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Barack Obama is the current real President of the United States; Joe Biden is his Puppet

Barack Obama is the current real President of the United States; Joe Biden is his Puppet

Will the real President of the United States of America please stand up?

By a concerned reader

It is obvious that Joe Biden is not the real president of the United States. He does not have the capability or the authority to answer a question from a journalist in his own words. Indeed when he does appear to speak from his own originality, about Putin or about going to Ukraine, for example, he is instantly contradicted by ‘his own’ administration. One can argue that he is merely delegating his presidential authority to those whom he deems fit to wield it. But if he is not permitted to choose a journalist’s question by himself and if he is not permitted to visit countries he wishes to visit, then neither will he be permitted to delegate his authority by himself. In truth this is an argument that I do not really have to make because the majority of Americans do not believe that Biden is running the country already

So he is not the President of the United States. He is the front man, in fact, he is the fall guy for the real president. That of course is the largest democratic fraud it is possible to have in a presidential democracy. A fraud perpetrated by those who represent that the greatest threat to ‘Our democracy’ is the possibility that their electoral opponents might get more votes than them, or worse still that they might get more counted votes than them. Whereas of course that is not a threat to democracy. That is the very definition of democracy. A definition which they seek to corrupt whilst falsely representing that they are seeking to preserve its integrity as a cover story for their corruption of it, as a transparently false narrative that hides their dictatorial ambition.

It is always difficult to get to see the full extent of a sophisticated fraud in time. It is hard to get to the final deception in the scheme before it is too late. One normally only arrives there years after the deception is completed. But I hate being conned and I hate seeing other people being conned. So here is my attempt to reveal the true 46th president of the United States and the true extent of the fraud which I believe he is presiding over. Whoever the 46th is, and it most certainly is not Biden, the Republicans should have started impeachment proceedings against him a long time ago. But regrettably, they appear to be either in on the fraud, or hopelessly naive.

The fraud is as monumental as it is brilliant. If you thought that Johnny Depp was versatile or Robert Downey Junior was convincing or Julia Roberts was expressive or Leonardo Di Caprio was popular – think again. Because those guys have nothing on this Master of Deception. If Inception had too many dream layers for you to follow, then be prepared to be left at the train station a second time, because the layers of deception in this nightmare give Chris Nolan’s Epic a run for its complexity.

Here are the 7 pieces of evidence from which I will start my arguments…

1. Barack famously said of Joe Biden: Never under estimate Joe’s ability to F things up.

2. The first thing Obama and Biden both did when they came into office was to remove the bust of Winston Churchill from the Whitehouse. A symbolic gesture yes – but more than that – it is the globalist agenda to end the supremacy of the US-UK world power – by any and by every means possible.

3.  In a great Interview with Stephen Colbert, Barack said: And I used to say, ‘You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that,’” he said.  

4. Everyone ignored a sad and lost Joe Biden when Obama visited him at the Whitehouse on 2022April5. All the focus was on Obama. Nancy Pelosi went as far as to kiss Obama’s hand as if he was the Messiah or the Pope

5. Obama joked at his recent visit to the Whitehouse on April 5th, that he was still the President and Joe Biden was still his VP

6. The foreign policy of Biden is described by Nikki Haley as Obama2. The sexual orientation policies of Biden and Obama are indistinguishably heterophobic, masculophobic, feminophobic and genderphobic. The aggressive pursuit of what is called racial equity but is nothing short of pro African American prejudice, is common to both Administrations. This is not surprising from Obama, who is part African American. But it is surprising from Biden who is Irish American.

7. The defining characteristic of Obama’s presidency was the partisan corruption of every organ of state from the parks department to the IRS, to become an electoral campaign office for the democrats.

Obama was and is without doubt the most brilliant politician of his generation. He preached unity with the fervour of Dr. Martin Luther King but he sowed partisan division with the alacrity of a horseman of the apocalypse. 

