Addressing Common Questions: What is the Purpose of The Consciousness Shift on Earth?
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Addressing Common Questions: What is the Purpose of The Consciousness Shift on Earth?

Addressing Common Questions: What is the Purpose of The Consciousness Shift on Earth?

What is the Purpose of The Consciousness Shift on Earth? This is a question that is asked by many and although we have shared this message throughout our work, I felt guided to give clarity once again as simply as possible for everyone to understand. I also would like to address some other popular questions that often present.

The purpose of the shift is to re-awaken ourselves in order to shift the collective consciousness of the planet out of an ego driven state into a fully connected oneness consciousness. What is Oneness Consciousness? Oneness consciousness is a state of consciousness where we will have removed all veils, blockages, definitions, judgements, categorizations, etc that create an illusory perception of who we are and the way of the world. It is a full integration of mind, body and soul connecting the three levels of consciousness within the Earth realm. Conscious mind, Sub-conscious mind and Super-conscious mind/higher self/soul. To reach this state, we have to see the truth that we are not the false self, the Ego, that has become so engrained through heavy and dense programming on this planet.

The truth is that we are Light Beings with a natural vibration of Peace and there is absolutely nothing to fear, EVER.

The concept of Love is everything that we create. Our creative expression is done through love for the whole of all existence. Love is the projection of our imagination. What we call darkness or things that we may judge or fear, this is still Love as it is just another facet of our Light creation. A creation that has served so beautifully for the group of souls that are currently experiencing within the Earth realm. Oneness consciousness will be reached when we see beyond fear and separation and all the stories that come along with them. We will shift to an experience where our soul will be “in the drivers seat” so to speak, being the full conscious observer of what we are experiencing. Currently, the majority of humanity operates through EGO consciousness. A consciousness that is built to reject and protect us from love by creating stories of fear.

The EGO operates solely through fear. We have become identified with this fear as being who we are and thus remain enslaved to a mere program of the human mind computer. Many of us cannot see through or outside of this “box” and do not realize we are the awareness behind the program. We do all hold the awareness to be able to see through it and there are various degrees as to what level of awareness each soul has. Raising this awareness to become conscious of the real you, a creator soul, infinite potentiality, is the challenge to be met. We’re here to remember who we are as souls/Prime Creator, so that we can create a grander more expanded experience on Earth without any limits. Why do we want to do this? Not only have we been repeating the same level of consciousness and programs over and over for thousands of years, we have gotten to a state where it is so limiting that it’s extremely difficult to grow and evolve at the soul level. We have simply outgrown playing with darkness. It is now time to graduate from fear and separation. To quote Franco DeNicola, “It’s time to take the training wheels off and fly!” What will the future look like after the shift? Now, this is a frequent question posed by many. At times it can be a question triggered by fear of the unknown or fear of what the future will look like because we are still stuck in survival mode. We can talk about glimpses of the future and what it will look like but in reality, the future doesn’t exist yet.

The future is created moment by moment through the choices that we make and the energy that we choose to play in at each moment. What the future of Earth will look like and how human society will function is entirely up to us and what we choose to experience.

The only thing that I can guarantee you at this point is that for those of us who choose to re-awaken, the way we see and feel about the world now will be totally different.

The end of 2012 will bring about a rise in planetary frequency and a shift in all souls who choose to align themselves with this frequency. We are in an absolutely amazing time and things are going to become very exciting as things unfold beautifully and perfectly for all of us. It will be exactly what we need to experience! If you have any further questions regarding this information or personal experiences and feel you are looking for guidance or clarity, please feel free to contact me at or message the entire CE Team at With Great Love, Matthew .

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