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Hope: President Barack Obama’s Musical Gets Critical Acclaim

“Hope” is a musical production currently on stage in Germany.“Hope” is getting much critical acclaim and has been featured on international news.It seems that Mr.Obama’s fame has spread far and wide.

Hope: President Barack Obama’s Musical Gets Critical Acclaim

de. “Hope” The Obama Musical chronicles Barack Obamas rise to the White House. Actors fill the roles of Sarah Palin, John McCain, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and a host of others. Some may see this as some sort for fascist propaganda straight out of Hitler’s Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Soviet Union. This musical shows the desperate measures the elite have gone to in trying to rally the world behind President Obama. Celebrity holds more power over people than any politician or campaign. This is why Mr. Obama, the teleprompter reading puppet is being painted as such a celebrity worldwide.

The people need something to believe in and hope is the ultimate message to hold on to.

The word hope cuts through all races, all cultures, all creeds. Everyone on the planet hopes for a better day, hopes for a new way of living, yet very few take action themselves to change anything. This is why Obama’s campaign slogans were “yes we can” “hope” and “change.” Those words and phrases are strategically in place to hook the public into thinking Obama is some kind of savior. It is a play on words and requires an apathetic public in order to succeed. “Hope” The Obama Musical is just a further example of the dictatorial road we are blindly walking down. I may be mistaken but I have not heard of the George W. Bush musical or the Clinton musical. Why in these times is President Obama being praised with a celebrity like following? There is also another Obama musical called “Obama On My Mind” which follows the story of a bunch of campaign workers, believed to be on stage in London. How far down this corporate media propaganda path are people willing to walk before they turn around and realize they have been duped. Henry Kissinger and the boys run the show. Obama has maxed out American taxpayers, bailed out wall street, sent more troops to Afghanistan and extended American military occupations to Yemen and now Haiti. Barack Obama is not the leader everyone thought he would be and has done little if nothing he said he would do once in office. Obama as they say is the iron fist with a smooth velvet glove. His eloquent speeches and celebrity like status are all part of the show.

The world already has Bono we don’t need Obama lifted to those heights through song and praise, a sock of a leader just doesn’t deserve it. Hope The Musical Website Andre H. Paris .

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