Are You ‘Showing Up’ In Your Life? Here’s 3 Practices To Keep You On Track
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Are You ‘Showing Up’ In Your Life? Here’s 3 Practices To Keep You On Track

You may have heard the term “Act Bold” or “Step Into Your Power.” The meaning of these terms are so vast and can be perceived quite differently by anyone that uses them.
Are You ‘Showing Up’ In Your Life? Here’s 3 Practices To Keep You On Track

To me, being bold and stepping into your power means really showing up in your life. I love the term “Show Up” because it is such a simple question to ask yourself, “am I showing up in my life?” That question or thought alone can create some panic if we are being truly honest with ourselves. I’ve made it a practice to ask myself this every night before bed, to reflect on my actions and feelings of the day. Somedays I feel that I have shown up, that I was the best person I could be and I gave the day all that I had. Other days I know that I wasn’t operating at my fullest potential. My energy may have been off or I might have had other issues or pressures affecting my thoughts that kept me from really being there that day. It’s easy to get distracted by our own thoughts or by what’s going on around us when others are speaking to us, but letting go of those thoughts and focusing on the conversation in front of us is more important.

The person speaking to you will feel that you are more connected to their story and you will find it easier to be more empathetic and understanding. We are all learning every step of the way, but when we curl up and hide inside of our shells we aren’t allowing the space for ourselves or others to learn.

There is a fine line between acting bold and being confrontational, so be mindful of your words and actions here. So much can be gained from honest discussion of our beliefs and understandings when it is not coming from a place of ego. A lot of the time the ego can get involved and tempers can rise from our belief systems being challenged, this is why some people choose to retreat and close up in order to avoid awkward conversation or confrontation. Being bold is being true to yourself regardless of the fears that come up within yourself. Nobody else is going to make your life for you, even those friends or family members that try to or think they know what’s best for you. We’re at where we are because of the decisions we have made to date. Don’t judge those decisions or the outcomes of those decisions, simply observe and take action from how that observation makes you feel. Waiting for our partners to take action or hoping the perfect opportunity falls into our lap is not taking responsibility. Take things into your own hands and take back your power because it lies within you, not anyone else. Our potential as individuals is so high that there really is no limit to what we can achieve in our lives and the truth is, this scares some people. Our insecurities can get in the way of us playing big, however we won’t ever reach our potential or feel free and liberated by playing small, by hiding in our shells or fearing being judged. Step into your light, show up in the present moment and be real. .

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