Accepted Limitation 2: Parental Authority
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Accepted Limitation 2: Parental Authority

First allow me to say, anytime we look into any of these structures, the majority of the time those directly “teaching” or handing down lessons are doing it with the most loving intentions.
Accepted Limitation 2: Parental Authority

It is not as if the entire world is out to get us or anything. Sure, at the very top things were tweaked to create these limits but beyond that we are simply “misinformed” by those who have bought into what we are about to buy into. Our parents, in most cases, are a huge part of who we become as we grow up and have always had the greatest intentions for us. We usually look up to them as an authority figure and take their word as truth.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using our parents as a figure for growth, a point to reference in achieving what we wish to achieve, and creating a moral construct based on what they have taught us. This is not so much what I wish to discuss, it’s more so, I wish to create an awareness. I want us simply realize, our parents are souls, who came together with us in a temporary passing for growth. Realizing that, they are no more important a soul than we are, they are not more powerful, they do not “know” more, they have no authority over us. Simply, everything they have shared is from their experience, its information and thoughts they have gathered up to the point when they decided to share them with us. Again I want to stress this is not a time for blame or bashing, nor am I saying the intentions are not loving, its just that we have to look back to how we have been conditioned, and understand that the world we were taught to see doesn’t necessarily mean that is the only world that exists.

The filter we have generated based on what we have been taught by our parents is simply that – a filter. Remembering that at any time we can remove this filter, step out of the old box and experience something beyond what we have been told. If we look back to the perpetual cycle of generations teaching generations, we see a circle, one we have played with for a very long time.

The parent has the child, the parent tells the child how it is, the child does what the parent says usually out of fear, guilt or “respect,” and then the child grows up only to repeat the cycle over again. This goes on for generations simply because we have had a lack of awareness in seeing beyond the fact that it is simply a cycle, a box and limitation that is being set up. How many times have we heard a parent say “That’s the way I did it when I was younger and you should do the same!!” or “If you respect me, you WILL do this!” Often times its not realized but, parents are choosing to use fear and guilt to teach their kids the lessons THEY want them to learn. It should be clear at this point that that method will lead to exactly what we have been playing with for many generations. While this isn’t right or wrong, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are at a point where we are asking and being asked to step out of the accepted limitations we have bought into for so long, and experience some new, something different. It’s also important to note that the teachings of our parents come from two experiences, that of the mother and that of the father. Looking at it from the point of view that each of their experiences is their own and not yours, you can choose to understand that you do not need to have the same experiences as them, nor are their experiences right or wrong, they simply ARE. From there, we can remove the judgment filter of each experience, remove the fear of needing to do what they say, remove the veils that have been set up by them and appreciate the growth the family structure has given us to this point. We can then freely step out and be who we are and who we wish to be, while co-existing with others around us. No fear, no guilt, no suffering. If anything is taken away from this post, I intend it to be this – we do not have to do, be or act the way we have been taught by our parents. Not that what they taught is right or wrong but simply that it’s ONE or TWO experiences that we are hearing about.

They cannot teach us “the way it is” because there is no ONE WAY. This planet, including us, is filled with unlimited potentiality, it is only capped by ourselves and what we choose to buy into as “the way it is.” Play with it, observe some of the mindsets you have accepted from your parents and see if this resonates with you. Have you accepted things as absolute truth because your parents said it and are now realizing that it is just ONE experience? The demand for Collective Evolution's content is bigger than ever, except ad agencies and social media keep cutting our revenues. This is making it hard for us to continue. In order to stay truly independent, we need your help. We are not going to put up paywalls on this website, as we want to get our info out far and wide. .

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