A Truly Beautiful Mind
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A Truly Beautiful Mind

For several months now, if not longer, things blatantly seem to have gotten increasingly intense on the planet.
A Truly Beautiful Mind

It seems that more and more, everyone you talk to is going through some form of a challenge -and in most cases a challenge far more intense then any that they may have experienced in the past. Whether it be in regards to relationships, family dynamics, work, or anything else we tend to occupy a great portion of our life with, something is always pushing a button. I’m also sure that many of you probably find that your mind loves to have a field day in regards to whatever button is being pushed. It may have even been pushed in just the slightest way, but before you know it, your mind has already taken the liberty of relating it to 14 similar past experiences, 3 people that pushed it in the past, and that 1 random thing that always gets you, and you suddenly find yourself on the verge of being an emotional basket-case.

The simple response to this would be to vilify the mind. Blame it for making even the littlest thing into a grand spectacle. Hate it for ruining your dinner plans. Be pissed off that it has made you pissed off while you watch Dancing With the Stars tonight. But stop for a second...what exactly is the mind? Is it really the thing that seems to uncontrollably ruin everything? Is it the database of pain bodies that will forever haunt us? Or is it instead a tool? Something that as villainous as it may seem at times, always plays the perfect role to allow you to bring up and address whatever pain-bodies or stories you have been holding onto. Rather than consume our energy vilifying and fighting with the mind, we instead need to focus on what exactly is it bringing up within us. Address whatever stories it may relate to, or belief systems it might challenge. Truly look and see if holding onto these things will ever bring you peace, or do they instead lead you to feel that peace will only come out of a better reality than what you are currently living. We are all beautiful beings. And every aspect of us, including our mind, is just as beautiful. It simply plays whatever role you need it to in this wonderful thing we call the human experience. .

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