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Are You Suffering from the 21st Century Blues?

Are You Suffering from the 21st Century Blues?

Diagnosing The Twenty First Century Blues is something that you have to do yourself – the disease has yet to be recognised by the medical establishment (and in view of the fact that the disease cannot be treated with any of the traditional remedies favoured by orthodox minded physicians, I suspect that it will be some time yet before the disease is widely accepted within the medical profession).

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By Dr Vernon Coleman

To make it easy for you to diagnose your condition I have listed below the symptoms which are associated with the syndrome. I have put the symptoms in question form and you must think carefully before answering them. This is no ordinary quiz.

If you find that you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions then you are, I suspect, one of the many victims of The Twenty First Century Blues. The more times you have answered ‘yes’ the more serious your affliction.

If you discover that you are toxic stress victim – and a sufferer from The Twenty First Century Blues – do not despair. You can find out how to rebuild your strength and your resistance to toxic stress in my book The Twenty First Century Blues.

Symptom One
Do you often feel that you ought to be doing more with your life? Do you feel dissatisfied with yourself or your life without really knowing why?

Symptom Two
Do you have an uncomfortable, and difficult to explain, feeling that control of your life is slipping (or has slipped) away from you?

Symptom Three
Do you suffer a lot from symptoms and ailments for which there never seems to be any completely satisfactory treatment? Do your symptoms or ailments hang on apparently endlessly – never really disappearing completely?

Symptom Four
Do you often feel nervous or anxious even though you know that you don’t really have anything to be nervous or anxious about?

Symptom Five
Even though you have may have a large family and lots of friends do you ever feel strangely and inexplicably alone?

Symptom Six
Do you constantly feel rushed – unable to find the time to do all the things you feel you ought to do, let alone the things that you would like to do?

Symptom Seven
Do you frequently worry unreasonably about quite trivial, insignificant things that in your heart you know don’t really matter?

Symptom Eight
Do you constantly feel tired, listless and short of energy – feelings for which there is no medical explanation?

Symptom Nine
Do you ever feel an almost overwhelming and almost irresistible urge to run away from everything?

Symptom Ten
Do you feel that life isn’t as much fun as it used to be or should be? Do you go for whole days without ever really feeling happy or feeling glad to be alive?

Symptom Eleven
Have you ever felt a frightening and unnerving urge to be violent – either to someone close to you or to some complete stranger who has annoyed you? Have you ever gone cold after realising how close you’ve been to initiating a frenzied physical attack on another human being? Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a gun?

Symptom Twelve
Do you ever feel a complete sense of despair about the future of the world? Do you ever feel glad that you’re not going to live to see the sort of world your children’s children will inherit when they grow up?

Dr Vernon Coleman’s book Toxic Stress and the 21st Century Blues is available as a paperback and an eBook.

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