A Young Perspective of What Life is Like in Palestine
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A Young Perspective of What Life is Like in Palestine

Here is a video of a young perspective on living conditions in Palestine.While watching this video see what feelings you get from this.
A Young Perspective of What Life is Like in Palestine

. Definitely this is an experience we have played with for a long time on this planet and certainly we, at the conscious and soul level, all agree that we no longer need to keep having this sort of experience. At the heart level we all can feel that this is not an experience we wish to continue to see on the planet and that’s simply it. But, it’s important to remember, comparing your experience to theirs happens in the mind, feeling guilt or anger happens in the mind. Those thoughts may serve to show what emotions and beliefs we may have inside while viewing the experience, and allow us to detach and move on from them.

The important thing is to remember individual experiences are what they are because that is the chosen experience for that lifetime. We can observe what we see and take that as an experience we all feel we no longer need to have on this planet but beyond that its important to detach from all the beliefs that may go along with seeing any given experience. Is this experience any worse or better than another? No, it’s simply different. This video inspires and motivates us to bring change to this planet because in our hearts we want that change, not because the mind says so, but because we feel it in our heart that this does not need to be this way and can change when we choose. Peace Joe .

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