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Dutch government declares a state of emergency to stop farmer protest

Dutch government declares a state of emergency to stop farmer protest

The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government, declared a state of emergency to prevent farmers from driving their tractors into the city to protest the government’s mandatory fertilizer reduction targets. 

The organisers of Thursday’s protest, the Farmers Defence Force, said the state of emergency was a way to quash their democratic rights and freedom of assembly.

Read more: The Hague declares a state of emergency to stop Dutch farmer protests, The Counter Signal, 29 June 2023

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On Tuesday, Dutch Farmer Jolanda Nooijers explained why she would be joining the protest.

On Thursday, Dutch farmers decided to make their way to The Hague to protest regardless of the state of emergency.

However, When the tractors arrived, they were redirected to a parking lot by police and so could not reach The Hague.  In other words, protestors were denied access to The Hague, and so their right to protest, by police.

Last Tuesday, the Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy, Rob Jetten, when presenting his latest climate package to Parliament said that with an investment of 28 billion euros, there could be 80 gigatons less CO2 and would reduce the global temperature by 0.00036 degrees Celsius.

“The Netherlands has for years missed its climate goals. Now it’s time for a great leap forward,” Jetten said, calling the package “ambitious.” He presented 120 different measures which he said would make sure CO2 emissions in the Netherlands will be 55 per cent lower than in 1990 by 2030.

The Dutch government can reportedly spend 28 billion euros to reduce the temperature on Earth by 0.000036 degrees. This would mean that each resident would have to contribute about 1,647 euros and a family of four about 6,588 euros., News Facts reported.

As a reminder why the Dutch government would spend so much and yet admit so little could be gained as would be negligible, in July 2022, Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore explained how unelected globalists, including Klaus Schwab and the United Nations, are using the climate scam as an excuse to cut off fossil fuels and nitrogen fertiliser, to deliberately depopulate the planet.

In a broad-ranging discussion including whether the earth is headed for another ice age, the maximum number of people the globe can handle, what would happen if the population were to double in size, whether our presidents and world “leaders” care about the future or just their time in office and the importance of sustainable energy, Dr. Moore said:

“Carbon dioxide [and] temperature [ ] are actually slightly negatively correlated in the long historical record. In other words, it is not a cause-effect relationship … There is no historical relationship between the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and the temperature of the earth … The climate has changed long before humans could have been any factor in it.  It’s been changing all through the history of the earth.

“Nitrogen fertilizer [ ] used in the world’s agriculture today [ ] results in at least a doubling of crop production … we see … Sri Lanka banning nitrogen fertilizer and the Netherlands now basically banning much of the nitrogen fertilizer and this is the biggest threat we have right now to an immediate starvation situation in the world … The reason it’s self-inflicted, this food shortage … [is] 70 per cent of the air is nitrogen.  We could take nitrogen out of the air for the next million years and make fertilizer because it all goes back into the air again eventually, the same with the carbon dioxide.

“When climate change first came up as an issue, I realised that we were being duped and it was all about money … These powerful elites, like Schwab and on down, they want control of the world. They want control of everybody. Now what do they want? They want fewer people.”

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