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A Starry New Year: January Horoscopes 2022

January is a month of new beginnings and renewal.

A Starry New Year: January Horoscopes 2022

The Sun is in the powerful earth sign of Capricorn, providing us with grounding energy. Venus is retrograding in Capricorn till January 29th, holding a mirror for us to reflect on our relationships, money, self-worth, and what we truly value. So it is time to discover your January Horoscopes for 2022! Capricorn is the sign of true inner and outer mastery. Ruled by Saturn, this is the old soul of the zodiac.

The wise one who reaches the top of the highest mountain, by going deep within. This energy asks us to take practical and necessary steps in our personal up-leveling. With Uranus the planet of innovation in the mix we are required to take new steps, moving us out of our comfort zones. This will bring more vitality into our lives. On January 14, Mercury, the planet of technology and communication goes retrograde until February 3 in the sign of both Capricorn and Aquarius. Mercury retrogrades are a pause, not a time to start new things. This is the perfect time to finish projects we already started. Expect people and themes from the past to revisit. We are now being collectively blessed with Jupiter the planet of luck, joy, and abundance re-entering the healing sign Pisces for the next 5 months. This is a powerful and positive shift for the collective, as it will now be moving direct. All things Pisces will now be magnified Imagination, spirituality, creativity, music, compassion, healing, and deeper connection with others. Our intuition and dreaming life will be extra active. Expect to feel more creative, empathic, aligned, and connected to all things mystical. A new cycle of innovation begins in your career sector. Your reputation and long-term goals are being activated. Going inward will allow you to connect with your true calling. This month brings you insight in regards to your self-worth and value. Venus your ruling planet is now retrograde, allowing you to release and heal old limiting beliefs. You are in the process of profound emotional healing. Grief may emerge in relation to past relationships, this will bring a new level of clarity. January puts focus on organizing your financial sector. Deeper intimacy with others is available to you. Allow others to help you. Letting go of any toxicity will allow you to transform your life in a deeper way. Your routines, work, and health are this month’s focus. A new and innovative cycle is starting with the work you do. Mediation, wellness, and holistic healing will elevate your life. Nature is imperative for you. You are in need of fun and creativity. Your inner child is ready to play, allow yourself to let loose. Following your heart’s desires is all you need to do right now to connect to your highest joy. Retreat and rest this month. Being at home and around family can revive you. Waves of nostalgia may wash over you. Revisiting the past helps you put the puzzle pieces together. Decorating, beautifying, and cleaning your home will soothe your spirit. Your mind is more active this month. Communication, learning, and information are highlighted. You may want to take a break from social media, to soothe your nervous system. Downloads from the Universe are highly activated. Are you listening? Your relationship with money and how you value yourself is a theme this month. A new cycle of abundance is yours for the taking. Money is energetic are you ready to call in your financial blessings? Your personal needs are the focus this month. Venus retrograde in your sign reflects how much you truly value yourself. Relationships may be tested, as you re-access if you are getting back what you are giving. It is time to ask for what you want. This month give yourself the solitude and spiritual nourishment you need. Allow yourself to relax and live behind the scenes. Catch up on your sleep, let go of the need to overthink things. A new cycle begins in your social sector. New friendships, collaborations, and networking opportunities are highlighted. Your dreams and wishes for the future are being supported. Let yourself explore new options. Want to align yourself further to the stars and moon? Find products fit for any Sun, Moon, or Rising sign here at The Alchemist’s Kitchen! Yarusha Jimenez began her journey into tarot, astrology, and the occult at a very young age. A truth seeking Sagittarius with her sun in the 8th house , she possesses the deep transformative waters of scorpio, Yarusha has always been guided by her fiery instincts, deep emotion, and psychic abilities. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. Yarusha studied tarot with Lindsay Mack and completed her wild soul education. Yarusha works from her intuition, and creates a space for her clients where they can experience the gift of letting go. She is self-taught in astrology and believes it to be the blueprint of your soul. As she has honored the wisdom of her natal chart and stepped into her charts vibration, she has become a channel who can communicate with guides. To book an astrology or tarot reading with Yarusha visit her at: You can find her instagram at @sistersofeastwick or @yarusha1111.

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