Absolute Vulnerability
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Absolute Vulnerability

Surrender for once and BE fully who you are, in total transparency, absolute vulnerability, and without any armor.
Absolute Vulnerability

Even in the presence of those who you fear will hurt you, or who have already done so. Once you allow yourself be in this open state, you will soon realise that what felt fearful and hurt was only the armor you were wearing, while underneath it all... there is noBODY to be hurt! Yes, I am implying that YOU don’t exist. In fact, who you truly are is the empty space within and around the armor, and so is everyone else! We are often too busy building up armors and weapons in our minds with the intention of protecting ourselves. Meanwhile, we forget that none of us truly need them, because underneath it all, we are all ONE. We can choose to recognise each other’s roles for the learning experience they provided, drop our weapons and uniforms, and reconnect the peaceful and loving space that unites us all. Or we can continue to see others as separates who are a threat to our own illusion of a separate self. From what awareness do you choose to see and create your reality? “True love simply does not see any fragmentation. It sees and loves the whole because it is the whole looking at itself.” – Scott Kiloby Much Love, Elina .

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