A Limited Experience
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A Limited Experience

On this planet life can seem very intense at times.We go through many ups and downs on the “roller-coaster” of life.
A Limited Experience

. We are taught things by others and have experiences that become very ingrained within our identity of self and shape our perspective on how we view oneself and the reality that we are experiencing. To explain our “perspective” more clearly, I like to call it the awareness and conscious observation in which we use to observe and create our lives here on Earth. To put it very simply, we come to Earth to evolve at the soul level. Within this lifetime we have all chosen, as the souls that we are, to transcend/dissolve the limiting programs and boxes that we have taken on individually and collectively via the ego mind computer. We’ve played in the limiting world of duality long enough and have come to an agreement that it is time to awaken ourselves to full consciousness once again in order to experience universal inter-connected oneness, a limitless world based on love and unity and acceptance of all that is. Living from our hearts and not our minds, where our true soul consciousness lies and from where our soul essence emanates. One might ask, “What are some of these ‘boxes’ and ‘programs’ that we have taken on?” The following are examples of limiting collective and individual “boxes” and belief structures, none of which have to be permanent. We have the power to dissolve them and go beyond them at any given time. We all possess the “Master Key”. After reading each one, ask yourself how these boxes limit the way you experience your life on this planet. See what fear stories run through your mind if you were to choose to go beyond the limitations of any one of them and observe how these fears make you feel. You will see how we are currently living a quite limited experience and how uncomfortable it make us feel at times. – The monetary system and having to accumulate money to survive – The need to eat and sleep to survive within the physicality of the human body computer – Cultural background – Sexual gender – Religious/spiritual beliefs – Relationships of any type – Education system – Law system – Belief of what is right and wrong or good and bad – Occupational standards – Public Image – Energy resources and technologies Does it serve you individually or humanity collectively to hold on to any of these limitations? This is not an article to show you HOW to go beyond them, but one to show you that going beyond them is possible and to make you stop and think and observe them if you were not aware of the limits before hand. Awareness and observation is the first step to seeing what limits you have in your life, going beyond them is the next.

These are just a few examples of very strong belief structures that we have imposed on ourselves which greatly limit our experience here on Earth.

The amount of limiting boxes and the fears that come with them, that we choose to take on, determine how freely we are able to experience each life time from our true soul essence. We all have the choice to go beyond these belief structures and as we each individually dissolve and move beyond them, it allows others to do the same and gradually will become weaker and weaker collectively. This is what is happening right now on the planet with many structures such as the monetary system. People are starting to see through it more and more and as a result it has become very unstable. Imagine a world free of limits, without boundaries, without fear. A world unified in love, where you are able to express and experience anything and everything and have the ability to do as you feel from within your heart to its fullest potential, at all times. Imagine that.

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