A Message of Wisdom: Tom Kenyon Channels The Hathors
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A Message of Wisdom: Tom Kenyon Channels The Hathors

We humanity are embarking on an incredible journey across this planet right now.So many experiences are showing us the true nature of our reality and what is unfolding and taking place at this time.
A Message of Wisdom: Tom Kenyon Channels The Hathors

. We are going through a consciousness shift, meaning we are becoming more aware of who we are, why we are here, and the connection that we all share to all of existence.

There are souls on the planet who have worked on themselves consciously, letting go of emotional memory and energy that blocks our connection to our soul and the universe. Many have activated a level of consciousness beyond our 5 sensory perception in which humanity has limited itself to.

These souls are “channeling”and sharing messages that are being relayed from other dimensions of consciousness within our galaxy and universe.

These beings are benevolent, and wish to assist us in our journey of awakening on Earth.

The time that we are in on this planet is something that has never been experienced before. It’s unprecedented. After reading this message from the Hathors, I felt a deeply strong resonance with the information and felt an activation in my heart and entire physical being. Give it a read and observe what you experience. Play with the meditation and see what the result is. Know that whatever plays out is perfect for us all in what we need to experience at any moment. I extend my love and light to you all, we are interconnected through oneness