And having split America in two, red and blue, his party, and the media they control, blamed their political opponent Donald Trump for dividing the nation with his words, which nation Barack himself had already with his actions, whilst preaching unity with his words. The difference between Trump and Obama was candour. It was sincerity. With Trump, the words came out of his mouth before they had left his brain, because he was and he is a business executive. He is not a politician. Whereas Obama was the consummate politician. Every word he spoke was crafted by his internal political processing until to become the opposite of his true intentions before it left his mouth. So that he destroys democracy in the name of saving it and he propagates disinformation in the name of curtailing its spread 

To a Globalist controlled Obama administration whether fronted by Obama himself, or fronted by Biden. the purpose of the US Military is not to defend the United States. It is not to defend freedom. It is not to defend democracy. No, no. Get real! It is to defend the Democratic party and to attack Republicans and their principles. And if a solider or sailor or airman or marine is not prepared to submit to left wing indoctrination and genetic vaccine corruption in their workplace then they can take their lethal tax payer funded expertise somewhere else..

To a Globalist controlled Obama administration and sadly actually to most politicians these days, the purpose of healthcare is not to cure the sick. No, no. Get real! It is to make themselves more electable, and to get more money into a system which can benefit themselves and their electoral chances through their mates.

To a Globalist controlled Obama administration, the purpose of the FBI is not to investigate criminals. No, no. Get real! It is to persecute republicans, especially those who have the temerity to campaign or merely to stand against democrats. Those ones are to be prosecuted into bankruptcy or incarceration or both. Not merely to punish them for their insubordination. But to serve as a warning to every American who even thinks about campaigning for a republican or standing as a republican. To force such a misguided individual to accept that he will make himself a target for political persecution, prosecution and incarceration for the rest of his life (under a democratic administration). To make Obama’s opponents understand fully that they will never be able to provide for their children or spouses or grandparents again. To engender in all republican campaigners, especially presidential campaigners, but also electoral fraud protestors, the same fear that the opponents of Putin feel in Russia and the opponents of Xi feel in China.

To a Globalist controlled Obama administration, the purpose of a border is not to keep out aliens or to protect the integrity of the population from gang members, drug traffickers, people traffickers, rapists and murders. No, no. Get real. It is to stuff the ballot box with the votes of economically disadvantaged immigrants whom they can buy really cheaply with tax payers money. This is why they want them bussed or better still flown into republican areas. They would parachute them into those areas on election night if they thought it would generate more votes and swing the state.

But all of that, as bad and as corrupt and as insincere as it all is, still misses the big picture. Which is that the actions of Obama 46 and Obama 44, I seek to prove, show him to be an anti American traitor whose job is to destroy the military capability, the energy independence, the family cohesiveness, the exemplary racial integration, the technical superiority and the overall economy of the US, in order to make way for the new kids on the block, his controllers, the globalists, who wish to put us all under a Chinese style economic dictatorship within a Russian style police state, with no freedom of speech, no (living) political opposition and plenty of forced labour camps for anybody who mistakenly believes that they have some semblance of human rights.

Yet you will hear none of this from his mouth. For never in the history of American politics has there been a greater gap between rhetoric and reality than with Barack Obama. He is the consummate politician. He will promise you the earth, the moon and the stars themselves and then fail to deliver even a fragment of an asteroid when he gets his hand upon power. What he will succeed in delivering is the precise opposite of what he has promised and you will thank him for it and you will beg him for more. He is that good. And he has that much disdain for your intellectual capability.

He will sell you slavery as freedom
He will sell you equity as justice
He will sell you dictatorship as democracy
He will sell you censorship as freedom of speech
He will sell you exclusion as inclusion
He will sell you the destruction of the sex organs of your children as gender affirmation.
He will sell you Klaus Swchwab as Jesus Christ and you will buy it. 

Just as Satan himself sold Eve death as divine status.

The purpose of this article is to stop him in time, before he, as a recipient of the Nobel peace prize, and on behalf of the globalists, sells you nuclear destruction as the only way to bring about peace. Putin is already on board with the globalists in this disaster movie. For Lavrov revealed on 2022April13 that Russia seeks to end the US dominated world order, and that happens to be the number one goal of the globalists and their new world order.

