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Anti-ESG West Virginia Treasurer Moore Endorses Trump for President

West Virginia state Treasurer Riley Moore, a national leader against the leftist ESG movement, endorsed former President Donald Trump in his presidential run on Thursday.

Anti-ESG West Virginia Treasurer Moore Endorses Trump for President

“Joe Biden is failing West Virginians and attacking our very way of life with radical left-wing policies that are out of touch with our values,” Moore, who is also running for Congress in West Virginia, said in his endorsement. “We need a strong President to get us back on the right track. That’s why I am proud to endorse Donald Trump for President.” Moore explained that he is endorsing Trump because he not only “fought to bring American manufacturing back from China” but that the former president also “defended our jobs and American energy dominance when liberal activists tried to shut down the fossil fuel industry.” As West Virginia’s state treasurer, Moore has been leading the charge against the financial institutions boycotting the fossil fuel industry, one of the main components of the ESG standards — otherwise known as environmental, social, and governance standards. This led Moore to blacklist BlackRock, the world’s largest asset managers, and other financial institutions that push the standards. 🚨 @RileyMooreWV is sounding the alarm: the ESG movement is a merger of corporate and liberal political power, which must be defeated. In 2022, the scam was exposed. Now it's time to go on offense. — Consumers' Research (@ConsumersFirst) January 17, 2023 Moore added that during Trump’s presidency, he was able to secure the border, which slowed deadly fentanyl coming into the country, “peace through American strength,” and noted that just this week, Trump was in the Ohio Valley helping East Palestine recover after the train derailment. “I know President Trump can get America back on the right track because he’s done it before. He has my full support and I look forward to electing a President that once again puts America First,” said Moore. 🚨BREAKING: #ESG is a losing proposition for investors, pensioners and retirees. ESG=lower returns. @WVTreasury @RileyMooreWV Says W. Virginia Outperformed @BlackRock, Other Blacklisted Firms 👇👇👇 via @BreitbartNews — State Financial Officers Foundation (@SFOF_States) February 23, 2023 As Breitbart News reported, Moore said on Wednesday that the West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments (WVBTI) — which managers short-term operating funds for the state and local governments and is chaired by Moore — had outperformed the funds run by BlackRock and other firms blacklisted from doing business with the state last year for boycotting the fossil fuel industry. Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss..

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