A Great Healing
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A Great Healing

There is an energy taking place that will effect everyone on this planet..
A Great Healing

The celestial planetary energy’s that are occurring at this moment, in this time are developing an energy field around the planet. One of wholeness, an embrace of everything and everyone, a connection. This energy field is to establish a new control center, a new way of living and being . It will be a contrast from the conflict, war and fear based corruption that is currently in place.

The major change is happening because the center is changing, the concept of a polar shift is one that allows for people to understand the electro magnetics of the energies within the earth.

The core of the earth is the focus, as it is in deep contrast with the wars and corruption taking place on the planet right now, the disruption in the world is showing because the desire has always been for harmony and peace. Harmony through conflict is what this world has been built upon, we are now at critical mass and the earth must correct itself. Energies here are awakening now as the time is near. This is why New Ageism, Mother Gaia and Oneness are all becoming so mainstream. Namaste is almost the new western greeting, literally translated into “I bow to you”. What this means is people are embracing the feminine soft loving side. “I bow” meaning, move out of the way, get under, submit, conform, show respect. Not to just the yoga teacher but to themselves and earth itself. You can see it happening all around the world.

The current time is in alignment with the celestial bodies that are bringing forth the openings of the star gates and the doorways for transformational energies. We are past the mid point.

The understanding of knowing who you are and what you are to become is manifested as social changes that are being brought into the world. This is a time when the world needs to directly face the shifting of energy bringing us into a new age of action and transformation. No one is doing all this to us, we are doing it to ourselves collectively in order to make way for the new. From the chaos of the Piscean eclipse and the Aryan influx of chaotic inspiration and ungrounded action there is a great awakening into stability and a want for a reconnection and a grounding of the planet. As we move from the Piscean age of mystery and confusion of saviors and sacrifice and pain, the truth unfolds. We are seeing a great healing come forth, the way showers are coming forth in between these two full moons as they are seeing that they are the leaders and the teachers.

They know the path and are the ones to help bring forth this new energy. Disciplined and clear in their intent they do not follow they lead, they speak forth and show the way, bringing into power who they are, working through love and oneness they are in compatibility with other souls that have come forth to do the same. A way will be made seemingly out of no way. Hold true to yourself and let go of the dying world around you. It is time to embrace a new earth and a new reality.

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