Yes, the visionary from Chicago has the tongue of an angel, but the heart of a demon and that is what makes him so appealing and yet so dangerous at the same time. .

Here then is the brilliance of his plan. He predicts that Joe Biden will screw everything up. Then his party rigs an election to get Joe Biden into power. Incidentally here is a simple proof that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. I mean the most obvious proof is that the democrat controlled mainstream media, do not permit discussion of the subject. That’s it. That’s the proof. Likewise the persecution of the January 6th electoral fraud capitol hill sit in protestors is further proof. If the Democrats had nothing to fear from such discussion or such protests, they would not protect themselves from them. But they do protect themselves. So they do have something to fear. And the only thing they could be fearing is that their rigged election will be exposed and overturned. Well lap it up you sick control freaks. Anyone who understands human nature knows you rigged it.

Common Sense Proof that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen

Joe Biden said: “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” 

When a politician gets dementia as Joe Biden has, he cannot control with his will, the words that come out of his mouth. So he is less able to lie. So he starts telling the truth. Dementia is like a truth serum to a politician. Lying is an intelligence intensive operation. Biden, today, lacks the capability to do it. So his handlers more recently are feeding him lies in the first place to ensure that he cannot tell the truth again, like he did about the voter fraud. 

The Democrats tried to change election law through congress and failed. They could not change it through the state legislatures in the swing states because they are republican. So they unconstitutionally changed election law through corrupt state officials and a corrupted judiciary. This created the absurd circumstance where you cannot do anything in the US without personal ID – except vote. The Democrats made 600 recent voting law changes many of which were unconstitutional to state law. So the democrats certainly cheated with election law changes. Therefore one is pushed toward the conclusion that they cheated also with vote counting.

Biden in 2020 won 527 counties in the US with 81 million Votes. Obama in 2012 won 689 counties with 65 million votes. 

So in 2020 Biden got 16 million more votes than Obama got in 2012 having won 162 less counties. He got 25% more votes from 25% less won counties. The US population increases by 0.72% per year. So over 8 years it increases by 5.76% not 25%. There may have been significant movement from the countryside into the cities. But people who change their address do not generally change their politics as a result.

So all other things being equal Biden’s figures are not credible. But all other things were not equal. Biden did no campaigning, had absolutely no memorable election slogan and could not string 2 sentences together without making a gaffe and has very little if any Charisma. Whereas Obama did exhaustive campaigning with the wonderful campaign slogan YES WE CAN and is dripping with Charisma and is the best political speaker of his generation. So the chances of zero charisma, zero campaigning, no election slogan, mediocre speaker Biden outperforming charisma loaded, YES WE CAN, exhaustive campaigning, wonder speaker Obama by 25% from 25% less won counties are ZERO. 

One could argue that the huge improvement in the democratic vote was the result of hatred of Trump which was not present when Obama beat Romney in 2012. But against that we have 162 less counties won by Biden than Obama and hatred of Trump is NOT county specific in swing counties. Hatred of Trump would produce a more uniform increase for Biden. So had Trump hatred been the driving force Biden would have won a similar number of counties to Obama. 

Also Obama was the president for 8 years and Biden was his vice president. That was because Obama was in 2098 and 2012, and is still today, MORE popular than Biden not LESS popular. 

Finally the total number of votes cast in 2020 was 155.5 million. Whereas in 2016 it was 128.8 million and in 2012 it was 126.8 million and in 2008 it was 129.4 million. You would expect 3 million more votes every 4 years from normal population growth of 0.72% per year. So there should have been perhaps 135 million votes tops in 2020. 2008 was Obama’s first term and he was really really popular. Sure all the postal ballots due to Covid19 would have increased the vote – but not by 20 million.  I would suggest that at least half of that, at least 10 million votes, were fabricated to get Biden above Trump.

Further Evidence for Obama 46

What I hate most about current affairs programs, even those run by experienced news presenters like Megyn Kelly or experienced politicians like Nigel Farage (both of whom I am actually a fan of). is that they are all complicit in the most obvious pretence that Biden is the 46th president. Here is Farage getting it wrong and calling for the 25th on Biden.

