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All illusions must be abandoned; the time for heroes is knocking at the door, says former Moldovan MP

All illusions must be abandoned; the time for heroes is knocking at the door, says former Moldovan MP

Despite major conflicts between various countries, they are all submissively following the same globalist agenda – the Great Reset, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN.

The above is the subject of an essay written in May by Moldovan journalist Iurie Rosca, whose work has focused on exposing Western infiltration of the ex-Soviet world while highlighting the dangers awaiting us all as American hegemony is replaced by global technocracy based on the Chinese model.

Before entering journalism and publishing, Rosca led Moldova’s Christian Democratic People’s Party and served as an MP in his nation’s parliament for four terms between 1994-2005. He was twice appointed Deputy Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament and served as Deputy Prime Minister for Security Agencies.

He ran several websites that were shut down in March 2022 by orders of Moldova’s Security and Information Service. He currently curates a popular Telegram channel where he publishes texts and videos translated into several languages. Rosca is also the author of several books in Romanian, Russian and French.

Yesterday, Edward Slavsquat published an interview with Rosca titled ‘The fall from liberalism to global technocracy’.  You can read the interview HERE.

Rosca’s latest essay, ‘Coming Soon: The Apocalyptic Phase of Technocracy and Transhumanism’, was published by Technocracy News last month.   The month before, on 11 May, he published an interesting essay titled ‘How to overcome the paradigmatic deadlock’ which we have summarised below.

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The following are edited extracts from Rosca’s essay ‘How to overcome the paradigmatic deadlock’. 

Rosca has tried to point out that at the moment, despite major conflicts between various countries, they are all submissively following the same globalist agenda. At a recent international conference on multipolarity, he mentioned that it is about what is called the Great Reset, Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, adopted by the UN. And if all countries, without exception, follow the same agenda, the result that will be reached will be the same for all mankind – that is the disappearance of any collective religious, civilisational and cultural identity particularities.

It is about the far-reaching program of the globalist elites which boils down to only two priorities: DEPOPULATION and CONTROL. And the means to achieve these demonic goals are those provided by techno-science. It is about the complex phenomenon of the destruction of man as a divine creation or, for those who do not subscribe to any religious faith, of natural man as he has existed throughout history.

The devastating cultural war, the breaking down of moral codes, the dynamiting of traditions and the rapid homogenisation of the world we are currently experiencing are taking on colossal rhythms and proportions. And this type of generalised and omnipresent identity aggression cannot be opposed only by economic, technological and military methods available to states who raise claims to form independent geopolitical poles.

Additionally, today the states of the world no longer represent independent international actors.  Transnational corporations have decidedly subordinated their states, and the economic has taken control over the political. It is a truism known for several decades. Under these conditions, overestimating the role of statesmen in key positions is a regrettable overstatement. And if states have become empty shells, manipulated by some private groups, to what extent can we ignore another problem, well known in Modernity? It is about the paradigm of democracy that triumphed after the French Revolution.

Under the conditions of today’s technological achievements and the impact of mass media on the collective mind, the liberal ideology based on parliamentarism, pluripartism, electoralism and the religion of human rights represents only a major illusion cultivated by the globalist elites. Currently, mind control, behaviour shaping and perception management techniques allow the supposedly democratic system to function without deviations in the interest of the satanised elites.

The occult circles that hide behind organisations such as the World Economic Forum, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, etc.  – and which operate through official international bodies such as the United Nations, European Union, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, etc. – boast some instruments of domination, in front of which no state is able to resist.

Liberal political theory has fulfilled its nefarious historical function, being abandoned at present by the globalist elites who have used it to dominate the masses, seize the world’s wealth, subjugate their states and concentrate all political power on the world scale. The globalist elites no longer need its theoretical tools nor its political-legal and economic manifestation.

Currently, the globalist oligarchy or world superclass is approaching the complete fulfilment of its strategy of enslavement and control. Plutocracy (government by the wealthy) establishes an absolute world tyranny with another name – Technocracy. Big Money secures its world domination through Big Tech. The triumph of economic ideology is succeeded by the triumph of technocratic ideology.

A complementary reality to the one described above is called Transhumanism. No country in the world seems to be able to withstand this danger to the very existence of mankind. On the contrary, the technophilia and enchantment caused by the emergence of artificial intelligence, as well as the total digitisation of the world, have gripped the masses and rulers alike.

Too many are wrongly celebrating China’s rise to the world stage as the undisputed economic and technological leader. Remember, the One Belt One Road is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government in 2013 aiming to invest in more than 150 states out of the existing 193.  Why then is unipolarity under the American baton challenged and the Chinese version applauded?

It would be appropriate here to remember the strategy of the globalist elites to deindustrialise Western countries and to transform China not only into the “factory of the world” but also into a pilot project, a model of society that would be imposed on all states.  It would be good to refresh our memory on the role of Henry Kissinger – his July 1971 visit to Beijing – to better understand what factors ensured China’s economic and technological leap. To ignore the fact that Satanic elites have long-standing strategies, as well as the fact that they are essentially stateless, exercising their world domination as extraterritorial entities, would be a regrettable error. China is a tool of the same globalist elites that stood behind the British Empire and, after the Second World War, behind the USA.

Activists for multipolarity are by definition sovereigntists, oppose foreign domination and aspire to restore the independence of their own countries. Under these conditions, the rejection of economic colonialism should be a key element of an anti-globalist’s thinking and action. Those in the 18th and 19th centuries who were opposed to British imperialism manifested in the framework of the free trade regime.  Should modern-day Patriots not worry about Chinese economic imperialism imposing itself through the same free trade regime?

It is known that the political dominance of a country is preceded and accompanied by its economic dominance.  Let’s face it, being an opponent of American unipolarity and at the same time, a supporter of Chinese unipolarity is evidence of a worrying naivety.  Also let’s not forget, currently, China is the golden dream of any dictator in history.

If the Chinese aspire to make 150 countries happy through their economic presence, it implicitly follows that all of them will accept the ungrateful role of China’s “banana republics.” The rest of the world would only provide the Chinese world giant with raw materials, markets and possibly manpower. In these conditions, how much room is left for our aspirations towards a multipolar world order?

Let us remember that world governance is carried out unhindered using puppet governments subordinate to the Luciferian elites. And the succession in government does not bring any substantial change, serving only as a setting for this sinister spectacle. The political spectrum in all countries with liberal democracies has definitely become uniform. The political class is hostage to the same dominant paradigm. The subordination of all world governments to the UN and its agencies (WHO, WTO, UNDP, UNICEF, etc.) as an expression of the World Government is obvious to any careful observer.

So, what can we do? 

All illusions must be abandoned. Any attempt to sugarcoat reality and avoid the risks of direct confrontations with governments enslaved to globalist command centres can be fatal for the entire world.  The time of merchants and the petty-bourgeois spirit must remain in the past. The time of heroes is knocking at the door. Today’s generation bears the mission to become the gravedigger of globalist capitalism and also of demonic technocracy.

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