3 Ways To Unlock More Of Your Potential
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3 Ways To Unlock More Of Your Potential

A powerful way to change your experience is to change your perspective.
3 Ways To Unlock More Of Your Potential

One way to accessing this shift is through attending to the words we use everyday, the way we frame our experiences and how much time we spend in the present moment. Often we place unnecessary constraints on our experience, so here are 3 tips to avoid limiting your potential, opening up an experience that is rich and expansive: I realize eliminating this phrase is challenging, but trust me it’s worth it. The words we choose play a big part in creating our experience, and when you describe your abilities with phrases like I can’t you internalize a concept of what you are capable of, which is hard to shake. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, describing your capabilities with limiting phrases invite constraints, while more open phrases such as I can and I am able, invite possibilities into your life. Failure is a state of mind. When we don’t get an outcome we want or expect and decide we have “failed” the ego may try to convince us that we are unworthy, to lose hope or to give up. It’s important to realize, there is no such thing as failure itself, rather it’s a perspective. By adopting a new perspective such as life is made up of challenges we experience in order to learn, outcomes take on a new meaning. Suddenly all your experiences are valid parts of your life’s journey. Pursue your dreams for the experience itself, not necessary for the resulting outcome. In a tarot card deck known as the Rider-Waite, the 9 of Swords card depicts fear and anxiety as swords.

They are shown in a woman’s head in the way they can keep us up at night with worry, also piercing the neck and shoulders causing unnecessary tension and stress. The swords above the woman’s head illustrate how anxiety and worry takes us out of the present moment to experience pain and anguish. Fear and anxiety are the result of living in the future, and as Mark Twain famously said “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened” many of the lives we live in the future never unfold. Like loud, obnoxious advertisements, fear and anxiety can certainly grab our attention, but that does not mean they are important. It’s best to acknowledge your fears but do not mistake their song and dance for substance. By living in the future and giving into fear, you miss the only true moments of your life. Remember, we only have the present moment. For a nice reassessment of fears, check out raptitude’s fear is your mind at its dumbest. By beginning to prefer words that invite expansion, seeing all your experiences as valuable and becoming present, you can connect to an experience with limitless possibilities. I believe this to be fundamental to our universe and in a previous article I discussed how the ability to experience limitless potential may be written into the fabric of the universe itself and is foundational to consciousness. As we shift towards a higher more unified consciousness, it will become clear that the only limits on what you can do, is what you want to do. .

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