What Farage should be doing is calling for the 22nd on Obama. You will achieve nothing by removing Biden. HE IS NOT THE PRESIDENT. Why do these people pretend that he is?

Psaki was Obama’s press secretary. Now she is Biden’s press spokesperson and handler. Biden, of his own initiative, told a reporter that he was ready to go to Ukraine. Within hours Obama said NO through Psaki. The closest Newsmax could get to the truth about this was: Who is calling the shots here? It is not hard to see the answer, Here is the maths involved

44 + 2 = 46 QED.

Here is a wonderful twitter video of Jen Psaki telling Joy Behar on 2022January23, how much she loves working for President Obam…Biden – in the present tense!

Psaki had actually spilt the beans earlier in April 2021 

“How involved is former President Obama and first lady Obama in the Biden-Harris administration?” Asked Chris Johnson of the Washington Blade of Psaki in April 2021..

“They’re not just former colleagues,” Psaki replied, “I guess you’d call them as president and vice president, but they also remain close friends, and they talk regularly about a range of issues from policy issues to bouncing ideas off of each other to their families. So, they are in close touch but we just don’t read out those specific calls. We keep them private.”

Yer, I bet they keep them private. Otherwise their presidential fraud would be exposed. Obama was never anybody’s vice president was he? That is a further admission that Obama is the 46th. 

So to impeach Obama and Biden together all one has to do is get hold of those calls. For this is a conspiracy to defraud the US electorate and of course a breaching of both of their oaths of office to uphold the constitution of the United States, and Jen Psaki has admitted as much. 

To be frank. One does not have to be a Woodward or a Bernstein (of circa 1974) to see this Presidential Fraud of far greater consequence than Watergate. This is OBAMAGATE. And it will lead to WW3 if it is not fixed Pronto. For that is what the globalist handlers of Obama 46 want. And If America wants to either avoid or as an immeasurably worse option, not get destroyed by, a globalist orchestrated WW3 then Obama 46 needs to go and he needs to go now. 

The Brilliance of Obama’s Masterplan

So having rigged the election for Biden, guess what happens? Biden starts to F things up just as Obama predicted. But Obama is no prophet. It is Obama himself who is screwing things up and hiding behind Biden. Obama is now in the perfect position. He can act with impunity. He can do whatever he wants and all the blame for his actions goes to doddery old Biden, the perfect fall guy. What a plan! Obama no longer needs to care if his policies are popular. He can just do what he and what his globalist handlers want and blame a demented President for things which he has absolutely no control over whatsoever. What happened on 2022 April 5, was that the wizard came out from hiding behind the curtain of a demented Biden.

So there is a fraudulent election. Then there is a fraudulent president, who acts the part, but has no presidential authority even to use his own words. Then Obama, the true president, is himself a treasonous fraud having ceded presidential authority to the globalists, knowing that they will use that authority to destroy the financial and military power, the racial harmony, the family authority, the civil peace and the international prestige of America. Furthermore he is a 3rd term 22nd amendment fraud quite obviously. And Biden was a 25th amendment fraud the minute he swore his oath of office because he at that moment did not have the mental capability to make presidential decisions and certainly not to be commander in chief of the US military.. In a poll conducted by Trafalgar in July 2021, 8 in 10 Republicans, 6 in 10 Independents and 1 in 3 Democrats thought that Joe Biden was not running the country. OK so that makes a 5 layer fraud. About as many layers as Inception. So perhaps the reader will not be left behind on the platform with this one?

Impeach Obama

God’s law is that whatever a man or indeed a group of men is sowing this they will also reap. Or as Sir Isaac Newton put it: Action and reaction are equal and opposite. So rather than false republicans and naive journalists talking about impeaching the false president, Joe Biden under the 25th amendment. How about true republicans actually impeaching  the true president, Barack Obama under the 22nd. Impeaching Biden is pointless. He is not the president. Even if they fail to get enough votes to impeach. It is still the right thing to do. It is like Lord Justice Denning said in the UK. However high you are in life, the law is above you.

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