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The Alternative Social Networks

The recent pandemic has shown hidden faces of so many companies and governments. Media and social companies have too many interests, making it difficult to allow free speech.

The Alternative Social Networks

The events that took place during the last weekend (January 9th - 10th, 2021) in United States have shown us the scary reality regarding the power that big tech companies have over the people's freedom of speech.

The president of United States of America, regardless he is a Democrat or a Republican is a figure that stands for the principles of freedom and equality in which the republic of United States was found.

It has arrived the time where private driven companies, driven by people who has no need of positive feedback from a society to keep on their positions of power. It has arrived the time in which tens of thousands of user accounts can be taken down unilaterally by a social network, for mainly, political reasons. Several thousands of Republican journalists and politicians have seen their Twitter accounts suspended.

The most notable alternative to Twitter, the social network Parler, was a safe place for republicans to keep on their social errands, but as shown in several reports out there, it was not going to be that easy to just a "social network migration".
The iOS apps distribution holding, the so called App Store, removed the Parler application from their lists, just a some days after pressuring Parler to proceed to do update their content policies according to the ones provided by Apple company.
The same happened with the Android version of the Parler social network. It was removed from the Google Play app service, after similar requirements on mandatory and imminent regulation of their content policies to meet the Google policies on the matter.

Not only that, with Parler still being capable of offering their services throught the desktop application, and their apps (iOS, Android) still also could be distributed throught their website, the cloud service, Amazon Web Technologies (Aws), where the Parler application was hosted, decided unilaterally, to shut down all their services. This means, that your server provider, just shuts down your company, completely from the public access, in just a second.
There are contractual violations from the Aws company, as they use to have a one month notice to shut down any company's service if some policies or rules are violated or cause any disagreement from Aws itself. The notive period is something anyone can check in the contract signed at sign in time to the Aws Cloud services console.

Before from that, during all this Covid era, here at The Article Feed, we have witnessed how many news from several medical associations, colleges, laboratories, researchers, journalists, independent reporters, which didn't really follow the main guidelines offered by the WHO, were just removed from public access, tagged as fake news and debunked, often with discredit, not with serious receipts, not with accountable, reasonable arguments.

The demonization of any other alternative to the end of this pandemic situation, other than a massive vaccination has been terrific, and continues today. Drugs like Hidroxiclorochine, were used in viral infections, more viral than the current with effectivity (we show that here in may feeds) have been removed from markets or restrict its usage on patients, even if it was marked as the most efficient drug against Coronaviruses by 2000 doctors.

Here at The Article Feed are quite convinced that the Covid was absolutely a product of long time research, these Coronaviruses have been research since the last 15 years. We are quite convinced that there are conflicts of interesets in the bigger pharmaceutical holdings. Some of these holding have strong assets in companies like Google, whose capital is now dependant on Big Pharma related lobbies.

Again, the WHO has been proved to be a "private organization" where the main donors have strong executive influence, to determine the policies that this organization announces in matters like the Covid-19 pandemic "recommendations". Amont the bigges donnors of this organization we can find China, concretely the party at the power of the China Republic, The Chinese Comunist Party. The second biggest donor (after the USA exited from the list), the Bill&MelindaGates foundation, a philantropic organization with massive interests (stock shares) in pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Moderna and others.

We have known the Event 201, which was a world pandemic simulation event, broadcasted along many countries where serveral Senior Members of main organizations all over the world join to simulate a response in front of a "supossedly possible situation of world-wide pandemic". One of the main sponsors of this pandemic simulation was the B&MGates foundation.

We question ourselves how can such an scenario be developed by such members, having so enormous conflics of interest regarding vaccine research, vaccine markets and normalization of vaccination campaings. Without anyone, anyone raising the hand or raising the voice
TAF staff

No one, raised a hand, except the guys behind the production of one of the most controversial documentaries that arised during 2020. This documentary, so called "Pandemic II: indoctornation" sets the spotlight on the activity of several United States health related Agencies and their operations since 2004. Using these operations, among which we can underline the research on coronaviruses, patents of coronaviruses, patents on methods for Coronavirus research and patents of drugs against coronaviruses, several actors ensure their positions on a Coronavirus based Business Framework.

For all these reasons, we think no one is safe relying on information from Google searches, Facebook posts or Twitter tweets. Also massive media companies, BCC, Fox, Csbn, are too political driven to share fair and naked facts. Not only that, we shall recommend to not rely in any Fact Checking website. Absolutely none of them at all.
Have in mind that, anyone aiming to set himself as a fact checker, sets himself in a position to transcend actions, trasncend facts and trascend the real facts themselves. No one, believe us, no one willing to tell the truth will set up a Fact Checking news site to look on other people's lays. No one.

Truth tellers are truth tellers, not really news checkers (you know that)

News checkers or fact checkers are more likely to hide, cover, regulate or shape the truth to match their own interests, to match their own narrative.

Next, a list of alternative sites to get a fresh, non censored feed of posts directly from people like you, not from algorithm ranked news, not from filtered opinion, not from accepted reliable sources.
In all of these websites you, your experience, your common sense and your understanding are the only filters, the only judges. Read and believe, read and ignore, all up to you.

Good luck, traveller

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