Alien-Like Skulls Found in Mexico
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Alien-Like Skulls Found in Mexico

Mexico is a hot spot for alien activity and extraterrestrials have been a part of their culture for many years.
Alien-Like Skulls Found in Mexico

This is why it is less of a surprise to hear that 13 otherworldly skulls were discovered in Mexico in 1999.

The bones discovered are believed to be about 1000 years old. The skulls were discovered when crews were digging an irrigation ditch in the Sonora Desert in northwestern Mexico.

The ancient cemetery was home to 25 skulls total. Of those 25, 12 were human and 13 had a very distinct alien feel to them. Recently, analysis of the remains revealed something very interesting about the skulls. Over the past decade, these skulls have been a huge topic of discussion amongst the archeologist world, and last month researchers finally completed their analysis of the remains which revealed that these skulls may not be alien. While this news might be disappointing to some, there are still many interesting factors about the skulls that could lead to an alien link. Of the skulls analyzed, 17 of them were children under the age of sixteen and only one of them was a woman. Many of the skulls were found buried with shells and other ornaments that were collected from the Gulf of California. 5 of the skulls had their teeth filed in very odd patterns and perhaps the strangest fact of all was a large number of these skulls were even elongated. Although there are cultures who have experimented with cranial deformation in the past, it was never seen or recorded in Mexico prior to this time. Most cases occurred much further south than Mexico. “The reason why these individuals at El Cementerio deformed their skulls is still unknown.” Archeologist Cristina García Moreno Even though the skulls are linked to humans, there may still very well be an ET link. You might be wondering at this point; what is the ET connection? Many believe and have documented that ancient discoveries and art reveal a connection between mayans and aliens. If the mayans of that time did in fact have alien contact, they may very well have gotten the idea of the head shape revealed in these skulls from the ET’s. Documentary filmmaker Juan Carlos Rulfo has presented the world with alien codices and 3,000 year old launch pads in the jungles of the Yucatan. If it is in fact true that these skulls reveal a link to ancient aliens, the visitation of extraterrestrials in ancient times may be far more frequent than believed by mainstream science. .

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