environmentally sustainable (need lithium to fill 500Kg batteries which have a maximum life expectancy of 10 years), the 15 minutes cities movement, where basically you have to ask for permission or authorisation from the City Council to drive to the next neighbourhood...

The Corporations, Organizations & Players Involved


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